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» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
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» (5) Item and flag details, elements
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» (9.6) Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'

(9.5) Reward item creation
(9.6a) Special server type 'Arcade Server'
(9.6) Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'                                      
A server might be configured with a special ruleset called 'Ironman Server'
rules. (The Ironman server was also called 'RPG Server' in the past.)
Such a server will be listed on the meta server under
  "TomeNET Ironman ..."
instead of just
  "TomeNET ..."
and when you connect to it and enter the character overview
screen, at the bottom there will be a line reading
  "The server is running 'IRONMAN_SERVER' settings".

In general, Ironman rules are stricter than normal server configurations.

The differences between Ironman ruleset and normal servers are as follows:
  -Only one character is allowed per account.
  -All characters are no-ghost mode, so they have only 1 life (ie 'unworldly').
  -Usually, accounts expire slower (183 days instead of 62 days).
  -The Training Tower is empty, no monsters or items spawn in there
   (except for the Arena Monster Challenge event).
  -Certain extra stores may spawn in the dungeons
   ('Seasoned Tradesman', or specialized stores similar to town stores).
  -All dungeons are ironman (see (4.3)):
   -Bree's dungeon 'Barrow-Downs' is normal ironman,
   -other town dungeons allow recalling every 500 ft (10 floors),
   -non-town dungeons allow random recalling at a 20% chance per floor,
   -on dungeon levels shallower than level 20 (eg easier than -1000 ft Bree),
    recalling is impossible, overriding the above rules.
  -Players may recall INTO town dungeons to 50 ft + every 1000 ft, eg to 50 ft,
   1050 ft, 2050 ft, ... .
  -Players start with more gold (class-dependant) to buy supplies.
  -Players additionally start with a few cure wounds potions.
  -Players get a message in chat when party members take a staircase.
  -If a party owner dies, someone else from the party is automatically promoted
   to party owner, so parties won't get disbanded easily, making party-diving
   more effective.
  -Mimicry users have a very slim chance of insta-learning a form,
   of 1 in monster's level - kill count so far!
  -Item level restrictions are disabled and have no effect.
  -Extermination orders can be acquired as early as at level 3 instead of level
   5 and the amount of monsters that needs to be slain is even somewhat lower.
  -Temporary luck bonus from deeds is somewhat longer.
  -Usually, scheduled artifact resets happen less frequently (if at all).
   (See (5.9b) for more information about artifact resets.)
  -Halloween event allows players up to 40 instead of 35,
   and the Great Pumpkin spawns on floors up to level 49 instead of 39.
  -Stealing from stores is possible right away instead of requiring a certain
   character level (usually 5 on normal servers).
  -Server settings that would usually turn items dropped/thrown by very low
   level characters to level 0 will be ignored, ie item level is kept.
(9.5) Reward item creation
(9.6a) Special server type 'Arcade Server'