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» (7.2a) Maiar initiation effects
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(7.2) Skills, opposed skills
(7.2b) Demolition charges (Blast charges)
(7.2a) Maiar initiation effects                                                 
Maiar start with a low-profile skill chart, which on initiation gets multiplied
or diminished depending on their alignment (enlightened vs corrupted).
Low-profile means that their "good" and "evil" skills - all holy schools and
all occult schools if available, as well as all Blood Magic schools - are all
about 30% lower compared to what most other races start out with.

When a skill's ratio has been modified on initiation, the skill will
automatically be set as close as possible to its previous value, and the extra
skill points will be refunded, so the character does not "lose" any skill
points by training skills prior to initiation.

Skills that become disabled on initiation will not be nulled and hence will
continue to have effect, although the character won't be able to increase them
any further after that.

Besides changes in their skill tree, Maiar also gain particular abilities on
initiation, depending on their alignment. All the changes are listed here:

    Gain time resistance and they no longer have any need for worldly food.
    Susceptible to evil-based attacks.
    Able to almost instantly sense curses on items.
    Able to see invisible and resisting light.
    Intrinsic light aura that adds to any light source's radius, starting at +1
    and growing by +1 every 6 levels above 20.
    +1 bonus AC for every 2 levels above 20 (caps at 50).
    At level 50 they will be able to levitate, become resistant to poison,
    electricity, cold and be enveloped in an aura of frost and lightning;
    also, their melee attacks will slay evil opponents intrinsically.

    Necromancy, Traumaturgy, Aura of Death, Shadow, Unlife and Hereticism
    become disabled but you will keep them at their currently trained level.

    Sword-, Blunt- and Polearm-mastery skill ratios x 1.3.
    The four holy school ratios x 2.1, Spirit x 2.1, Divination x 1.7.
    Light and Mana rune ratios x 1.7, Fear and Shivering Aura ratio x 3.0.

    Gain time resistance and they no longer have any need for worldly food.
    Susceptible to good-based attacks.
    Able to take off lightly cursed items.
    Resist fire and darkness.
    +2 bonus HP for each level above 20, up to level 50, then +1 bonus HP
    for each level above 50.
    At level 50 they will become resistant to poison, immune to fire, and
    be enveloped in a fiery aura.

    The four holy schools and Spirit become disabled (cannot be trained
    further, but you keep their current status),
    priests and paladins however get them completely reset (refunded).

    Priests:  Sword-mastery is enabled and receives the same skill ratio as
              Blunt-Mastery, then it gets boosted by x 1.3 (as replacement
              of non-existant Axe-mastery for this class).
    Paladins: Sword-mastery ratio x 1.1.
              Blunt-mastery ratio receives a x 1.1 bonus; because its ratio
              ends up lower than before, its points will be refunded.
              Axe-mastery and Blunt-mastery ratios are swapped, so Axe will
              now have the higher ratio and Blunt will have the lower ratio.

    Axe-mastery and Martial Arts skill ratios x 1.3.
    Fire, Air, Conveyance school ratios x 1.7, Udun x 2.0,
    Shadow and Unlife x 1.7, Hereticism x 2.1,
    Darkness and Chaos rune ratios x 1.7,
    all Blood Magic ratios x 3.0.

Note: After a skill's gain ratio has been boosted as stated above, it will be
      capped against a maximum value of 2.000, which can never be exceeded.
(7.2) Skills, opposed skills
(7.2b) Demolition charges (Blast charges)