» Contents
» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (8) Tactics & strategy
» (9) Miscellanous


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|                              TomeNET Guide                               |
| Latest update: 21. July 2024 - written by C. Blue (c_blue@gmx.net)       |
| for TomeNET version v4.9.2 - official websites are:                      :
| https://www.tomenet.eu/ (official main site, formerly www.tomenet.net)
| https://muuttuja.org/tomenet/ (Mikael's TomeNET site)
| Runes & Runemastery sections by Kurzel (kurzel.tomenet@gmail.com)
| You should always keep this guide up to date: Either go to www.tomenet.eu
| to obtain the latest copy or simply run the TomeNET-Updater.exe in your
| TomeNET installation folder (desktop shortcut should also be available)
| to update it.
| If your text editor cannot display the guide properly (needs fixed-width
| font like for example Courier), simply open it in any web browser instead.
| Welcome to this guide!
| Although I'm trying, I give no guarantee that this guide
| a) contains really every detail/issue about TomeNET and
| b) is all the time 100% accurate on every occasion.
| Don't blame me if something differs or is missing; it shouldn't though.
| If you have any suggestions about the guide or the game, please use the
| /rfe command in the game or write to the official forum on www.tomenet.eu.

(0) Quickstart (If you don't like to read much :)
    (0.1)   Start & play (the basics)
    (0.1a)  Character validation
    (0.1b)  Colours and colour blindness
    (0.1c)  Photosensitivity / Epilepsy issues
    (0.1d)  Readability improvements
    (0.2)   Command reference & key sets
    (0.2a)  Text editing keys
    (0.2b)  Slash commands
    (0.2c)  IRC bot commands
    (0.3)   Important inscriptions, Word of Recall
    (0.3a)  The auto-inscription feature
    (0.4)   Typical slang/abbreviations
    (0.5)   Some hints and warnings (READ!)
(1) Introduction
    (1.1)   What is TomeNET? (Where can I get the latest sources?)
    (1.1a)  Where do I get in contact?
    (1.1b)  How do I set up IRC chat?
    (1.2)   What is a rogue-like game?
    (1.2a)  Where do I find more information about rogue-like games?
    (1.3)   Goal and progress of TomeNET players
    (1.3a)  Sauron, Morgoth and the Nazgul
    (1.3b)  How to encounter the final boss: Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
    (1.4)   History of TomeNET development
(2) Installation & setup
    (2.1)   Installing/updating TomeNET
    (2.1a)  Installing sound and music packs
    (2.1b)  Audio controls and config options
    (2.1c)  Editing sound and music configuration
    (2.1d)  "Promoting" TomeNET on Steam ;)
    (2.2)   Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server
    (2.3)   Client options
    (2.3a)  Client options configuration files
    (2.4)   Installing voice chat
    (2.5)   Fonts
    (2.5a)  Custom fonts
    (2.5b)  Graphical tilesets
(3) Creating a character & starting to play
    (3.1)   Creating a new character
    (3.1a)  Character modes
    (3.1b)  Body Modifications
    (3.1c)  Character names, collisions and reservations
    (3.2)   The display (user interface)
    (3.2a)  The encumberment bar
    (3.3)   Chat, chat messages and chat modes
    (3.4)   Inventory and equipment
    (3.4a)  Start-up equipment & how to use it
    (3.4b)  Item basics
    (3.4c)  Item trading rules and exceptions
    (3.4d)  Money
    (3.5)   Preparing the first time for fighting enemies
    (3.6)   Creating basic macros & inscribing items, predefined macros
    (3.7)   Creating macros for ranged attacks & abilities (spells)
    (3.7a)  Ability codes [contained within (3.7)]
    (3.7b)  Quick'n'dirty macros
    (3.7c)  The macro wizard
    (3.7d)  Specifying directions and targets
    (3.8)   Example macro sets
    (3.9)   Macros with special keys
    (3.9a)  Creating a chat macro for your party
    (3.9b)  Alternative macros: Calling objects by their name
    (3.10)  Experience, level-ups and skill points
    (3.10a) Experience points table
    (3.11)  Death, ghosts and looting
    (3.12)  Character timeout and account timeout
(4) The world
    (4.1)   Running, picking up items, fighting
    (4.1a)  Auto-retaliation
    (4.2)   Level and owner of items
    (4.3)   Dungeon and tower types
    (4.3a)  The jail
    (4.4)   Terrain
    (4.5)   Towns, shops, the dungeons
    (4.5a)  Shops and their services
    (4.5a2) The casino
    (4.5b)  Towns & town dungeons
    (4.5c)  Dungeons
    (4.5c2) Example dungeon depth relations
    (4.5d)  Dungeon bosses
    (4.6)   Pits and vaults
    (4.7)   Traps & trap kits
    (4.7a)  Trap kit load effects
    (4.8)   Dungeon, floor & vault feelings
    (4.9)   Navigating on maps
    (4.10)  Houses
    (4.10a) Player stores
    (4.11)  Malicious effects players can suffer
    (4.11a) Drain effects
    (4.11b) Common recurring combat buffs
    (4.12)  Malicious effects monsters can suffer
    (4.13)  Extermination orders, events and Ironman Challenge
    (4.14)  Time systems, speed
    (4.14a) In-game metrics
    (4.15)  Swimming
    (4.16)  Teleportation
(5) Item and flag details, elements
    (5.1)   Melee weapons, brands
    (5.1a)  Melee weapon types
    (5.2)   Ranged weapons, brands
    (5.2a)  Fire-till-kill mode
    (5.2b)  Throwing items
    (5.3)   Slaying vs brands
    (5.3a)  Martial Arts, brands
    (5.4)   Application of attack-affecting item mods
    (5.5)   Weight of weapons and armour, weight limits
    (5.6)   Resistances & caps, immunities, susceptibilities
    (5.7)   Qualitative classification, identifying & selling items
    (5.7a)  Types of identification
    (5.7b)  The EASY_KNOW flag
    (5.8)   Special abilities of items
    (5.9)   What does item xxx do exactly?
    (5.9a)  Activatable items
    (5.9b)  Artifacts and artifact resets
    (5.10)  Destruction of items by elemental attacks
    (5.10a) Equipment damage from elemental attacks
    (5.10b) Item damage on the floor
    (5.11)  Earthquakes
    (5.12)  Curses
    (5.13)  Vampirism
    (5.14)  Invisibility
    (5.15)  How abilities, resistances and boni stack
    (5.16)  Experience-draining items
    (5.17)  Digging
    (5.17a) Digging - exact calculation
    (5.17b) Digging - common example values
    (5.17c) Digging - further information
    (5.18)  Recharging
    (5.19)  Enchanting
    (5.20)  Wraithform
(6) Monster details
    (6.1)  Monsters
    (6.1a) Normal, boss & unique monsters and how they spawn
    (6.2)  Monster flags
    (6.3)  Loot tables, treasure classes
    (6.3a) Special item drops of monsters
    (6.4)  Monster attack mechanism, armour class, damage caps
    (6.5)  Monster attack types and brands
    (6.6)  Dispelling/banishing/turning monsters
    (6.7)  Monster auras
(7) Character details
    (7.1)   Attributes
    (7.2)   Skills, opposed skills
    (7.2a)  Maiar initiation effects
    (7.2b)  Demolition charges (Blast charges)
    (7.3)   Abilities
    (7.4)   Races
    (7.5)   Classes/professions
    (7.5a)  Start-up blows/round table (BpR)
    (7.5b)  Titles
    (7.5c)  Power levels
    (7.6)   Sanity (or insanity)
    (7.7)   Mimicry details
    (7.7a)  Polymorph rings
    (7.7b)  Useful low-level forms for weapon-based mimicry and more
    (7.7c)  Druid forms
    (7.8)   Spells and prayers
    (7.8a)  Mimic powers
    (7.8b)  Runes & Runemastery
    (7.8c)  Runespell tables
    (7.8d)  Spell failure rate
    (7.9)   Parties, Iron Teams, guilds
    (7.9a)  Guild halls
    (7.10)  Magic devices, skill and ability
    (7.11)  Parrying and blocking
    (7.12)  Fighting/shooting techniques
    (7.13)  PvP mode
    (7.14)  Miscellaneous character properties
    (7.15)  Character sheet boni page
(8) Tactics & strategy
    (8.1)   Preparing the inventory for diving into the dungeon
    (8.2)   Preparing the equipment for diving into the dungeon
    (8.3)   Surviving critical situations
    (8.3a)  When you are stuck
    (8.4)   Spoiler files
    (8.5)   Monster tactics
    (8.6)   Town/dungeon related hints
(9) Miscellanous
    (9.1)   'The Art Not To Die'
    (9.1a)  The worst kind of help
    (9.2)   Character dumps
    (9.2a)  High Score
    (9.3)   Golem creation
    (9.4)   Artifact creation
    (9.5)   Reward item creation
    (9.6)   Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'
    (9.6a)  Special server type 'Arcade Server'
    (9.7)   Game engine limits
    (9.8)   Troubleshooting