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» (0.1b) Colours and colour blindness
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(0.1a) Character validation
(0.1c) Photosensitivity / Epilepsy issues
(0.1b) Colours and colour blindness                                             
The easiest way to modify colours and to switch between predefined palette sets
for certain colour blindness types (deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia) is to
go to the  = C  options screen where you can set all of this.
Don't forget to press 's' to save your changes.

You probably want to turn off the option 'palette_animation' in = 1 if you use
any colourblind mode or your own customized colours, because palette animation
will override colours with interpolations of the 'normal' palette scheme.
(palette_animation only has effect on colours while you are outdoors though.)

Alternatively you can modify the colours by editing the game's config file:
On Windows OS that is TomeNET.ini (in your TomeNET folder) and on Linux and
OS X that is .tomenetrc (in your user's home folder).

The settings in these files are called 'Colormap_N=#xxxxxx' in TomeNET.ini and
'colormap_N #xxxxxx' in .tomenetrc, where N is an index from 0 to 15 as TomeNET
uses 16 different colours, and xxxxxx is a hexadecimal code where the first two
digits determine the amount of 'red', the middle two the amount of 'green' and
the last two the amount of 'blue'.

Two-digit hexadecimal numbers go from 00 to ff instead of the decimal numbers'
range which goes from 00 to 99. Basically, hex doesn't stop at 9 but at '15';
'a' = 10, 'b' = 11, 'c' = 12, 'd' = 13, 'e' = 14, 'f' = 15.
Also, '10' in hex does not mean ten, but sixteen (in our decimal system)!
So a hex number #00001c means:  1 x 16  +  12  =  28.
However, you don't really need to know all of this just to modify the colour
values. Just now that after 99 the next higher step is 9a, up to 9f, and then
the next is a0, with the maximum value being ff (which is 255 in decimal).

When modifying the colour table in the config file, you can test the results in
the game by logging in and typing the "/col" command in chat. It will display
a table of all colours for you to check how they look like.

Note that the colourmap entry #0 is fixed and cannot be changed, it is always
#000000 aka black (no red + no green + no blue).
(0.1a) Character validation
(0.1c) Photosensitivity / Epilepsy issues