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» (9.3) Golem creation

(9.2a) High Score
(9.4) Artifact creation
(9.3) Golem creation                                                            
Players can create golems, mindless animated humanoids that will fight for
them. As long as the golem is not in their way of moving, monsters won't
attack golems, but instead the controlling player.

Although golems can kill monsters, you don't get credit for it and they are
more of a fun feature than a serious enhancement to your character, so don't
be too hell-bent on creating a golem or you will be disappointed.

To create a golem, you will need these parts - note that except for the scroll
of Golem Creation, which belongs into the 'magic' treasure class, all other
golem items, including the command scrolls, belong the 'junk' treasure class:
(For more information about treasure classes see (6.3).)

  -A 'scroll of Golem Creation'
  -A massive piece of a specific material
  -Arms, up to 4. (Arms are optional, but without arms it cannot attack!)
  -Legs, must be exactly 2.
  -Command scrolls (see below). If a command scroll is not in your inventory
   when you create the golem, it will not understand that command later on even
   if you acquire that type of scroll afterwards! So make sure you carry all 3
   command scrolls before creating it.
   (Command scrolls are not consumed upon golem creation.)
  -Optionally, further items can be provided to add extra properties to the
   golem, see a bit further down in this paragraph about '@G' inscription.

After the golem has been created it will start out passively, not following any
particular command. It will just sit there doing nothing. To actually control
it and make it do something you will need 3 command scrolls. These aren't read
but activated, meaning you don't use 'r' key but 'Shift+a' to toggle them.
On activation they toggle the golem's behaviour. They are infinitely reusable.
If you toggle a scroll a second time, the golem will return to sitting around
idly, doing nothing.
The scrolls are:

-A 'Golem Scroll of Attack'
 When activated, the golem will move towards your current target (provided it
 is actually hostile) to attack it.
-A 'Golem Scroll of Guard'
 When activated, the golem will automatically attack any hostile creature
 that moves up next to it.
-A 'Golem Scroll of Following'
 When activated, the golem will follow you around as long as it has nothing
 else to do (no guard/attack command being executed), see below:

These three command stack. For example you can activate both 'attack' and
'following' command, in which case the golem will follow you around, but as
soon as you target any hostile creature it will go to attack it!

If you have gathered all these items in your inventory, read the scroll of
golem creation!

Each arm will inflict (x)d(arm value) damage on a target.
The arm value is displayed in brackets, part of the item name.
The 'x' are listed in the materials table below.
Example: A 'Golem Arm (+8)' of an 'Iron Golem' will do 6d8 damage which means
that each hit will inflict between 6 and 48 damage (27 on average).
Each leg will increase the golem's speed by the number displayed on the leg.

The material determines armour class, hit points and the damage dice count of
the golem. Materials are:
    Wood             20 AC,  10d10 hit dice,  2 damage dice.
    Copper           40 AC,  10d20 hit dice,  4 damage dice.
    Iron             70 AC,  10d40 hit dice,  6 damage dice.
    Aluminium        90 AC,  10d60 hit dice,  8 damage dice.
    Silver          100 AC,  10d70 hit dice, 10 damage dice.
    Gold            130 AC,  10d80 hit dice, 12 damage dice.
    Mithril         160 AC, 10d100 hit dice, 14 damage dice.
    Adamantite      210 AC, 10d150 hit dice, 16 damage dice.
Some rumours say that the highest materials can only be found on even deeper
dungeons than where Morgoth, Lord of Darkness resides.

If the creator inscribes items in his inventory with '@G' and then creates a
golem, those items will be transferred to the golem (careful, they cannot be
retrieved!) and fuse with it, bestowing it with their abilities.
The following rules are applied:
-An item 'of life (+x)' increases the hit dice number by x, by up to +3 in
 total (so the golem gets 13dXXX hit points).
-An item that improves the player's tunneling ability bestows the KILL_WALL
 ability upon the golem.
-An item that gives fire or acid resistance will make the golem immune(!) to
 fire or acid.
-An item that gives nether or nexus or disenchantment resistance will give
 the according resistance to the golem.
-Appropriate runes can be used for the resistances/immunities listed above,
 which may be cheaper than using items.
All other items/abilities have no effect.

Golems can't be detected by ESP, they regenerate quickly, they are powerful
and can push past weaker monsters, they can bash doors. They can dig through
rock, they are immune to cold, electricity and poison, they don't know fear
and can neither be confused nor paralyzed. They are immune to teleportation
attacks. Golems have always the maximum possible hit dice. Further, golems
count as '100 %clones', hence giving no experience, items or form credit (for
mimicry users) if someone kills them.
Golems always attack by hitting with their arms for raw physical damage.
A golem has the same level as its owner had at the time of creation.
Golem owners don't get experience for monsters killed by the golem.

*If the scroll of attack is toggled, the golem will attack its master's current
*If the scroll of guard is toggled, the golem will start attacking monsters
 nearby. If there aren't any, it just waits.
*If the scroll of following is toggled, the golem will just follow its master.
 If a scroll is activated although the according state is already active, the
 golem will stop doing that.

Last but not least, the golem is..
-following you on staircases up/downwards.
-transported with you by word of recall.
-not transported by normal teleportation.
-saved if you exit the game.
-the golem will never attack other players unless you set them to hostile via
 the party menu ('P'). If they are hostile, the same rules as for monsters
 apply (see the description of the 3 command scrolls above).
-never attacked in melee by other players except if hostile.
 Spells cast by other players will always hurt it though.
(9.2a) High Score
(9.4) Artifact creation