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» (0) Quickstart
» (0.5) Some hints and warnings (READ!)
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (8) Tactics & strategy
» (9) Miscellanous

(0.4) Typical slang/abbreviations
(1) Introduction
(0.5) Some hints and warnings (READ!)                                           
-To report a bug use the /bug command in the game. It allows you to type a line
 of text to explain the bug or problem you encountered. You can use the /bug
 command multiple times if one line is not sufficient for the amount of text
 you want to write.
 Alternatively, you can use the bug report section of the official forum at
 Please DO NOT write bugs in chat in the game.

-If you have a suggestion, use the /rfe command instead. It's used the same way
 as the /bug command (see above).
 Alternatively, use the forum at www.tomenet.eu.

-Starting at version 4.4.5, TomeNET supports audio, that is, sound effects and
 background music. To find out more, read (2.1a).

-Usually characters expire (that means they are automatically deleted!)
 after 366 days of inactivity. Empty accounts (ie accounts that don't hold any
 characters) usually expire after 62 days.

-Items on the ground (especially in towns) often disappear automatically after
 a while. So don't use the town or the wilderniss to 'store' loot.
 If you don't own any houses, you can use public houses that are accessible to
 everyone. Risk is of course that someone takes your items.
 True artifacts dropped outside of towns will usually vanish instantly the
 moment you leave the sector!

-If you press CTRL+Q to save&exit the game, you should do that in a safe town.
 Dungeons might change while you are logged off, and the next time you log on
 you might find yourself in a nasty place if unlucky.
 Another problem is that if you don't leave in a town (or the housing area
 around a town), your character will stay for another 20-30 seconds in the game
 before it finally disappears from the dungeon (or world surface)! If monsters
 were around, you might get killed easily during that time.

-The items you find don't depend on your race or class but on monster level
 and depth and luck.

-Don't drop artifacts inside houses if the server doesn't allow artifacts to
 be dropped inside player houses, or you will simply lose the artifact!

-Items on the floor within a house don't form piles! If you drop too many
 items and space in the house runs out the dropped item may just disappear!

-The massive iron crown of Morgoth must not be worn by non-Kings/Queens!
 Wearing it otherwise will kill you in a mighty blast.

-Some special shops' features may currently not be available.

-Some monster abilities are currently not available/implemented:

-Some item abilities are currently not available/implemented:

-Monsters that pick up an item have a 30% chance to NOT drop it again on death.

-The dungeon floor/world sector you are in, be it on the world surface, in town
 or in the dungeon, has a chance of slowly spawning new monsters over time.
 Those will always be awake.
 The rules are the same as for when a dungeon level gets generated:
 Everything that fits the dungeon's theme (if any) is allowed, the monster
 level might occasionally spike out-of-depth, up to 40 levels above the floor
 level. This can be especially nasty because these spawns will not change the
 floor feeling, so you won't notice it except when you spot the monster.
(0.4) Typical slang/abbreviations
(1) Introduction