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(4.2) Level and owner of items
(4.3a) The jail
(4.3) Dungeon and tower types                                                   
To enter a dungeon, you look for the staircase symbol '>', step on it and press
the '>' key to enter. Same for entering towers, except their staircase goes
upwards instead of downwards, and hence is a '<' symbol instead of '>'.

To see a list of all dungeons you have discovered so far, press ~ 8.
To see a list of all dungeon knowledge, including their locations, accumulated
by players on the server so far, visit the Mathom-house in Bree (see (4.5a)).

In Bree, there is often a so-called Training Tower, which is represented by a
dark green '<'. Enter it by pressing the '<' key.
The training tower allows you to 'die' without suffering major consequences
(except for a slight loss in experience and gold), and is easier in general.
An experience penalty might be applied for killing monsters in the tower
(usually 50%). You might ask other players in game (use ':' to chat) where/if
there is a newbie tower (also called 'Training Tower'), or you might search for
it yourself. It's usually in Bree, to the lower right of the town centre.

In general, when you take a staircase or use Word of Recall, your character
will temporarily get a high Armour bonus (+100) and a chance to deflect enemy
attacks and to reduce their damage, for a very short duration.
This is an extra protection (called 'stair GoI', compare (0.4)) to help
surviving nasty surprises when entering a new dungeon level.
Keep your scrolls of teleportation ready anyway!

While in a town, you can invoke a map that shows the staircases upwards
and downwards by pressing SHIFT+'M' (ie capital M).
If you leave a town and explore the wilderness, M will bring up a map showing
you towns and areas that you have explored so far.
If you are in a dungeon, M will bring up a minimap of your dungeon level
If you want to look at the world map while in town or in a dungeon, press '~'
key and choose "Wilderness map".

Before you enter a dungeon, make sure that you have equipped a light source!
Note the bright dots around you, these are lightened fields within the
radius of your light source. To look around your current dungeon/tower level
or town, press 'L' and use direction keys to move your view panel. ESC key
bring you back to normal view mode.

The wilderness actually bears many interesting dungeons apart from the usual
well known town dungeons.

When you enter the dungeon 'Barrow-Downs' in the starting town Bree, you will
note in the main window instead of "Bree" your actual depth is displayed,
telling you on which dungeon level you are. Each dungeon level is 50 feet
Monsters have approximately the same level as the dungeon level they appear
on. You should try to figure out how deep you can go without dying.
The dungeon depth I can recommend is between 1/3 (if you are _very_ weak) of
your own character level and 3/4 of your character level. You can also go
deeper, in case you want to try diving quickly. On 750 ft you can often find
hounds (their symbol is a 'Z' for 'Zephyrs'). These don't have many hit points
but give a lot of experience, making them a valued target for divers.

For a list of dungeons and towers, see (4.5).

Dungeon types
There are different types of dungeons, indicated by different
staircase colours (also visible on the world map):

-Normal dungeons. The main dungeons below the five cities Bree, Minas Anor,
 Gondolin, Lothlorien and Khazad-dum are such regular dungeons.
 Normal dungeons/towers are marked by a white < or > symbol.

-NO_RECALL_INTO. You may not recall into this dungeon/tower. You can use
 recall to get out of it though. Probability travel works towards the surface
 but not towards the dungeon bottom/tower top. To Telekinesis the same
 restrictions apply as for NO_RECALL. Ghosts may float freely.
 Staircases are yellow.

-NO_UP. These dungeons won't allow you to go upwards, similar to ironman,
 just without the penalty of permanent ghost-death. You are allowed to use
 Word of Recall as well! Ghosts of dead players can float upwards.
 No-up dungeons/towers are marked by an orange < or > symbol.

-NO_RECALL. These dungeons don't allow you to use Word of Recall nor
 probability travel to change the level. The staircases are the only way.
 Sending items via telekinesis to a player who is currently in a no-recall
 dungeon/tower will only work if both players are on the same dungeon floor.
 Ghosts of dead players can still float up/down.
 (Killing Sauron is an exception, allowing you to recall from Mt Doom!)
 No-recall dungeons/towers are marked by a red < or > symbol.

-FORCE_DOWN. Same as NO_UP, but you can only recall at the bottom of the
 dungeon, similar to ironman (except for the no-ghost death penalty).
 Force-down dungeons/towers are marked by a light red < or > symbol.

-Hellish. Players suffer no-ghost deaths inside hellish dungeons.
 Even if they're everlasting, meaning that if you die in such a dungeon or
 tower you won't turn into a ghost either but get destroyed completely.
 Hellish dungeons/towers are marked by a fire-like flickering < or > symbol

-Ironman. Same as hellish. Also:
 Ironman dungeons or towers won't allow you to recall or to use
 staircases that lead upwards or probability travel backwards!
 Sending items via telekinesis to a player who is currently in an ironman
 dungeon/tower will only work if both players are on the same dungeon floor.
 To leave an ironman dungeon/tower you'll have to get to it's bottom or top
 respectively. There might be possibilities to use Word of Recall even if
 you're not at bottom/top yet, depending on the server/dungeon type.
 In general you will recognize levels which allow recalling by a green message,
 saying "You don't sense a magic barrier here..." (compare (4.8)).
 Ironman dungeons/towers are marked by a dark grey < or > symbol.

 NOTE: In the case of Ironman-server settings, you can usually recall INTO town
 dungeons every (n*1000)+50 ft, n starting at 0. Example: -50 ft, -1050 ft,
 -2050 ft, etc. Also, ALL dungeons will usually not allow recalling OUT until
 you reach a floor that is equivalent to at least dungeon level 20. Examples:
 At least -1000 ft in Barrow-Downs, at least -550 ft in The Orc Cave.
 (See (9.6) for more information about Ironman settings.)

-NO_DEATH. The Training Tower in Bree has this flag. Players who die inside a
 no-death dungeon won't turn into a ghost if they 'die' but just be teleported
 back to town! They still lose about 20% experience (and gold) though.
 They will not lose their winner (King/Queen/Emperor/Empress) state though.
 No-death dungeons/towers are marked by a green < or > symbol.
 NOTE: The NO_DEATH flag has no effect on PvP mode characters, they will die.

-Dungeons that allow neither recalling out, nor floating or providing stairs!
 There is usually only one such dungeon and that is the 'Death Fate'.
 Its entrance is a dark-flickering staircase.
 However, there might still be a way to get out again!
 (The 'Death Fate' dungeon does actually not count as an 'ironman' dungeon and
 provides some special stuff, see (4.5c).)

-Experimental dungeons. There might be an experimental dungeon available, which
 has special flags that are very unusual:
 - NO_TELE (monsters and players cannot teleport)
 - NO_ESP or LIMIT_ESP (either no ESP at all or ESP range is limited to 10),
 - NO_SUMMON (monsters and players cannot summon).

 Such experimental dungeons have light umber coloured staircases (same colour
 as is used for maxed stats/abilities, ie light brown/bronze).
 Experimental dungeons do not belong to the canon game and you enter on your
 own risk! (Well, you actually enter any dungeon at your own risk, so..)

 If an experimental dungeon also has Ironman, Hellish or FORCE_DOWN flags its
 staircase will instead be dark grey and flicker orange.

If a dungeon has several of these flags listed, the latter ones will override
the staircase colour. So a hellish NO_RECALL_INTO dungeon has hellish-looking

Sometimes you might find ruins of old staircases that don't lead to any
dungeon or tower. Those have no further functionality and are coloured grey
(make sure you don't confuse them with an ironman dungeon accidentally).

If you're looking for a challenge dungeon regarding deep diving without
recalling in between, you might want to check out 'The Halls of Mandos'
or the 'Ironman Deep Dive Challenge' (see (4.13) for details).

Dungeon type  Death?  No-ghost? Recall          Staircase   Prob travel   +Exp
Normal        yes     (char)    yes             yes         yes           + 0%
No death      no      no        yes             yes         yes           -50%
No recall     yes     (char)    no              yes         no            +10%
No rec down   yes     (char)    upwards only    yes         upwards       + 5%
No up         yes     (char)    yes             downwards   downwards     + 5%
Force down    yes     (char)    at bottom only  downwards   downwards     +10%
Ironman       yes     yes       at bottom only  downwards   no            +15%
Hellish       yes     yes       yes             yes         yes           +10%

(Note: Staircase directions - ie upwards/downwards - are inverted for towers.)
(4.2) Level and owner of items
(4.3a) The jail