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» (2) Installation & setup
» (2.4) Installing voice chat
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
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» (6) Monster details
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(2.3a) Client options configuration files
(2.5) Fonts
(2.4) Installing voice chat                                                     
While chatting in TomeNET is usually fine to communicate with other players and
party members in particular, using a real voice chat via headset (headphones +
microphone) can be much more effective, easier and more fun.

You can use the official TomeNET Discord server, but if you don't like Discord,
there is actually an official TomeNET 'Mumble' server too, Mumble being the
name of the voice chat software. (The server part is actually called Murmur,
Mumble is the name of the client part and the project name in general.)

Mumble provides excellent voice quality at low bandwith usage, and is a free
open source program, hence it is free of charge (both server and client).
It also allows sending text messages in case you don't have a microphone, those
can be automatically converted to speech, which is then read to the receipient.
(This feature can be turned off in the menu 'Configure' -> 'Text-To-Speech'.)
And same as Ventrilo or Teamspeak, Mumble allows for custom channel structures.
Mumble is available for all major platforms, ie Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Instructions to join the TomeNET Mumble server for voice chatting:
-Plug in a headset.
-Download the Mumble client from https://mumble.sourceforge.net and install it.
 NOTE: If you are looking for the Linux version, it should be in your package
 repository. No need to visit the sourceforge project website in this case.
-Go through the audio configuration (Audio Wizard) and possibly set up a key to
 push when you want your voice to be transmitted (or just select voice-
 activation, which will automatically transmit your voice when you speak).
-Go to menu 'Server' -> 'Connect' -> 'Add New..'
 and enter this server information to add the official TomeNET Mumble server:
 Label:     Choose any name you like, eg "TomeNET Voice Chat".
 Adress:    europe.tomenet.eu
 Port:      23348
 Username:  Choose any name you like, it's your nickname on the Mumble server.
 Click 'Ok', select the newly added server in the list and click 'Connect'.

That's it. To change to a certain chat channel, simply double-click it.
You can only hear people in the same chat channel (or in a parent channel).

Troubleshooting Mumble:
PROBLEM M1: You could connect fine, but after reinstalling Mumble you cannot
            connect anymore.
Solution:   Go to "Settings" -> "Certificate Wizard", create a new certificate.

PROBLEM M2: You get a message "the remote host closed the connection".
Solution:   Can be caused by some firewalls interacting with mumble's quality
            of service optimizations. You can disable QOS in mumble:
             -click "Configure" -> "Settings".
             -look down to the bottom left corner and activate "Advanced".
             -click on "Network" on the left side panel.
             -deactivate/uncheck "Use Quality of Service".
            OS X:
             -in the top menu bar click "Mumble" -> "Preferences".
             -look up to the top right corner and activate "Advanced".
             -click on "Network" tab.
             -deactivate/uncheck "Use Quality of Service".
(2.3a) Client options configuration files
(2.5) Fonts