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» (9.6a) Special server type 'Arcade Server'

(9.6) Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'
(9.7) Game engine limits
(9.6a) Special server type 'Arcade Server'                                      
*** Under very sporadic development -
    features might be incomplete/not working.
    To check the sourc code, look for ARCADE_SERVER definitions.
    The arcade server might not be running at all times but
    you could ask for it to be started when an admin is online. ***

Like 'Ironman Server' mentioned in the paragraph above, 'Arcade Server' is an
alternate ruleset, which is however *very* different from normal gameplay:

The Arcade Server was originally created and developed by Moltor. Later on
Kurzel also joined the project. It has nothing to do with normal dungeon
dwelling but instead features some hot action games that (ab)use the TomeNET
'engine' for excellent entertainment. :)

Note: After logging in you may press '?' key for a help screen.
      The descriptions below are partially taken from that help file.

 If you log on to an Arcade Server, your client will automatically attempt to
 load the required macro file to play, which is
  - 'arcade-win.prf' on Windows OS
  - 'arcade-x11.prf' on X11 (Linux/OS X)

 If your client is older than 4.5.3 you probably don't have these macros.
 In that case you can download them at the bottom of the downloads page on
 www.tomenet.eu and extract them to folder TomeNET/lib/user.
 But of course you should actually just update your whole client instead.

On the Arcade server, you can play..

Smash TV was a kickass arcade game from 1990, similar to Robotron. The player
is attacked from all sides by mostly-unarmed goons. The arcade version uses two
joysticks to allow you to run and fire in different directions. Unfortunately
tomenet doesn't support joystick input. Here you must use special macros to
shoot. For details press '?' in the game.

The Smash'em macros provide the following controls:

    F1              display help
    F2              starts the game.
    F3              starts the game at level 4, skipping the early
                    levels if you feel that those are too easy.
    F4              quit the game.

    q,w,e           makes your character auto-fire in the according
    a, ,d            direction (y key works same as z key).

    s               stops firing/bandages.

    ,               same as '<' key (ie go up one level).

    numpad          movement.

    SHIFT+F12       switch macro set to other games (cyclic, keep tapping).

Like in the movie "Tron", a light cycle racing game where you leave a trail of
energy behind you forming a wall in which you and other competitors can crash
which results in their elimination.
Power-ups will randomly spawn and increase the trail length.
Up to four players can participate at once. For details press '?' in the game.

The Tron macros provide the following controls:

    F1              display help
    F2              enter arena.
    F3              start game.
    F4              quit the game.

    F5              walls.
    F6              gates.
    F7              midgate.
    F8              rings.
    F9              moveups(+float).
    F10             centerups.
    F11             dark.
    F1              snakes.

    SHIFT+F1        options
    SHIFT+F2        maxwins (reach tail size to win).
    SHIFT+F3        race.
    SHIFT+F4        ai opponents, filling in for players.

    SHIFT+F5        reduce game speed.
    SHIFT+F6        increase game speed.
    SHIFT+F7        reduce snake max length.
    SHIFT+F8        increase snake max length.
    SHIFT+F9        less walls.
    SHIFT+F10       more walls.

    Arrow keys or   movement.
    numpad 2,4,6,8

    SHIFT+F11       reset tron.
    SHIFT+F12       switch macro set to other games (cyclic, keep tapping).

Hit F3 as soon as at least two players have joined the areana via F2 key to
start the actual match.

To toggle an option, type "option" or "option on"/"option off" in chat.
Speed can be changed via "moar speed"/"less speed",
length can be changed via "moar length"/"less length",
walls can be changed via "moar walls"/"less walls".

Food Fight
<to come>

Boat Arena
<to come>
(9.6) Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'
(9.7) Game engine limits