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» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (8) Tactics & strategy
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(0.1) Start & play (the basics)
(7) Character details                                                           

(7.1) Attributes                                                                
Characters have six 'attributes', also called 'stats', which are strength,
intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution and charisma.
These depend on your race and class and the stat assignments you did during
character creation process.

Stats are displayed as values from 3 (minimum) to 18.
(Note: This can be changed in TomeNET options, press key =2 and toggle
'linear_stats' option. It is recommended to keep the traditional way though,
which represents the D&D system of throwing three 6-sided dice to determine a

Certain effects can drain stats, for example unresisted fire or cold damage can
drain your strength, unresisted lightning damage your dexterity, unresisted
acid damage your charisma. Also many monsters have stat-draining attacks.
Traps can also drain your stats, some temporarily and some permanently.
If a stat is drained and can be restored it will be displayed in yellow.
In that case buy a potion for restoring that particular stat from town store 5
provided it is not out of stock in which case you'll have to wait a bit or go
to another town. Maybe the stat drain isn't even that important to you and you
save your money for the time being.
Some traps can permanently drain a stat, in which case it gets lowered but
remains green instead of turning yellow. In this case a stat restoring potion
has no effect, instead you'll need a "stat potion" that increases a stat
permanently (up to a certain limit depending on class/race).

It is possible to gain even higher stats, those will be displayed as 18/xxx
where xxx is roughly the value above 18 multiplied by 10 (to allow fractions).
18/10 is like 19 (ie 18+1).
18/120 is like 30 (ie 18+12).
18/47 is like 22. The fraction 0.7 is not factoring into actual gameplay.

The way stats are displayed can be toggled in  = 2  'linear_stats'. This will
change them to numbers from 3 to 40, where 40 equals 18/220 and is similarly
displayed as asterisks instead of a number to indicate that it's the limit.

If you quaffed the maximum of "stat potions" (potions raising your stats), the
maxed out attribute will be displayed in light umber.
An attribute is maxed out at 18/100 +/- racial/class modifiers.
Human Adventurer has 18/100 + 0 + 0 = 18/100 cap for all stats, see (7.4) for
race boni and (7.5) for class boni.
Draconian Istar has an intelligence cap of 18/100 + 2 (Draconian) + 3
(Istar) = 18/150.

Stats can be raised over the character's cap by equipment. The total possible
maximum of an attribute is always 18/220 (40), which is displayed as '18/***'
or '**' if using linear_stats.

Strength (STR)
    -How heavy may your weapon, bow or shield be? You can't fight with a
     weapon that is too heavy for you.
    -How heavy may your armour be? You will lose mana, boni or combat abilties
     if it's too heavy for you.
    -How much damage do you inflict on enemies in melee combat? (to-mdam bonus)
    -Are you able to deliver several blows per round with your weapon?
     (For details, also see (7.5).)
    -How much can you carry in your backpack without getting slowed down?
    -How easily you can bash doors open.
    -How far you can throw items.
    -Allows you to try hard to swim and not drown in deep water.
    -How easily you can dig.
Intelligence (INT)
    -Has influence on your mana pool size. (class-dependant)
    -How well can you cast spells that use INT to determine failure rate?
    -Has influence on your ability to activate magic devices.
    -Has influence on your trap-disarming (includes lock-picking) ability.
    -Do you notice if someone tries to steal from you?
    Also see (7.10) for more information about the 'Magic Device' skill.
Wisdom (WIS)
    -How well can you cast priest prayers or other spells that use WIS to
     determine failure rate?
    -Has influence on your mana pool size. (class-dependant)
    -How well can you resist malicious influences like poison, paralyzation,
     or confusion? (Means, your Saving Throw is depending on your WIS. See
     (7.3) for details about Saving Throw.)
    -Wisdom directly increases your sanity. Be careful! If you're very low on
     sanity taking off a +wisdom item can mean your death, in case your sanity
     drops to 0 by taking off the item.
Dexterity (DEX)
    -Has positive influence on your armour class and on your chance to hit
     enemies, also quite important for ranged weapons to-hit chance.
    -How well can you steal (from shops)? (A high DEX won't help much if your
     'Stealing' skill is zero by the way ;)
    -Are you able to deliver several blows per round with your weapon?
     (For details, also see (7.5).)
    -How likely are items or money stolen from you?
    -Can you prevent getting stunned from bashing a door clumsily?
    -Allows you to try hard to swim and not drown in deep water.
    -Has influence on your trap-disarming (includes lock-picking) ability.
Constitution (CON)
    -How many HP (hit points) do you have? Very essential.
     Note that CON effect caps depending on your character level. Roughly:
     At level 20 you can't utilize more than 18/60 CON. That means even if
     you raise your constitution above that value, your Hit Points won't
     increase as long as your character is level 20.
     At level 30, CON cap is 18/130, at level 40 it's 18/190, and at level
     45 and higher the full CON bonus is utilized for determining Hit Points.
    -Also reduces the duration of poison, disease and stunning effects on you.
    -Increases your stamina regeneration rate.
    -Reduces drowning (also for aquatic forms outside of water) effects.
Charisma (CHR)
    -Helps getting good prices in shops for both buying and selling.
     Shop prices also depend on racial preferences of the shopkeepers vs their
     customers. It is said, that Half-Trolls have an especially hard time.
     Shop prices have certain limits though that you might hit when your race
     is already liked by the shop keeper, where even more CHR won't further
     improve your bargains.
     Certain shops also provide services for a fee (see (4.5a)). Unlike item
     prices, these fees are not affected by charisma.
    -Also affects house prices, buying and selling.
    -Allows you to resist getting seduced.
    -Affects mindcrafters' mana pool somewhat.
(0.1) Start & play (the basics)