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» (7.8a) Mimic powers
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(7.8) Spells and prayers
(7.8b) Runes & Runemastery
(7.8a) Mimic powers                                                             
The monster spells ('S:' line in r_info.txt) are mostly also usable by a player
transforming into the monster via Mimicry skill, these spells are also called
'mimic powers', since they're not always spells in a strict sense of the word.
(In general, monsters' summoning spells are never available as mimic powers.)
Note that you cannot use any mimic powers if your skill is not at least 1.000,
resulting in the failure message "You cannot control your form."

To auto-retaliate with eligible mimic powers, see '/arm' command in (0.2b).

All mimic powers use intelligence stat to determine their failure rate.
Their power usually depends on the level of the monster whose form the
character is using and on the character's own level.
As with magic spells, some mimic powers require a target, some don't.

Here is a list of all available mimic powers:

Shriek                  Aggravates nearby creatures and annoys nearby players.
Fire Rocket             ..
Arrow                   Fires an arrow, does not require bow or ammunition.
Shot                    Fires a shot, does not require bow or ammunition.
Bolt                    Fires a bolt, does not require bow or ammunition.
Missile                 Fires a (physical) missile.
Breathe Acid            ..
Breathe Lightning       ..
Breathe Fire            ..
Breathe Cold            ..
Breathe Poison          ..
Breathe Nether          ..
Breathe Light           ..
Breathe Darkness        ..
Breathe Confusion       ..
Breathe Sound           ..
Breathe Chaos           ..
Breathe Disenchantment  ..
Breathe Nexus           ..
Breathe Time            ..
Breathe Inertia         ..
Breathe Gravity         ..
Breathe Shards          ..
Breathe Plasma          ..
Breathe Force           ..
Breathe Mana            ..
Breathe Disintegration  ..
Breathe Toxic Waste     ..
Throw Boulder           Hurls a boulder at a target (giants do this usually).
Acid Ball               ..
Lightning Ball          ..
Fire Ball               ..
Cold Ball               ..
Poison Ball             ..
Nether Ball             ..
Water Ball              ..
Mana Storm              .. (casts a mana ball)
Darkness Storm          .. (casts a darkness ball)
Mind Blast              Psi attack, similar to Psionic Blast mindcrafter spell.
                        When used by monsters this can cause slowness, and (if
                        not resisted) bindness, confusion and paralysis.
                        When used by players this causes the usual Psi effects.
Brain Smash             Powerful psi attack, similar to Psionic Blast.
                        Same effects as Mind Blast.
Cause Wounds            The curse spell, eg used by priests and archpriests.
Toxic Waste Ball        ..
Raw Chaos               .. (casts a chaos ball)
Acid Bolt               ..
Lightning Bolt          ..
Fire Bolt               ..
Cold Bolt               ..
Poison Bolt             ..
Nether Bolt             ..
Water Bolt              ..
Mana Bolt               ..
Plasma Bolt             ..
Ice Bolt                ..
Magic Missile           ..
Scare                   ..
Blind                   ..
Confusion               ..
Slow                    ..
Paralyze                Tries to put a monster into stasis (similar to sleep).
Haste Self              Temporarily increases your speed by 10.
Heal                    Heals yourself, amount depends on spell level.
Blink                   Short range teleport, like Phase Door.
Teleport                ..
Teleport To             Tries to teleport a monster towards you.
Teleport Away           Tries to teleport monsters away (it's a beam!).
Darkness                Unlights the area around you.
Cause Amnesia           Confuses a target.
Disenchantment Bolt     ..
Breathe Water           ..
(7.8) Spells and prayers
(7.8b) Runes & Runemastery