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» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (4.3a) The jail
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
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(4.3) Dungeon and tower types
(4.4) Terrain
(4.3a) The jail                                                                 
The jail is a dedicated house that does not allow imprisoned characters to
escape until a timer runs out, after which they will be freed.

The jail was originally built for punishment of the following felonies -
although depending on the server's configuration some might be disabled while
others might get added:
     Still the most common felony, it will usually only result in a pretty
     short time of imprisonment.
     Foul language will be filtered by '*' characters to other players, except
     if they have turned the filter off in their clients (also see (3.3)).
     It's possible that not all foul language might result in jailing, but most
     of it certainly will.
    -Spamming the chat (aka 'talking too much')
     Very rare to trigger, also results in a pretty short time of imprisonment.
    -On server settings where players have to declare that they are ready for
     pvp, attacking a non-pvp player will result in a long time of imprisonment
     Trying to shoot someone who's on a safe grid will also result in a medium
     duration of imprisonment.
     (These settings are not enabled on the main servers.)

If you commit multiple felonies, whether you are already in jail or not, the
punishment adds up (except that it doesn't matter how many swear words occured
in one chat message).

There can be multiple jails. The player will be imprisoned in the one closest
to him. Also, players will only get caught if they are getting close to a town.
If you are far away from town, your punishment will be delayed until you move
close to a town gain, then you will be jailed "for old crimes" accordingly.

Note that jails (if the server has one) don't allow any sort of teleportation,
nor will you turn into a ghost if you get killed there, instead you will get
destroyed completely (basically same as if you were a no-ghost mode char).

A jail often has an ironman tower or dungeon inside, constituting an escape
tunnel. If you don't feel like sitting out your punishment you could try taking
your chances to escape. If you make it out alive you'll be a free man or woman.
(4.3) Dungeon and tower types
(4.4) Terrain