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» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
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» (7.13) PvP mode
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(7.12) Fighting/shooting techniques
(7.14) Miscellaneous character properties
(7.13) PvP mode                                                                 
PvP stands for "Player vs player". This describes the act of player characters
fighting each other, usually to the death.
In that regard, it is quite different to the 'blood bond' duel, which always
ends without anyone getting hurt for real.

If you want to fight other players to death in a real pvp match, create a
'PvP mode' character. It's an option during the character creation process,
much like 'everlasting mode' or 'normal mode'.

PvP mode characters can use the /pvp command to enter/leave the pvp arena.
This arena also releases monsters from time to time. The entry point of a
player is random, because he gets teleported on arrival.

Note that you don't HAVE to use the pvp arena. PvP characters are always
automatically hostile to all other PvP characters everywhere, for example you
could surprise an opponent in a normal dungeon while he tries to kill a unique
monster for items. The only safe zones are towns.

Before you go and fight others to the death, look at your inventory. You will
see a parchment "Gladiator's Entrance". When you turn this in at the mayor's
office in Bree, you will get a semi-random excellent item for free, to start
your career with. Semi-random because it partially depends on your skill point
distribution, so before turning in your parchment for an item at the office,
make sure you hit SHIFT+G and distribute your skill points to your liking.
For details about how this item is generated, see (9.5) Reward item creation,
it actually uses the same mechanics.

PvP mode characters are called 'Gladiators' and use special rulesets that make
it easier to rise in levels and less of a hassle when you get actually killed
by an opponent! The special rules that apply are as follows:

-PvP chars have only one life and no ghost, ie are erased on death same as
 no-ghost chars. However, they play more fast-paced and are quickly brought up
 again. The purpose of PvP chars is to fight other players to the death
 without remorse, which would otherwise be an unacceptable loss if done with
 regular characters (who can at least use Blood Bond scrolls for friendly duels
-PvP mode characters do not gain certain safety effects like in Training Tower
 or in the Arena Monster Challenge: They will just die for real there.
-yellow name in chat, yellow * marker in @-list, completely yellow entry
 in @-list if viewed by another PvP mode char.
-start at level 20 and with about 10000 Au.
-reach level 30 at most.
-cannot team up or exchange goods with non-PVP chars.
-will automatically be hostile to all other PVP chars, except for towns which
 are safe zones!
-will always ESP all other PvP chars as well as see their location in @-list.
-get no credit for killing uniques (hence cannot become king/queen), cannot use
 static artifacts, can gain loot and money from killing monsters but no exp.
-gain no exp from any other source except killing other PvP characters.
 Lower level PvP opponents will give less exp than equal/higher.
-if a pvp char dies to a monster or trap, all nearby pvp chars may receive a
 kill credited depending on the number of kills that character had.
-walk faster by default, similar to 'sprint' fighting technique.
-cannot chase PvP chars _much_ lower then himself by entering their dungeon
 level, because he will get auto-recalled then (anti-chicken).
-will get rewards (similar to highlander tournament) for reaching high/top
 level or killing an amount of opposing gladiators (other PVP chars).
-when killed at high level, the player will get a deed on his next PvP
 character he logs on with, which can be exchanged for an extra item.
 The highest level deed (obtained when dying at level 30) can be received on a
 non-pvp char too.
-mimicry users gain one free transformation of their choice on (multiple)
 levelup, and also learn forms 3x as fast as regular characters.
-diminishing effect on healing: if you spam heal pots, the effect will lessen
 more and more. over time, it returns to normal. entering a town will reset it
-temporary speed buffs (potions, mimic powers, spells) have no effect.
-teleportation will be suppressed during combat, phase door is allowed though.
-while in a fight with another pvp-char, you cannot teleport away easily
 (takes about 30 seconds to wear off, or just enter a town to reset).
-PvP characters are unaffected by certain effects caused by other players:
 Hallucination, Life force drain (exp drain), Stat drain, Nexus scrambling.
-They may not own more than one house.

Note: Item rewards depend on your character, see (9.5) for more information
      about item rewards.
(7.12) Fighting/shooting techniques
(7.14) Miscellaneous character properties