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» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (3.1a) Character Modes
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
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(3.1) Creating a new character; character modes
(3.1b) Body Modifications
(3.1a) Character Modes                                                          

Normal (3 lives)
A normal character will turn into a ghost if he dies. The ghost can be revived
by either visiting a temple or another living player using a magic scroll of
life when standing adjacent to the ghost. The ghost will return to the world
of living under the cost of a lot of experience but at least the player can
resume playing. If the ghost dies, the character will finally be erased
permanently, watch out!
Depending on the server configuration the number of times a ghost is limited,
standard is 3 lifes.

Everlasting (infinite resurrections)
Create an everlasting character for an infinite amount of resurrections (with
the exception that they too are completely destroyed if they die to insanity.)
Everlasting characters can become king/queen, but cannot enter the high-score.
Other character types cannot use items that belong to everlasting
characters. Exception: Word of Recall scrolls can be exchanged between an
everlasting and a non-everlasting player!
Non-everlasting and everlasting characters can't be in the same party.
If an everlasting King/Queen dies, he won't be destroyed but lose the
King/Queen status. To regain it, he needs to find another player who hasn't
defeated Sauron and Morgoth yet and team up with him, because those two won't
(re)spawn for the everlasting player.
Since it was often asked: Non-everlasting and everlasting players can revive
each other without problems.
Everlasting characters can additionally use the 'Instant Resurrection' feature
offered by town temples, see (4.5a).

Unworldly (no-ghost)
Unworldly characters are like normal characters, but they have only one life.
So if they die they cannot revive but are completely erased (no ghost will be
Note: This is the traditional rogue-like gaming mode.
Unworldly characters will receive 25% bonus on their high score.

Soloist (no-ghost and no PC-trading)
This is exactly like above 'Unworldly' mode, except you cannot do any trading
ie exchange of items or gold with other player characters. You can use all NPC
stores as usual though.
Furthermore, Soloists will not be affected by buff-spells other players cast on
them, and they cannot pick up any items dropped by monsters that they didn't
kill themselves.
This mode allows you to have a 'single-player' experience of traditional
rogue-like gaming. But of course you could still ask other players in chat to
help you out of a dire situation..

Hellish (extra hard no-ghost)
These are unworldly characters with extra penalties:
-1 point malus on each of the 6 character attributes
-healing is reduced by 25%
-AC is reduced by 50%
-ESP only works within radius of 20 squares
-any speed changes above or below +0 are reduced by 50%
-max number of melee attacks per round is reduced by 1.
Hellish characters receive 50% bonus on their high score.

PvP (gameplay almost limited to killing other PvP players)
This is a special restricted mode that has nothing to do with normal gameplay.
If you're new to the game, it's absolutely not recommended to choose this.
More information about 'PvP' mode is given in (7.13).
PvP mode character cannot enter the high-score and cannot become kings/queens.

The highscore numbers are just for bragging and have no actual influence on
gameplay or anything.

Last you can choose a body modification. It's strongly recommended for
beginners to choose 'normal body' and NOT 'fruit bat'. ;)
(3.1) Creating a new character; character modes
(3.1b) Body Modifications