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» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (2.2) Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (8) Tactics & strategy
» (9) Miscellanous

(2.1d) "Promoting" TomeNET on Steam ;)
(2.3) Client options
(2.2) Starting TomeNET and getting to play on an internet server                
If you used the installer you will have a TomeNET icon on your desktop to
start the game (and another icon for the TomeNET Updater).

If you used the ZIP file, you can run TomeNET from the unzipped folder by
either double-clicking 'TomeNET.exe' or (this is a safe-fail in case your
internet provider ever has DNS problems and you cannot connect to the server)
by double-clicking 'TomeNET-direct.bat' to directly connect to official main
server's IP address.

On OSX you run the 'TomeNET.command' file, on Linux the 'tomenet' binary.

(Side note: The official main server's hostname is "europe.tomenet.eu" and its
IP address is The official asia-pacific server's hostname is
"apac.tomenet.eu" and its IP address is

You should now see a list of available TomeNET servers (except if you used
TomeNET-direct.bat, which will always connect you directly to the first main
server) starting with the official main server under 'a)'.
(This list of servers is called the 'meta-server'.)
Pick the first official server by pressing the 'a' key (or instead choose the
APAC region server if your latency is better for that region).
On some Windows configurations in the past the window would stay empty. If
this happens or if other problems occur, see (9.8) for possible solutions.

Now you are prompted to enter your account information: Name and password.
Since you are a new player, you don't have these yet. There is no separate
'registration' process, just type in a name and a password of your choice!
Make sure you remember your password and enter it carefully so you don't
make a typo. The TomeNET client will, however, automatically store these
crecedentials so next time you log in you can just hit ENTER key to confirm
the saved name and password which will be automatically filled in for you.

In most cases newly created accounts have to be "validated" by a server
administrator to enable you to use the whole functionality of TomeNET. For
example it is common not to allow unvalidated players to drop items or money
to the ground. This is done to prevent certain cases of abuse.
If you accidentally chose an account name or character name which was already
taken by another player, you will see a message telling you to try a different

Now that you have logged in you are presented with the account overview screen.
It's just the list of all your existing characters. Since you don't have any
yet, it's empty. Press 'N' (shift+n) to create a new character which will
represent you in the virtual world of Middle Earth and then enter a name for
your character. You may use the same name as your account name, if you like.

Players logged on to the game are identified by 3 names:
-Nickname (character's name)
-Realname (account name)
-Hostname (The hostname of the connecting computer)
The hostname is not really important. However, make sure that all of these 3
names may only consist of letters, numbers, spaces, and all other characters
with an ASCII code between 32 (SPACE) and 122 ('z').
The realname and hostname must not be empty. The nickname (character name)
needs to start with a letter ('A'..'Z' or 'a'..'z').

Newly created accounts are marked as 'not yet validated' and have certain
limitations, which are:
Cannot drop items or chat privately with other players, or advance beyond a
certain level.
You will need an admin to 'validate' your account.
Usually, all you have to do is to keep playing/stay online for a bit until an
admin logs in, notices that you are new, and validates your account.
If that doesn't seem to happen, just ask in chat (press : key to chat) or ask
an admin directly, when you see one chatting (Admin's names are displayed in
dark blue in the chat).
If the server's intro screen mentions an email address you could also send an
email there if you still haven't been validated.

You may continue reading at (3.1), which explains details of the character
creation progress.
(2.1d) "Promoting" TomeNET on Steam ;)
(2.3) Client options