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» (4.5a) Shops and their services
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(4.5) Towns, shops, the dungeons and dungeon bosses
(4.5a2) The casino
(4.5a) Shops and their services                                                 
Each town has several shops, displayed as numbers '1'..'9' and some '+'.
(There are some special variations of these shops too, located in dungeons.)
The 1-9 standard shops that recur in almost every town are..

General Store   1       Sells food, lanterns, ammunition, cloaks and shrooms.

Armoury         2       Offers various basic armour. Rarely excellent pieces.
                        Also offers to repair damaged armour (which is cheaper
                        than enchanting it, except for rather expensive items).

Weapon Shop     3       Offers various basic weapons. Rarely excellent pieces.
                        Also offers to repair damaged weapons (which is cheaper
                        than enchanting it, except for rather expensive items).

Temple          4       Player ghosts will be revived here, and receive some
                        money. The temple also sells a selection of blunt
                        weaponry, scrolls and potions.
                        The temple priest will also attempt to cure, heal or
                        feed you if you enter the temple in bad condition.

                        Since 4.4.9 the temple also offers you to toggle
                        'Instant Resurrection', a new feature that is only
                        available for everlasting players and will immediately
                        resurrect a player at the temple when he dies, removing
                        the need to wait for some other player to come and
                        rescue him. In turn, the experience penalty will be
                        50% instead of the usual 35%. Insta-res also keeps all
                        your items except for the usual chance to lose a few of
                        them on death, which is the same as for normal deaths.
                        However, the player will need to have enough cash to
                        pay an instant resurrection fee when he dies, which is:
                        Dungeonlevel * dungeonlevel * 10 + 10 gold pieces.
                        Eg at -50ft Orc Cave it's 10 * 10 * 10 + 10 = 1010 Au.
                        The money is automatically deducted from the purse or
                        the bank account as required. If the player does not
                        have enough money in total then resurrection will fail
                        and the player will remain a ghost in the dungeon as
                        usual when not using instant resurrection.
                        Instant resurrection does not work in no-ghost dungeons
                        (ie ironman or hellish) and dungeon levels (ie floors
                        where Morgoth is) or in the Nether Realm.
                        You can use the /ex command to check whether instant
                        resurrection is enabled, it will tell you if so. Then
                        it will additionally display the fee needed for your
                        current dungeon level, displayed in red if you don't
                        have enough funds. Or if you aren't in a dungeon it
                        will instead display the maximum dungeon level your
                        current funds would suffice for.

                        Some example fees for quick reference:
                        Barrow-Downs -1000 ft     4010 Au
                        Barrow-Downs bottom      12260 Au
                        Orc Caves bottom          5300 Au
                        Mordor bottom            43570 Au
                        Mount Doom bottom        98020 Au
                        Angband bottom          161300 Au
                        Cloud Planes top        222020 Au
                        Nether Realm -50 ft     275570 Au
                        Nether Realm bottom     384170 Au

Alchemist       5       Sells various scrolls and potions.

Magic Shop      6       Sells wands, staves, rings and amulets.

Black Market    7       Sells many different items, mostly very good ones.
                        This shop is very expensive and buys for very little
                        in return. Better not sell your items to this shop,
                        as long as a regular store will pay you better.
                        Some items cannot be sold elsewhere though.

The Inn         8       In Bree it's The Prancing Pony. Inside the inn,
                        players are relatively safe from monsters.

Bookstore       9       Sells books for istari, priests and all other (hybrid)
                        magic users. Bookstores in higher-level towns on
                        average also tend to sell higher-level spells (this is
                        a bookstore-specific specialty, other town shops do not
                        differ in this way).
                        The 'o'rder command you can use in town stores is
                        especially useful in bookstores as it allows you to
                        order specific spells and prayers you are looking for.

Then there are various shops that just use a normal door '+' symbol, these are
different everywhere. Some examples are mainly..

Inn                     The first inn you see is the spawn point of newly
                        created characters: The Prancing Pony in Bree.
                        While the '8' is just the entrance into the tavern,
                        the '+' is the actual bar where you can order things
                        from the innkeeper.
                        All inns are safe zones where you cannot get harmed by
                        monsters from outside, and items dropped inside in inn
                        will persist and not time out. If you go AFK in a town
                        you should always do so in the local inn to be safe.

Mayor's Office (Bree)   Allows you to turn in deed parchments you won in
                        tournaments or on other occasions for a reward.
                        Also, you can receive an extermination order here
                        (see (4.13) about those).
                        Last but not least you can check out a list of
                        noteworthy occurances that may happened lately.
                        There are other major buildings in different cities
                        that will provide extermination orders.

The Mathom-house        This is located in the same building as the Mayor's
                        Office, the biggest building in Bree.
                        It allows donation of items (irrevocably), functioning
                        similar to a museum.

                        Most importantly though it holds a list of all known
                        dungeons and their exploration states, under
                        'Exploration history':
                        As soon as someone on the server locates the entrance
                        staircase to a dungeon or tower for the first time, it
                        will be listed here for everyone to see.
                        Likewise, the first time someone enters the dungeon,
                        its starting depth will be made known here too.
                        The first time someone visits the final (deepest) floor
                        of the dungeon, this information will also be added.
                        And lastly, if someone meets the dungeon's boss, its
                        existance be recorded here too. If a dungeon has no
                        boss then visiting its final floor will already result
                        in the information being recorded here that it has no
                        final guardian.

                        The Mathom-house also has another function,
                        'Exploration reports':
                        This just lists how frequently dungeons have recently
                        been visited, which decays over time again.
                        In general, dungeons that haven't been visited for some
                        time will yield extra experience bonus for players that
                        go there, quad-tiered over +0%, +7%, +13% and +20%.

The Merchants Guild     An NPC run guild that offers two services,
                        a bank account to deposit your money in so you won't
                        lose it accidentally on a dungeon trip,
                        and a mail service that allows you to send money or an
                        item to other players for a fee, and optionally impose
                        a price on an item you send that the receipient must
                        pay you in return for accepting it.
                        Several towns have a subsidiary, you can globally
                        access your bank account and mail from any of those.
                        (Of course, should your character die permanently then
                        its account balance will be erased too.)

                        Explanation of the mail system's details:

                        You can choose to send money or an item to another
                        character. All usual trading restrictions apply.
                        It costs a small fee depending on the value sent,
                        which can also be imposed on the receipient (COD,
                        collect on delivery) if the sender wishes so.
                        Further, when sending an item, you may optionally force
                        the receipient to pay a price in order to receive it
                        which will be sent back to you by the Merchants Guild,
                        making it useful for asynchronous item trading too.

                        Mail will arrive after about a minute real-time and
                        then allow for a one week real-time span to get picked
                        up by the receipient. If it expires it will be sent
                        back and again the original sender has one week to pick
                        it up. If this time frame expires too the mail will be
                        erased and therefore the money or item will be lost
                        If the receipient dies before he can pick up the mail
                        then the mail will be returned to the sender too who
                        then again has one week to pick it up until it expires
                        and gets deleted irrevocably.
                        If the mail gets returned to the sender for any reason
                        but the sender character no longer exists, the mail
                        will also get erased irrevocably.

Rune Repository         (This shop might not exist or only exist in very
                        specific locations in certain game verions.)
                        Sells and buys runes used by Runemasters.

Casino                  Minas Anor has a casino. Go and try your luck!
                        (There are various gambling opportunities, and also
                        the ancient board game 'Go' which can be played on a
                        9x9 board for a one-time fee on each difficulty level.
                        Get your Go game records emailed to you via "/kifu"
                        (japanese) or "/gibo" (korean) command, same thing.)
                        For details about the gambling rules of the casino, see
                        subsequent (4.5a2) paragraph.

Minstrels Haven         Mass Identify Service (Identify Possessions):
                        Will identify all items you currently carry for a fee.
                        See (5.7) for more information about identification.

Library                 *Identify* Service, will *identify* an item for a fee.
                        See (5.7) for more information about ID, *ID*, shops!

Earth-Dome              Herbal Healing Service.
                        Will cure black breath for a high fee. (See (1.3a) for
                        more information about Black Breath.)

Sea-Dome                Morph Restoration Service.
                        Restores your form to normal in case you were
                        polymorphed (for example by a potion of Chauve-Souris).

Star-Dome               Offers service to identify all your items at once.
                        Also offers a recharging service for magic devices.

Valarin Temple          Restores all drained attributes and experience.

Enchant Services (found in various stores, for different item types):
                        These will enchant weapons, arrows, or armour you have
                        For weapons, this will attempt to enchant a main-hand
                        or off-hand (if dual-wielding) weapon, for armour this
                        will look through all armour slots. When an eligible
                        item is found, it will be enchanted.
                        Cursed items, artifacts and items that cannot be
                        enchanted are not eligible and will be skipped.

                        Only one item is enchanted at a time, so if you have
                        three enchantable pieces of armour that aren't in
                        perfect state, you'll have to take the enchant service
                        three times.

                        The resulting enchantment bonus of the item is your
                        character level divided by 5 and 5 added to that, with
                        the result capped at a maximum of +20, therefore
                        reached at level 75.
                        At level 50 the enchantment would be 50/5 + 5 = 10 + 5
                        = 15, which is the maximum enchantment reachable by
                        using *enchant* scrolls.
                        Ammunition can never be enchanted above (+15,+15).

                        Note that enchant services will not break curses.

Mining Supply Store     In the hazardous city of Khazad-Dum is a store that
                        offers some goods found to be useful by the miners
                        in the mountain depths.

The Mirror              Donate gold and pray to the gods.
                        (EXPERIMENTAL: allows a fallen winner to solo-reking.)
                        This is a special option which allows fallen kings and
                        queens to get their fate changed by the gods:
                        Their Morgoth kill will be undone so they may challenge
                        him once more, to regain their royal title!
                        (In game slang, this is called 'solo-rekinging'.)
                        This service is useful if you do not have any team mate
                        who still hasn't killed Morgoth yet, to kill Morgoth in
                        a party together with him, which is the traditional way
                        of obtaining a lost royal title again.

                        To gain the favour of the gods and have your fate
                        changed you will need to donate at least 5 million gold
                        In addition to this you can either donate another 5
                        million or you can wait for about 2 weeks (real time,
                        you don't even need to be logged on!) or you can
                        gain about 5 million raw experience points or a mix of
                        all these, up to your personal preference. The two
                        weeks begin to count immediately after you have died.
                        'Raw' experience means that it's simply the amount of
                        experience shown in the monster spoiler (~7) and the
                        only other factors are the monster's clone state and
                        you being on appropriate depth (grey depth indicator
                        will prevent gain completely and a yellow one will
                        reduce gain accordingly).
                        Your race and class which may usually diminish your
                        experience gain (worst for Maiar) do NOT factor in, so
                        the amount of monster slaying is exactly the same for
                        everyone. However, YOU will need to kill the monster!
                        Kills done by party members will not count for you.
                        So even if your character is at the exp cap at level 50
                        and does not seem to gain any more experience, this
                        'raw experience' will still accumulate and count for
                        obtaining the favour of the gods.

                        Even if you just donate 0 gold, as a fallen winner you
                        will still see feedback messages about the remaining
                        amount of gold to donate and experience points to gain
                        for your fate to change.
                        So if you are just missing XP or time, just check back
                        regularly until it tells you in a bright green message
                        that your fate has finally been changed:
                        "You feel your fate has been changed!"

                        The conversion rates are, as mentioned above:
                        1 minute of time passed = 250 Xp = 250 Au.
                        Some random examples to gain the gods' favour:
                        a) pay 10M straight.
                        b) pay 5M, wait for about 2 weeks.
                        c) pay 2M, wait for about a week, gain 2.5M raw exp,
                           pay 3M more.
                        d) gain 4M raw exp, pay 6M gold.


                        Lose Memories I / Lose Memories II (EXPERIMENTAL):
                        The Mirror also houses magicians that have another
                        extraordinary ability: To reset one of your skills!

                        WARNING: This will NOT work on the following skills,
                        which are considered essential core skills that would
                        allow for cheezing a character's progression path:
                        - Martial Arts, Sword/Blunt/Axe/Polearm mastery,
                        - Sling/Bow/Crossbow/Boomerang mastery,
                        - Anti-magic or Magic Device.

                        However, this will ONLY work when you have attained a
                        maximum level of 35, not earlier and not later, and it
                        will only work once per character!
                        If you die and thereby lose levels, as long as your
                        top level reached is exactly 35 you are still eligible.

                        The magicians there have two spells available for this
                        A) Lose Memories I:
                           An advanced spell that wipes some of your memories,
                           while still keeping your brain flexible enough to
                           retain the skill points.
                           As an unfortunate side effect, you will also lose 5
                           levels worth of your character's experience, leaving
                           you at level 30.
                        B) Lose Memories II:
                           A highly complex spell that chirurgically wipes only
                           the desired memories, so you keep level 35.
                           This spell is quite costly though and the magicians
                           will ask for a fair compensation of three million Au
                           for their service.

The Soothsayer          Presage fate. Will tell you a random rumour.
                        Also tends to sell potions of restore mana, albeit not
                        cheaply at all.

..and various miscellaneous store services, of which some currently may
not have an actual effect.

Price limits:
Shops that buy and sell items will have a price limit that they will pay for
an item a players wants to sell. The limit varies from 50,000 to 300,000 Au
depending on the shop owner. The shop owners change regularly, if a shop makes
you a bad offer (the cap price) just wait for the owner to change or visit a
different shop. Shops in different towns are run by different owners although
they may use the same number '1'..'9' and '+' for their entrance symbols.
If the item is worth more than 300,000 Au maybe you can find a fellow player
who is wealthy and in urgent need of your items.

Item orders
The basic town stores also allow you to order specific basic items that they
usually offer in their store template. These items will come without any
hit/damage/ac enchantments or ego powers, but in their plain versions.
To order an item, enter a store that provides this option:
  'o) Order an item'
Then specify number and name of the item, examples:
  potion of restore strength
  20 scrolls of identify
  spell crystal of psionic blast
and you will be prompted with the price you'd have to pay upfront, then you
can accept or decline. If you accept, the money will be deduced from your purse
and the shopkeeper will let you know how long the delivery of your order will
approximately take, in in-game time. So if it takes "about an hour" that will
be much less in real world time for you to wait.
Note that for spells and runes you don't need to type out the full item name!
Just typing the spell name or rune name will be sufficient.

Items that are very common in that store will cost about the same amount of
money that you'd pay when buying them the regular way, while items that occur
only very rarely in a shop can be much more expensive to order.
Ordering a pile of items instead of just one will prolong the delivery time.
You can only have one order in process at any time. If you want to order a
different item you will have to wait until your order is delivered and fetch

When you enter a shop where you had an order placed and the item has arrived
then it will be automatically placed in your inventory. If you meanwhile
purchase the same type of item in the shop's regular stock that will not affect
your delivery in any way.
The delivered item will carry an inscription containing the shop name.
It is possible that the item arrives earlier than expected, as part of the
store's regular stock. In that case the shop owner will inform you and hand you
out as many of those items as possible (if you have ordered a pile of them),
that amount will then automatically be deduced from your outstanding order.

To cancel an order, visit the store where you ordered it, press 'o' againand
type "cancel". You will lose your deposited money though!

The '/ex' slash command shows if you still have an active order and at which
store in which town exactly.

Shop scumming:
Shops regularly change their inventory on a random basis: Roughly every 33
seconds there is a chance that some items might get dropped and/or some new
items might get added to the store inventory.
This "store maintenance" stacks up to 10 times while no player is actually
visiting the store.
That means that shop-scumming can be done as fast as checking every ~33 seconds
for best results if you don't mind the effort, and on the other hand allows for
pretty relaxed scumming by checking about every 5 1/2 minutes.
Or anywhere between 33 seconds and 5 1/2 minutes, as you personally prefer.

See (5.7) for more information about ID, *ID* and shops!
(4.5) Towns, shops, the dungeons and dungeon bosses
(4.5a2) The casino