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» (9.5) Reward item creation

(9.4) Artifact creation
(9.6) Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'
(9.5) Reward item creation                                                      
PvP mode characters may obtain item rewards by killing a lot of opponents
(see (7.13) for details on PvP mode), and events such as Highlander Tournament
and Dungeon Keeper will give parchments to the winners that can be turned in at
the mayor's office for reward items.

Reward items are different from all other items (those obtained from
extermination orders, monsters, chests, acquirement scrolls or even
artifact creation scrolls) in the way that they are specifically tailored
to fit your character relatively well.
There is still some randomness playing a part in it though, so the outcome will
always vary and not necessarily be exactly what you wished for.

Since the resulting item will be affected by your character and skill chart,
what you must actively do BEFORE turning in a deed for a reward item is:

- Spend skill points! Never get a reward item without having spent any skill
  points. Make sure that you have at least 3.000 in your vital skill(s) so the
  reward-creating algorithm notices it.
  If you have increased your 'Magic' skill even just a little bit (note that
  increasing Mimicry will also increase Magic skill slightly!) you will have a
  chance to receive caster items (eg some hat of intelligence).
  Especially important: Magic skills, weapon skills, Martial Arts skill. These
  determine weapon (or mage staff) reward probabilities and armour weight if
  you happen to get an armour piece. Magic classes also have a somewhat higher
  chance to get a crown instead of helmet/cap.
  Note: Critical-strike skill will aim at sword-type weapons, same as if you
  skilled Sword-mastery skill.
  If you train multiple melee-weapon or ranged-weapon skills, one will get
  picked randomly. (You usually shouldn'd do this as it wastes skill points.)
  If you have Sword-mastery and Anti-magic skill, you will get a Dark Sword in
  case you receive a (sword-type) weapon as reward.
- Wear roughly the appropriate type of armour (ie light vs heavy) and..
- Wield the type of weapon (dual, 1-handed or 2-handed) that you prefer.
  This might affect three factors randomly: An actual weapon reward, whether or
  not you might gain a shield for reward, whether you might get light or heavy
  armour for reward. Keep in mind that there is still a random factor in what
  item you will actually get, so for example there is no guarantee to receive a
  weapon, it could still randomly turn out as a piece of armour instead.
  If you wield a sword or blunt weapon, you have a decent chance to receive a
  shield instead of a weapon for reward. Somewhat less chance when you wield an
  axe and the least chance to receive a shield if you wield a polearm wepaon.
  If you receive a weapon (and don't have Anti-magic skill) it will be a 2-h
  weapon if you are currently wielding a 2-h weapon.
  Note that you will not receive a shield if you're dual-wielding or if your
  class is rogue.
  Regarding weapon weight, note that a weapon reward will usually not give you
  less attacks per round than the weapon you are already wielding (if any). If
  you don't wield one, it aims for 3 attacks per round as default.
  An exception are dark swords, which will always replace a rolled sword-type
  reward if you have any points in Anti-magic skill even if it lowers your BpR.
- Runemasters who receive a piece of armour will usually (as long as it's
  reasonably possible regarding ego-power type and value) get one that provides
  resistance to one of the elements they can conjure up with their runecraft
  skills. For this special feature any skill greater than zero in a particular
  rune element is sufficient, instead of the usual 3.000 threshold.
- Resistances your character already possesses are potentially avoided on the
  item, so it won't end up too redundant with Draconian lineage etc.
- Druids will never receive a mage staff even if they haven't trained their
  Martial Arts skill above the starting value yet.

It does not matter if a skill is trained further above 3.000 or what your
character level is. Skills are used to 'unlock' item classes such as
'mage staff' or 'specific melee weapon' but for example you won't have a higher
chance to get a sword if you increase Sword-mastery to 5.000 than if you only
had it at the minimum threshold value of 3.000.

If you qualify for multiple reward classes, which are 'specific melee weapon',
'specific ranged weapon', 'mage staff', 'trap', the following priorities apply:
-A melee weapon chance will nullify a mage staff chance.
-A melee weapon vs ranged weapon will have about equal chance to get picked.
-A mage staff will have somewhat better chances vs a ranged weapon.
-Traps have about 75% chance to override any other reward class.
-Aside from the reward class picked, there is still about a 50% chance to
 receive an armour piece instead (even true for trap class).
-Shields don't count as 'armour' but are a sub-choice that has a certain chance
 (depending on weapon class) to randomly replace a 'weapon' reward.

Aside from these, randomness is always a factor so the result may vary.
The final quality of the item is therefore pretty random, except that certain
bad or very cheap item types or unfitting ego powers (depending on your
character) are banned.
(9.4) Artifact creation
(9.6) Alternative ruleset 'Ironman Server'