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(4.15) Swimming
(5) Item and flag details, elements
(4.16) Teleportation                                                            
Teleportation is the magical, instantaneous relocation of a player or monster.

There are five main types of teleportation:
-Phase door/Blink
  It follows the same rules as 'teleport self', it's just named differently to
  indicate that it is limited to a rather short range (usually less than 20
  grids away).
  The spell available to players are usually called 'Phase Door' while the
  spell used by monsters is usually called 'blink', but again that's just a
  matter of naming.
  Note that monsters cannot blink out of vaults.
-Teleport self
  The normal 'teleportation' as provided by scrolls, staves or used by monsters
  which has a very long range and also tries to keep a certain minimum range to
  make sure you actually get away from trouble.
  Note that monsters cannot teleport out of vaults.
-Teleport other
  It's basically the same as normal teleportation, except it does teleport a
  targetted player/monster instead of the invoking player/monster himself.
  If you get teleported by someone you cannot see, instead of his name you will
  see this message: "Someone teleports you away!"
  Note that monsters cannot teleport you away if you're within a no-teleport
  area (no-tele vault).
  Thes spell tries to move the targetted player or monster onto a grid next to
  the caster. This can be nasty when monsters with dangerous melee attacks cast
  teleport-to on a player who tried to keep his distance.
  Note that teleport-to has no effect if the source grid or the destination
  grid are in a no-teleport area (no-tele vault).
-Word of recall
  The only non-instantaneous teleportation spell and the one with the longest
  range. After a certain 'charge' phase has elapsed it will teleport the player
  over the world map or into or out of a dungeon.

Further rules that determine the target location:
-Neither monsters nor players can teleport into vaults or houses or into shops.
-Monsters cannot land on grids that have a glyph or rune on it, or on
 'protected' grids (the inns and the arena event corners).
-Players cannot land on grids that are inside monster nests/pits, including the
 outer corridor around them (pits/nests are rectangular rooms surrounded by a
 one-space-wide outer passage, that are filled to the brim with monsters).
 Note: Earthquakes or *destruction* magic will cancel the special protected
 state of pit/nest grids, so they become valid teleportation destinations

However, under certain conditions, teleportation spells may still fail!
In general for all teleportation attempts, these are:

-Teleport spells cast onto others (teleport other, teleport-to) may get
 resisted by the target depending on its saving throw, level or status.
-Trying to teleport while engaged in pvp with a pvp-character. There will be
 a cooldown of maybe half a minute after a PvP mode fight till you can use
 teleportation again. If you try to flee by teleportation, you will receive a
 yellow message: "There's no easy way out of this fight!" >:)
-Certain special floors ('Dungeon Keeper' event or an experimental no-teleport
-Trying to teleport in a local no-teleport area.
 When you enter such an area (no-tele vaults) you will see a message in dark
 grey, saying "The air in here feels very still". Music will change too in most
 cases (Morgoth's music will not change), and your speed and worldmap indicator
 will change colour to grey, to catch your attention.
 When you try to teleport you will get a message in bright red, saying:
 "This location suppresses teleportation!"
-Trying to teleport while having equipped an amulet of anti-teleportation or
 activated a space-time-anchor effect. You will get an orange message, saying:
 "You are surrounded by an anti-teleportation field!"
-Trying to teleport on a floor that has no or only few free floor grids.
 Teleportation magic tries hard to find a free destination grid, but if it is
 unlucky due to a low number of available grids it might just fail. So it is
 not recommended for example for an istar to cast stone prison all over the
 level, filling it mostly up. This puts attempts to successfully teleport on
 this level at hazard.
 'Free' floor grid means a floor grid that doesn't have a monster or item on
 it and is classified as 'floor' (water and lava count as floor too).
 If a teleportation spell fails because it didn't find a free destination grid
 you will see an orange message "The teleportation spell strangely fizzles!".
(4.15) Swimming
(5) Item and flag details, elements