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» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
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» (9.8) Troubleshooting

(9.7) Game engine limits
(9.8) Troubleshooting                                                           
Note: Some of these problems are deprecated and don't exist in this form or at
all anymore. Some messages might also vary slightly.
For trouble with lagging out or freezing up, see PROBLEM 26 and 29.

PROBLEM 1:  I am behind a firewall. What ports do I need to open in order to
            play TomeNET?
Solution:   If you want to connect directly to a specific server by specifying
            its address via command-line or config file, you only need to allow
            an outgoing TCP/IP connection to remote port 18348, that's the
            standard port servers run on. (If you'd like to play on the Ironman
            server, it's port 19348 instead of 18348. See (9.6) for more
            information about Ironman settings. For the Arcade server it's port
            20348, see (9.6a) for more information about Arcade server.)
            If you want to make use of the server list that appears when you
            don't specify a particular server, you additionally have to allow
            the game to connect to the meta server which provides the server
            list. For this, remote port 8801 TCP must also be opened.
            If you don't have access to the firewall, for example in school or
            at work, you can still try to set up an SSH tunnel or a socks
            proxy server (on either the firewall machine or your PC at home or
            any other PC outside. Ask google for info about how to do that).

PROBLEM 2:  I don't get to see a server list when I start TomeNET.
            Instead, I am immediately asked for account and password.
Solution:   This is a typical problem on Windows XP. There are 3
            possible fixes:
            -Use 'Win98 Compatibility Mode' (Create a link from TomeNET.exe,
             right-click it, choose 'properties', choose 'Compatibility'.
             This option is available natively on Windows XP systems; for
             Windows 2000 systems first try the other two points mentioned
             below, if they don't help, get the compatibility mode update
             from www.microsoft.com or from www.c-blue.de/appupd.exe ).
            -Move the 'TomeNET' directory to your drive's root. For
             example C:\TomeNET\.. .
            -Make sure the path name does not contain any spaces!
            -to edit your "TomeNET.ini" file and specify a host directly by
             specifying "HOST=europe.tomenet.eu".
             Or you can even give the IP address "HOST=".

PROBLEM 3:  I get to a server list, but it doesn't show any servers. It just
            says 'Press Q to enter a server manually' and that's it.
Solution:   There are 2 possible solutions.
            -There is currently no public TomeNET server running. That can
             happen if a server update is currently being applied or if for
             some reason the server just crashed. Try again after a minute.
            -There are some DNS problems. These can happen for various reasons
             although they aren't very likely. DNS problems can last for a
             longer period of time though, being very annoying.
             That the server isn't listed doesn't mean that it's down though.
             You should try to connect manually (press 'Q') to either:
             or (if that doesn't work either) directly to its IP adress:

PROBLEM 4:  When I start TomeNET I don't see anything except a small hollow
            yellow rectangle (the cursor). All windows stay black. It seems
            that the cursor reacts to my inputs by printing out some black
            hence invisible text.
Solution:   A rare problem that is not caused by TomeNET really, but usually
            happens on Windows XP and older:
            MS Windows sometimes keeps the TomeNET font file opened although
            the client has already been terminated. Next time you start TomeNET
            it will be unable to open its font files for that reason, resulting
            in the lack of any text on the screen.
            What to do is restart your MS Windows system and the text should be
            visible again. Instead of restarting you can also try just logging
            your Windows user account out and then back in right away.
            (This usually only happens once, after updating the client.)

PROBLEM 5:  All windows _except for the main window_ stay empty / stay blank.
Solution:   First make sure it's really a bug and not just missing window
            settings: Press '=' key and 'w' key and configure your windows
            appropriately. It is vital to set one of the windows to display
            game and/or chat messages, so you can actually read what other
            players write, and also keep track of combat messages!
            When you're done setting up the windows, go to 'save options'
            (key 's').
            If all the windows are still blank, read on:
            Exact reasons are unknown but seem to only happen on MS Windows
            machines. Sometimes a simple reboot helps. If it doesn't, open
            TomeNET.ini file with a text editor, look for the window sections,
            change the fonts to the same settings (8x13) as in the
            [Main window] section: FontFile=8X13.FON , Font=8X13.FON .
            Also, you could adjust the width/height of the windows (to 80x24
            for example). Try other fonts too, maybe they work for you.

PROBLEM 6:  I cannot browse (some) spell books, I see some LUA error messages
            if I try or when I connect to the server.
Solution:   Your LUA script files are outdated. Those files are responsible
            for any spell-casting and some other things.
            To update them, you have 2 possibilities:
            -Automatic update: Join the server, you should see a message in
             the chat window, saying that (some of) your LUA files are being
            -If for some reason auto-update doesn't work for you,
             download the latest client again.
            Note: There was a bug in client 4.4.8, preventing it from auto-
            updating LUA files, which was fixed in 4.4.8a and higher again.

PROBLEM 7:  TomeNET seems to freeze up while playing. (Also see PROBLEM 26 and
            29, which offer different solutions for similar issues!)
Solution:   This can happen if your latency is relatively high and many
            messages are transported between the server and your client.
            In fact it's just your display that freezes up. In that state
            you can for example type a chat message and other players
            will read it.
            Quit the game and join again to continue playing.
            Or just start another instance of the game and log in, that will
            override the old connection, making your client quit with
            "resume connection" message.

PROBLEM 8:  I am disconnected during gameplay. (Note: If it seems to be a
            lag-out or freeze problem, also see PROBLEM 26 and 29!)
Solution:   This can have several reasons. On disconnection a message box will
            appear, telling you about the problem. The following messages
            might occur:
            "client quit"
                    This just shows up if you regularly quit your client.
            "Committed suicide"
                    You just committed suicide..
            "resume connection"
                    This happens if you try to log in the same character with
                    two TomeNET clients at once, the older client will quit
                    and the client that just logged in will take over.
            "Killed by..."
                    Your character was finally killed/destroyed.
            "Starving auto-kick"
                    Your character was starving due to lack of food, and you
                    were not moving or performing any action for some time, so
                    the game assumed you were AFK and kicked your character out
                    to prevent it from starving to death without you noticing.
                    What you need to do: Log back in and eat something as soon
                    as possible.
            "Starving to death"
                    You died to starvation.
            "Timeout 08"
                    This happens if you 'lag out' on a slow connection or if
                    the server or your computer is under very heavy load.
            "Panic save failed"
                    This means the server just crashed and even failed to save
                    the characters :(. It will usually be back online after a
                    minute or earlier.
            "Panic save succeded"
                    This means the server just crashed :(. It will usually
                    be back online after a minute or earlier.
            "Server shutdown (save succeeded)"
                    The server was shut down regularly. It will usually be
                    back online after a minute or earlier.
            "Server shutdown (save failed!)"
                    The server was shut down regularly but saving the
                    characters failed for some reason (insufficient disk
                    space). It will usually be back online after a minute or
            "banned for ..."
                    You were banned temporarily from the server (includes
                    being kicked out).
            "kicked out"
                    You were kicked out of the server.
            "read error"
                    Can happen if you lag out or if packet loss occurs.
            "write error"
                    Can happen if you lag out or if packet loss occurs.
            "flush error"
                    Can happen if you lag out or if packet loss occurs.
            "receive error in play"
                    Can happen if you lag out or if packet loss occurs.
            "can't read on socket"
                    Can happen if your connection gets disrupted or overloaded.
                    May especially happen on not-so-great connections if you
                    die and the server tries to send a large bunch of death
                    dump information to your client. Note that in that case you
                    didn't die _because_ of this error, but the error occurred
                    _because_ you already died.
            "Server closed the connection"
                    Maybe a firewall or bad network problem.
            "No login reply received"
                    The login process couldn't be completed. Probably a network
                    problem, or really bad lag/timeout.

PROBLEM 9:  I am disconnected from the server with an error message, this
            happens before I can even start playing.
Solution:   Read the error message displayed in a message box on quitting.
            Here is a list of possible errors and solutions:
            "Your name is too long!"
                    Don't use names longer than 15 characters.
            "Your name contains control chars!"
                    Don't use control chars in your name.
            "No such character"
                    Your client tried to log in with a
                    non-existant character (shouldn't happen).
            "You are temporarily banned from connecting to this server!"
            "disconnect in login"
                    Don't take too long for your character
                    creation or you might time out.
            "login failure" or "can't read on socket"+"net input error" in the
            character overview screen:
                    A wrong account or password was entered.
            "Name already owned"
                    Account name already exists.
            "Your client is outdated. Please get the latest one from
                    Download the latest client, see (0.1).
            "Server responds 'Unknown client version'. Server might
            be outdated or client is invalid. Latest client is at
                    The server might be running an older
                    version than your client is.
            "Sorry, the game is full.  Try again later."
                    Wow the game is really full!
           "Your accountname, username or hostname contains invalid characters"
            (or just "Net input error")
                    Player characters are identified by 4 names:
                    -Character name
                    -Account name
                    -Username (The name they are logged on with on their PC)
                    -Hostname (The hostname of the connecting computer)
                    The hostname is not really important. However, make sure
                    that all of these names may only consist of letters,
                    numbers, spaces, and all other characters with an ASCII
                    code between 32 (SPACE) and 122 ('z').
                    The username and hostname must not be empty. The character
                    name needs to start with a letter ('A'..'Z' or 'a'..'z').
            "There is already another character from this user/machine on the
                    You tried to login with two characters from the same
                    account or machine simultaneously, which is usually
            "Sorry, the server is for members only.  Please retry with name
                    Log in with 'guest'. You need to get an account for this
                    private server in order to play. Check the server's intro
                    screen for information about how to obtain an account.
            "That nick name is already in use. If it is your nickname, wait 30
            seconds and try again."
                    Happens if you get disconnected and then try to reconnect
                    from a different IP adress before your character timed out
                    (which takes approximately 20-30 seconds).
            ("Connection failed with status xx" (xx is an error code)
                    This message should never appear.)
            "That server either isn't up, or you mistyped the hostname."
                    The client was unable to connect to the server you
                    specified. If you are sure that you have entered the
                    correct IP adress or hostname, check your firewall (see
                    PROBLEM 1 for more information).
                    NOTE: Servers might be down temporarily when they are
                    updated. So make sure to try again after a few minutes.
                    If the server really seems to be down for a longer period
                    of time, us admins are probably not at home and you'll
                    have to wait for a bit, sorry. Such downtimes basically
                    never happen though.
            "Server didn't respond!"
                    The server is up, but something is awry. Wait for a few
                    minutes, there might be admins working on it at the
                    moment. Otherwise, visit the forum (see above).
            "Network verify failed!"
                    May happen if you specify a wrong password or try to
                    create an account which already exists.
                    Also happens (following a "No Verify Response") if your
                    connection to the server is *really* bad.
            If you get kicked out with an error message on the character
            overview screen (which seems to be empty), also see PROBLEM 15.

PROBLEM 10: I can't connect to the meta-server (the server that displays you
            a list of online TomeNET servers) or a specific TomeNET server.
            Instead my connection seems to time-out.
Solution:   If you are behind a firewall make sure that the TCP ports
            8801 for metaserver and 18348 for the actual TomeNET server aren't
            blocked. (Well, the metaserver isn't needed to play - specify the
            game server via command-line or when asked for it after starting
            up the game then.)
            The meta server's hostname is "meta.tomenet.eu" and its IP is
            actually the same as the official game servers (;
            In case there is a DNS problem somewhere in the internet you could
            just edit TomeNET.ini and replace the hostname by its actual IP.

PROBLEM 11: I'm not blocked by a firewall, but I still don't see the
            metaserver when I run Tomenet. Instead after waiting for a short
            period of time I'm asked to enter a server manually.
Solution:   The meta-server might be down or a DNS problem might be occuring
            right now. This can happen from time to time. You don't need the
            meta-server to play TomeNET though.
            Just type in the hostname of the server you'd like to connect to,
            for official main server:   europe.tomenet.eu
            If the hostname doesn't work you can also try entering its IP
            If you get better latency to the APAC region, you can alternatively
            pick the asia-pacific server:   apac.tomenet.eu
            or via its IP address
            Make sure your TomeNET.ini file contains the correct server port,
            usually 18348! This port isn't needed if you use the meta-list to
            choose a server to connect to, but it's important if you connect
            directly! (For Linux the file is ".tomenetrc".)
            You can connect directly to a TomeNET server and skip the meta
            server list by running your Tomenet directly from the command-line
            (DOS window) within its folder, adding the server IP as a
            parameter. (In Windows 2000 choose START/Run... and type 'cmd'
            without quotation marks to open a command-line window.
            Alternatively you can create a shortcut from your TomeNET.exe by
            right-clicking, dragging, releasing it. Edit this shortcut's
            properties and add the server IP to the command-line.)
            For official main server it would look like this:
            TomeNET.exe europe.tomenet.eu
            If the hostname doesn't work for whatever reason you may try the
            IP adress:
            If you get better latency to the APAC region, you can alternatively
            pick the asia-pacific server:
            TomeNET.exe apac.tomenet.eu
            or via its IP address:
PROBLEM 12: The main window doesn't display the floor dots in town and in
            certain dungeons, like the Training Tower and Angband. Further,
            fields are sometimes not redrawn correctly, resulting in fake
Solution:   Seems to happen on MS Windows machines sometimes.
            Workaround (will slightly change the game's look, ie those dots):
            Edit /lib/user/font-win.prf and comment out the lines which end on
            the string '\31' (should be 2 lines at the beginning of the file,
            those labelled 'Floors' and 'Invis Traps').
            'Commenting out' means that you simply put a '#' symbol at the
            beginning of a line.

PROBLEM 13: Every time I connect to the server it will automatically download
            LUA script files. However, they will have a size of 0 Bytes.
Solution:   Possibly write-protection on existing files or the folder.
            Workaround: Make sure you really have the latest LUA files in
            TomeNET's /lib/scpt folder (you can download them from
            https://www.tomenet.eu/ or our personal pages). Then set all LUA
            files in that directory to write-protected. This will prevent
            TomeNET from overwriting them with 0 Byte files.

PROBLEM 14: I seem to be able to login, create a new character or select a
            character, and see the message of the day (login screen).
            But right before the actual game starts I get a broken pipe / no
            packet reply error.
Solution:   This might be caused by a misconfigured router (some D-Link models
            for example). Try to establish an SSH-tunnel from your PC behind
            the router to a machine outside of your LAN for port 18348 (TCP).
            (This might even reduce lag under certain circumstances.)

PROBLEM 15: I get kicked out with an error message after entering an account
            name and password.
Solution:   It's most likely because that account name is already in use by
            someone else so your password was recognized as 'incorrect' since
            it was most likely different from that user's password. Just try a
            different account name.
            Likewise, if that account indeed belongs to you, you have probably
            made a typo while entering your password.

PROBLEM 16: The level completely changed while I was on it.
Solution:   No real solution at this time, sorry. See (0.5) for more
            information about that problem. ('types of crashes')
            IMPORTANT: You should restart the client immediately and recall
            right after you logged back in, to avoid getting killed.

PROBLEM 17: I cannot see monster x although I can 'See Invisible'.
Solution:   Some monsters have no appeareance and cannot be seen at all.

PROBLEM 18: After my character appears in the actual game, I receive an orange
            message saying "Receiving updated file ....", followed by a red
            message saying "No access to lib directory!".
Solution:   The first message means, that one or more magic spells or prayers
            have been changed, and your client tries to automatically update
            its spell scripts to the latest version (LUA scripts in lib/scpt).
            Since this update didn't always work for everyone, and sometimes
            the scripts would be deleted instead of updated due to a bug, all
            spell scripts (LUA files) were set to be write-protected. This
            prevents accidental deletion, but also prevents auto-updating,
            which is indicated by the red error message!
            To solve this, you will have to delete the files within your
            /lib/scpt directory and replace them with the latest versions
            If auto-download fails, download the latest client manually again.

PROBLEM 19: When I try to unpack the latest TomeNET ZIP file, I get strange
            messages telling of 'write-protected', 'read-only' or 'password-
            protected'. Afterwards, the client won't function properly.
Solution:   Make sure that TomeNET is NOT running while you try to install the
            new version. If TomeNET is running, the unpacking will fail to
            overwrite the existing files! Shut down TomeNET, then extract the
            ZIP (overwriting everything), then start TomeNET again.

PROBLEM 20: On GNU/Linux OS, When someone uses the /page command to page me,
            I don't hear the three beeps.
Solution A: You are probably using OSS. If your soundcard or soundchip doesn't
            support mixing of multiple sources, that means only one program at
            a time can output sound. In that case, do the following:
            Make sure all your programs, like media players, instant
            messengers, system setting tools, etc. are set to use 'ALSA' for
            sound, not OSS. Now that all programs use ALSA, make Tomenet use
            ALSA too. You can do that by using an "ALSA wrapper" which takes
            the OSS sound output of any application that doesn't support ALSA
            natively, and wraps it to ALSA. The ALSA wrapper is called 'aoss'.
            After installing 'aoss', just use call it with the OSS application
            as parameter. Example:    $> aoss ./tomenet
            Another example (to start the Opera webbrowser):    $> aoss opera
Solution B: If you are using X11, this problem may occur depending on your
            terminal configuration. You can try to change your configuration,
            or you can press '=' key to go to Audio Options and enable
            'Use audio system for paging sounds'. This will result in paging
            sounds being played via your sound card, instead of the operating
            system's beep (requires TomeNET v4.4.5 or higher).
            (See (2.1a) for more information about the audio system.)

PROBLEM 21: Are 'ToME' and 'TomeNET' similar?
Solution:   Despite similar name, the only thing these two games have in common
            is that they are both middle-earth themed, and some visuals might
            also be similar.
            Other than that, the two games are quite different in most aspects!
            In other words: TomeNET is definitely not 'multi-player ToME'.
            Also, the two games are maintained and developed by completely
            different persons and teams.

PROBLEM 22: My (mixer) settings or window positions aren't saved automatically
            as they should be, when I quit the game.
Solution:   Don't use ALT+F4 or the 'x' button in the title bar of the game
            window to quit the game. It will result in skipping the normal exit
            routine, which asks you to save chat and which also saves certain
            settings. Instead, use CTRL+Q for 'save & quit' (compare (0.2)).
            Alternatively, depending on your window manager causing trouble,
            you can also try devilspie to save window locations. Devilspie can
            also undecorate windows (removes the title bar) which can be useful
            to maximize screen estate.

PROBLEM 23: When I try to login, I get a 'security violation'.
Solution:   Either your host name (that's your PC's network name you can set in
            the Windows network settings) or network user name (usually same
            you use to login with, UNIX-style) is empty, or your TomeNET
            account name starts with an invalid character (must be A..Z).
            Another possibility is that you are already logged in, and are now
            trying to log in again from a different IP address. Resuming a
            connection is possible, but must be done from the same IP address.

PROBLEM 24: I just quit the game, and tried to log in again with another
            character of mine, but I get an error message saying
            "Multiple logins on the same account aren't allowed".
Solution:   When you quit the game while you are still inside a dungeon or a
            tower or on the world surface but not within a town or housing area
            around a town, your character will stay in the game for around
            20..30 more seconds.
            This prevents cheating by just quitting when a dangerous situation
            occurs in gameplay.
            During this time, if you try to login again, you can only use the
            same character that is now sitting out the timeout, thereby
            resuming your gameplay.
            You cannot log in with any other character until the timeout of
            20..30 seconds is over and your old character has finally been
            taken offline by the server.
            In general, you should avoid quitting the game outside of towns,
            since it can put you in danger. Not only because your character
            will stay in the game for a little while after you quit, but also
            because you can't be sure what the situation around you will be
            the next time you log on again!

PROBLEM 25: When trying to macro F-keys, they don't seem to work properly.
            Especially, when hitting F1, a window about MS Windows Help/Support
            pops up instead.
Solution:   When playing on a notebook, check the state of the 'Fn' special
            shift key, and toggle it accordingly.
            You might be able to switch the Fn-key handling in the BIOS of the
            notebook, a typical issue with some notebooks. If your BIOS doesn't
            offer an option to switch the Fn key behaviour you should really
            complain to your notebook manufacturer and try to get a BIOS update
            that enables it.

PROBLEM 26: The connection is surprisingly laggy. (Also see PROBLEM 29!)
Solution:   -If you're on Wifi (WLAN) plug in an ethernet cable instead!
            Wireless LAN connections can be pretty unreliable and cause
            periodic lag from trying to re-scan for available networks.
            Alternatively you can try to configure your WLAN not to do that,
            however, WLAN can still be pretty prone to lag sometimes.
            -Test it on another PC on the same internet connection.
            -Test it on a friend's internet connection or use your mobile phone
             to provide a wifi hot spot and check if the problem persists.
            -Check if it only happens on certain in-game actions you perform.
            -Check if it only happens at a certain time of the day.
            -Make sure you don't have downloads or uploads running in the
            -A user reported that running Valve's 'Steam' gaming platform in
             the background caused very regular major lag spikes for him.

PROBLEM 27: I resized some TomeNET windows by dragging them with the mouse,
            but it seems it doesn't have the desired effect.
Solution:   After having resized windows via mouse, restart the game once
            by exiting with CTRL+Q key.

PROBLEM 28: While I am creating a new character, I got disconnected with a
            "Timeout 04" error message.
Solution:   You have about 40 minutes to complete the character creation
            process. If you exceed this time, you will timeout and get

PROBLEM 29: If I or other players nearby fire a lot of arrows or cast a lot
            of spells, my client lags or freezes somewhat.
            Could also happen when taking staircases or when there are a lot of
            monsters on the screen.
Solution:   Try to reduce or even disable flush-waits, by toggling the client
            options 'thin_down_flush' and if that's not enough also
            'disable_flush'. For details about these, see (2.3).

PROBLEM 30: I accidenally closed one of the sub-windows and now it's gone.
            How do I get it back?
Solution:   Closing a sub-window sets it to 'invisible'. To change that, there
            are two ways:
            1) in game: Press = and then f for the window flags menu, select
            the affected window and press 'v' to toggle its visibility. You
            will need to restart the game for the change to take effect.
            Note that this might fail on Windows 10, in which case you'll need
            to manually edit your TomeNET.ini file, or even delete it.
            2) close TomeNET first, then edit the file 'TomeNET.ini' which is
            located in your TomeNET folder with any text editor, locate the
            particular window, and you'll see a line saying "Visibility=0".
            Change the 0 to 1. Have a look at the X and Y coordinate of the
            same window too and make sure they aren't negative. If they are,
            just set them to 0. Save the ini file when you are done and start
            TomeNET again.

PROBLEM 31: Changes I do to my macros seem to not get saved or macros I deleted
            seem to still be there or client options I configured seem to reset
            to their previous values although I saved the macros/options to
            their respective .prf file.
Solution:   Macros or client options can be saved to various .prf files which
            might _all_ get loaded automatically and partially override each
            other. So check _all_ (except for font*.prf and graphics*.prf
            usually) .prf files in your lib/user folder and/or move or delete
            them to make sure they don't get loaded if you don't intend them
            For example the file 'user.prf' usually carries your client options
            and overrides the default file 'options.prf'. However, if there's a
            file 'user-x11.prf' (system-specific for Linux X11 - on Windows
            systems it'd be 'user-win.prf' accordingly) that one in turn will
            override settings in user.prf.
            An example regarding macro files: Let's say your character's name
            is 'Gandalf' and you saved your macros to 'Gandalf.prf' faithfully.
            However, since Gandalf is a human warrior, the client will also
            automatically load the files called 'Human.prf' and 'Warrior.prf'
            if those exist and also try to load a .prf file named like your
            account name.
            For details please see "Loading macros automatically" in (3.6).

PROBLEM 32: After logging on, the file 'audio.lua' was updated automatically.
            Now the wrong sound effects seem to be played for game events.
Solution:   Just log out and back in, and your sound should be fine again.
            This typically happens if 'audio.lua' was updated.
            On a side note: Also check if maybe the sound pack was updated too,
            so you can redownload it and not miss out on newly added sound
            effects. Usually an update to file 'audio.lua' means that the sound
            pack has also been updated indeed.

PROBLEM 33: When trying to extract a music or sound pack to my xtra folder in
            order to install it, I get an error message or it doesn't seem to
            work correctly.
Solution:   See (2.1a) for details on how to install audio packs. Also note
            that some people have reported that the program 'WinRAR' seems to
            cause problems in some cases, giving them "file corrupted" errors.
            A powerful free and open source program that is guaranteed to work
            is '7zip' (a sourceforge project at the time of writing)
            downloadable at:  https://www.7-zip.org/

PROBLEM 34: (Deprecated)

PROBLEM 35: On certain terminal emulators, TomeNET when run in ncurses-mode
            ('-c' command-line option or just a GCU-only client) will display
            wrong colours. This used to happen on Xfce4's 'Terminal' up till
            TomeNET version 4.5.0 (but didn't happen on xterm).
Solution:   Since TomeNET 4.5.0a a hack has been added to work with Xfce4's
            'Terminal' terminal emulator.
            On other terminals where colours aren't correct, try exporting
            the TERM environment variable with the value "xterm16-color".
            For example run tomenet with this command (assumed you're inside
            the same folder as the executable binary 'tomenet'):
              TERM=xterm-16color ./tomenet -c
            Or export it first:
              export TERM=xterm-16color
              ./tomenet -c
            You can also try xterm-256color instead of xterm-16color.

PROBLEM 36: When running the client in terminal-mode, messages like
            "ALSA lib pcm.c...:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred"
            pop up, but the sound/music actually works ok.
            How to get rid of the messages?
Solution:   Either tweak your sound settings (buffer size etc.) so ALSA doesn't
            get underruns anymore, or, if the audio actually sounds ok, you can
            suppress the messages by starting TomeNET with '-e' option, for
              ./tomenet -c -e
            This will redirect all messages which usually are sent to stderr
            to a log file "tomenet.log" instead, which will be created in your
            TomeNET folder.
            Alternatively, you can just redirect all error out put to /dev/null
            to completely discard it:
              ./tomenet -c 2>/dev/null

PROBLEM 37: Can I made the game windows larger?
Solution:   You can resize windows that hold messages (chat and/or game
            messages) simply by dragging the lower edge down/upwards with your
            mouse. This also works for the main window, but this one will not
            remember its new size unless you also save your client options
            after you resized it (press '=' and then 's' to save those).
            Alternatively, you can edit the TomeNET.ini file (on Windows) or
            the .tomenetrc file (on Linux or OS X) and change the amount of
            lines for each window manually.
            Other than that, you can also increase the font size (that is the
            text size) in TomeNET: Either press '=' key and then cycle through
            pre-defined font sizes by tapping 'f' key, or again you can edit
            the TomeNET.ini file (Windows) or .tomenetrc file (Linux/OS X) to
            set fonts manually for each game window.
            Well, and you could change your actual screen resolution of course.

PROBLEM 38: When I join the server I get spammed with violet LUA error messages
            and also it will say in orange/dark-green that my LUA files are
            getting updated.
Solution:   This happens when your LUA files are quite outdated.
            Just wait until the lua update has completed, you see that it has
            when you get a light green message saying "Reinitializing Lua".
            When that happened, quit and rejoin the server, the LUA errors
            should no longer happen now.

PROBLEM 39: I want to edit my TomeNET.ini file to enter name and password, so I
            don't have to type it in everytime I log on. But I don't see this
            file in my 'TomeNET' folder.
Solution:   Windows by default hides the extension of most files, this means
            that the ".ini" part is invisible.
            Three ways around this:
            1) In file explorer, go to 'folder options' (usually in the Extras
               menu) and turn off hiding known file extensions.
            2) Right-click on a small (3kB) plain-looking file named 'TomeNET'
               in your TomeNET folder, and choose 'edit' (pick notepad.exe for
               editing, if asked). This file is most likely TomeNET.ini with
               its extension being hidden.
            3) Open an editor (for example notepad) and go to menu File->Open
               and browse to your TomeNET folder, and then type in
               'tomenet.ini' to have notepad open it.

PROBLEM 40: I run the Windows client on Wine, and when I resize the main window
            it doesn't resize properly or its contents aren't resized properly.
Solution:   You need at least Wine 1.5.20 for this to work properly.
            (That Wine got a bugfix for correctly dispatching WM_EXITSIZEMOVE).

PROBLEM 41: I see black floor tiles that seem buggy. They can't be lit or they
            'smear' if other things pass over them.
Solution:   In a file explorer, navigate into the folder 'TomeNET/lib/user'
            and delete the file 'font-win.prf' in there.

PROBLEM 42: Keyboard input on KDE/Linux is strangely laggy.
Solution:   This is a weird one, but what has worked is to use smaller text
            fonts (at most 9X14).

PROBLEM 43: Aww, the ego power "Holy Avenger" that I'm so fond of does not
            exist in TomeNET anymore.
Solution:   It does. It has just been renamed to "Aman", it does the same (and
            a little bit more even) as (Holy Avenger) items in other variants.

PROBLEM 44: When trying to connect to the meta server I get an error message:
            "No setup info received" and the game terminates.
Solution:   This can happen on really bad/slow internet connections such as via
            mobile modems operating on arbitrarily (by the ISP) reduced
            bandwidth. There is no solution really, except retrying a few times
            until your connection attempt eventually "gets through". Make sure
            that no downloads or other bandwidth-using applications are running
            in parallel to increase your chances of successfully establishing a

PROBLEM 45: The dark blue colour is too dark on my screen to be readable.
Solution:   Edit your config file (TomeNET.ini on Windows, .tomenetrc on Linux
            and OS X) and find the line 'lighterDarkBlue'. In TomeNET.ini set
            it to 1 instead of 0, in .tomenetrc uncomment the line by removing
            the leading '#' symbol. Restart your game client.

PROBLEM 46: Sound sound effects, mostly the page sound (when someone pages you
            with the /page command) sounds oddly distorted.
Solution:   Make sure that you don't have all four volume sliders at maximum:
            Just lower the master slider by 1 or 2 steps.

PROBLEM 47: Testing your character's damage-per-second (dps) on the target
            dummies in Bree with melee weapons or ranged weapons (slings, bows
            or crossbows) has weird effects: You don't get more damage from
            increasing your number of attacks per round, even though all other
            stats (speed, critical hits) are exactly the same.
            Or you actually seem to get a sharp increase in damage by bumping
            into the target dummy instead of using the melee auto-retaliator.
Solution:   You are experiencing game engine limits regarding the world surface
            (including all towns, like Bree). See (9.7) for details.

PROBLEM 48: The TomeNET-Updater for Windows gives a message about captcha when
            I try to update sound pack or music pack.
Solution:   Unfortunately the updater cannot defeat captchas of one-click
            hosters from where the audio packs are downloaded.
            This means that you just have to retry after some time has passed,
            for example an hour, and hope that you won't get a captcha request
            (In general, captcha requests tend to pop up when the file is very
            frequently accessed.)

PROBLEM 49: On Linux/X11 I get 100% cpu usage unless I disable audio (with the
            '-q' command-line option). This usually happens with more special
            audio hardware.
Solution:   Change the audio sample rate in '.tomenetrc' config file to match
            your audio hardware's native sample rate. Most on-board sound chips
            use 48000 aka 48kHz, but if you encounter this problem you probably
            use a more sophisticated system that might run at higher rates such
            as 96000 aka 96kHz.

PROBLEM 50: On Linux/X11 I get 100% cpu usage when switching workspace away
            from TomeNET when I have 'recall_flicker' option enabled.
            (The system on which this happened had AMD graphics drivers, but
            that might not be relevant.)
Solution:   This is suspected to be a problem with 'Awesome' window manager.
            However, if you use Gnome, starting Awesome through
              gnome-session --session=awesome
            has been reported to solve the problem.

PROBLEM 51: I get an antivirus warning when I try to run the installer version
            of TomeNET (the self-installing '.exe' file) or in general for the
            'install_tomenet' executable/process.
            Installation also fails or fails partially.
Solution:   Avast and Trendmicro antivirus are known for causing trouble with
            the Nullsoft NSIS installer system that TomeNET utilises.
            Disable the antivirus program before you install TomeNET.
            Also, some scanners like virustotal.com will detect 'killproc'
            heuristics in the install_tomenet.exe helper process - which makes
            sense since this installer indeed will attempt to kill any running
            TomeNET process before it updates, this is the intended behaviour.

PROBLEM 52: On Windows 10 (maybe 8 too), the self-installer freezes on startup.
Solution:   Why are you STILL using Windows.. Ok well, you can try to just sit
            it out, some people have reported that the NSIS installer is known
            to freeze for about 15 minutes on Windows 10. Maybe it will just
            continue if you wait for a while.

PROBLEM 53: Windows OS: Using the 'Alt' modifier key in macros doesn't work.
Solution:   None. Install Linux in addition to Windows (dual-boot).

PROBLEM 54: I cannot select a server from the meta server list, it seems my key
            presses get ignored.
Solution:   If you are using a non-english keyboard layout with asian or
            cyrillic letters, switch it to english layout.

PROBLEM 55: Editing config files of all kinds (ini/prf/opt/ins..) doesn't seem
            to have any effect.
Solution:   If you're on Windows and using a game version greater than 4.6.1a,
            TomeNET will make copies of your 'scpt' and 'user' folders and work
            with those instead of the original ones (which are probably in your
            Program Files folder). The working copies are located at folder:
            The drive letter and path could vary depending on your Windows
            installation, but this is the normal location in almost all cases.
            (The reason the game does this is that Windows starting at version
            7 will severly limit access to the Program Files folder.)

PROBLEM 56: On a fresh TomeNET installation on Linux, the game will fail to
            start, giving a font-not-found error (usually about font '9x15'),
            like this: "Font not found: 9x15".
Solution:   TomeNET uses basic Linux system fonts (and allows you to switch to
            fonts of your own choice instead, if you want to). Some Linux
            distributions do not have these installed by default though, for
            example Antergos.
            Install the necessary fonts packages on your system, using the
            system's package manager. It should usually be 'xorg-fonts-misc' or
            'linux-fonts-misc' or 'xorg-x11-fonts-misc'.
            On some distros (Archlinux too probably) you might have to install
            the 'xorg-mkfontscale' package.
            After installation, reboot your system to ensure they work.
            If there is still a problem, you could try installing
            xorg-fonts-type1 or awesome-terminal-fonts too. Maybe it helps.

PROBLEM 57: On older Linux systems that do not use pulseaudio, audio (sound/
            music) is not working at all. (First see PROBLEM 20 please.)
Solution:   Tell SDL explicitely to use ALSA. However, SDL is known for
            producing quite some CPU overhead when enabling this, for no good
            reason, so it is strongly recommended to install pulseaudio instead
            (if there is a problem with TomeNET not using pulseaudio, see below
            PROBLEM 58 that fixes this).
            To tell SDL to emulate ALSA, do export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa.
            For example create a small script to start Tomenet, 'tomenet-alsa':
              export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa
              ./tomenet $@

PROBLEM 58: On Linux, audio (sound/music) is not working in the way that the
            client on starting up will report in the console:
            "ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1089:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave"
            and also a "Warning" in-game:
            "Couldn't open mixer: No available audio device".
Solution:   Tell SDL to use Pulseaudio instead of ALSA, as your system is most
            likely reserving the ALSA device exclusively for the Pulseaudio
            service. To do so, export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse. For example create
            a small script to start Tomenet, 'tomenet-pulse':
              export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse
              ./tomenet $@

PROBLEM 59: On OS X when I run TomeNET.command file, nothing happens, or when
            I run it from within a terminal, TomeNET only starts in non-window
            mode, ie terminal mode.
Solution:   TomeNET requires X11 to run in windowed mode. To provide X11 on
            OS X, install 'XQuartz' and run the 'TomeNET.command' file from
            within it.

PROBLEM 60: Editing the Colormap_0 entry (TomeNET.ini) or colormap_0 entry
            (.tomenetrc) doesn't do anything, no matter which colour I choose.
Solution:   Indeed the entry #0 cannot be changed and is always black ie
            #000000. All other entries are freely modifiable though.

PROBLEM 61: I changed a key in the macro menu and now it doesn't work anymore.
Solution:   To restore a key's default behaviour, press % to enter the macro
            menu and choose 'd' to delete a macro from a key, then press the
            key in question.

PROBLEM 62: I sometimes lose the ability to run for no apparent reason.
Solution:   Make sure you don't trigger your NumLock key. For running, numlock
            should be turned off all the time.

PROBLEM 63: My audio (sound/music) should be working fine, but I don't hear
Solution:   Aside from checking all other audio-related problems in this
            section, make sure the reason isn't simply that you have disabled
            the 'Master' or 'Sound' or 'Music' switch in the audio mixer:
            Press CTRL+U for the mixer (CTRL+F on rogue-like keymap) and check
            that the 'Master' button and any other relevant audio button has
            a green 'X' symbol between the white brackets: [X] , indicating
            that it is enabled. If not, enable all four buttons and see if it
            works now.
            This might have happened because you accidentally hit one of the
            shortcut keys listed under the four buttons, that can toggle the
            mixer settings from anywhere in the game, outside the mixer UI.

PROBLEM 64: Some modified keys seem to collide with other keys, for example
            When I press CTRL+m it seems to be same as pressing the ENTER key.
Solution:   There is currently no 'native' fix for this. A workaround is to use
            an external tool such as AutoHotKey and (in above example) have it
            map CTRL+m to something else (eg:  ^m::+{1}  to map CTRL+m to '!').

PROBLEM 65: A recent Windows 10 update from end of 2020 or beginning 2021 seems
            to have broken running TomeNET (as well as some other programs) as
            normal user for some users.
            The client will just terminate on startup and throw this error:
            "Font file corrupted"
Solution:   A workaround is to run TomeNET as privileged user or as super user

PROBLEM 66: Tokariew found out about a linking problem when cross-compiling
            TomeNET on Fedora 33 with mingw-gcc10.
Solution:   Using the linker flag  -fstack-protector  resolved this.

PROBLEM 67: I want to macro CTRL+Z but it automatically changes into "\W".
Solution:   In the macro wizard, press 'a' to enter the action, and instead of
            just   ^z   prefix it with a '\' like this:   \^z
            The '\' will prevent auto-changing of the ^z to \W.
            Next you can press 'h' to create a hybrid macro (or whatever you
            see fit) and press the key you want to bind it to.

PROBLEM 68: I'm using the '/?' command to search for something in the guide
            that should definitely be there, but instead I get the message
            "Search term '<what I searched for>' not found."
Solution:   If you really specified a supposedly valid search topic, check your
            spelling and make sure you have updated your Guide to the latest
            release. You can do that with the TomeNET-Updater or just download
            it manually and overwrite the existing 'TomeNET-Guide.txt' file in
            your TomeNET folder with it.
            If it is not a real 'topic', instead invoke the guide (press ~g or
            double-tap '?' key to do that) and then press 's' for a normal text
            search instead of a topic/chapter search.
            This will find any occurance of your search string in the guide.

PROBLEM 69: When trying to login with a character I get an error
            "Bad socket filedescriptor" and the client terminates.
PROBLEM 70: When trying to select a server the client crashes with a segfault
            (a segmentation fault, core dumped).
Solution:   Probably your client failed to pre-load the TomeNET Guide.
 (69+70)    This happens if your client version is too old and the guide has
            meanwhile become too big for it.
            You can either update your client to the latest version, which
            should be capable again to pre-buffer it correctly (the proper and
            recommended way), or you could -as a temporary workaround- just
            delete the TomeNET-Guide.txt file in your TomeNET folder (which is
            not the recommended way of course).

PROBLEM 71: When playing the game via terminal or over SSH a lot of characters
            are rendered wrong, eg appearing as "^B" two-symbol combination
            even, making the display mostly unreadable.
Solution:   Turn off 'font_map_solid_walls' in options page 1 (press = 1).
PROBLEM 72: When using a custom font that remaps characters, some or most of
            the tiles, monsters or other visuals seem to not map correctly but
            are displayed as if it was a default font instead.
Solution:   Turn off 'font_map_solid_walls' in options page 1 (press = 1).
PROBLEM 73: When you start TomeNET in a terminal, you get an error message:
            "TomeNET needs an 80x24 'curses' screen
             Unable to initialize a display module!"
Solution:   Even though you might not be running the client in command-line
            mode, it still requires a terminal size of at least 80x24 on start
            up. Enlarge the terminal window so that it is at least 80 colums
            wide and 24 rows high.
(9.7) Game engine limits