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(4.12) Malicious effects monsters can suffer
(4.14) Time systems, speed
(4.13) Extermination orders, events and Ironman Challenge                       
Your character will have opportunities to do certain side events for extra
rewards, such as carrying out so-called extermination orders or participating
in global (as in, open to everyone at the same time) events.
An extermination order can be received by a player on demand and infinitely
often, and only concerns him personally. Events however are automatically
scheduled in regular time intervals, often have strict conditions for what kind
of characters are allowed to participate and allow (or even require) multiple
players to participate simultaneously.

Some events will require you to have zero experience in order to participate.
The maximum experience your character ever accumulated counts for this, so
make sure you don't gain even 1 point of experience before the event starts!
The following actions may reward 1 XP without you noticing:
  -Eating a bad food ration.
  -Picking a lock.
  -Transferring items or money from another player to you.
  -Picking up/earning more than 300 gold pieces (IDDC-exclusive characters are
   unable to pick up any gold at all, and in turn start out with 300 extra).
   Use the /ex command to see how much more gold you may pick up
Killing townspeople in Bree however will not give you any experience.
Stay clean!

Here is a list of currently available events:

Extermination orders
These are basically 'kill quests'. You need to venture out and kill a fixed
amount of a certain type of monster.
To receive an order, visit the major in the town hall (one of the '+'
doors in town), or if you are in the IDDC simply type "/xorder" in the chat.
There is a certain time limit which in most cases is easily sufficient,
especially if you have the according ESP ability.
The time limit is actually two 'in-game days', which in real time lasts
somewhat over two hours. (See (4.14) for more information about the
in-game time system.)
The time will continue to run out even while you're not logged on.
If you carry out the extermination order you received, you will be rewarded
with a good or great item or sometimes a stack of consumables, depending on
the difficulty (monster level) and chance.
The item does not depend on your race, class, skills or luck in any way,
it's completely random. It's quality is also on average lower than the items
obtained from winning events (read further below about events).
If you fail to carry out your order in time, the order will be cancelled and
you can just get a new one if you want to. There is no penalty.

On an Ironman server or within the Ironman Deep Dive Challenge dungeon, the
amount of monsters that need to be slain is somewhat lower (especially for low
level orders). Also, in the IDDC and in the Halls of Mandos, the monster level
of the extermination order will depend on the floor level rather than on the
player's level. Inside the IDDC you may only request one order per floor.

Events (use /evinfo and /evsign commands to get information and to sign up)
Note: Item rewards depend on your character, see (9.5) for more information
      about item rewards.

Make sure that you aren't inside a dungeon or on a position on a dungeon floor
or in a certain state regarding your character (eg equipment) that prevents the
use use of Word of Recall!
If that is the case when an event begins that you signed up for, you will fail
to join the event!
Such scenarios are for exaple: Ironman dungeons, forcedown dungeons, no-recall
dungeons, no-teleport vaults, wearing a no-teleport item.
If an event has't started yet you can undo your sign-up again with '/evunsign'.

Highlander Tournament (pvp, only one can win, 2+ participants)
    When you see a message, announcing a Highlander Tournament, type "/evinfo"
    in the chat to find out more, and use "/evsign" followed by the event's
    number to sign up for participation.
    It's a deathmatch with 10 minutes of preparation time, and only newly
    created characters with 0 experience may join it.
    If you die in this event, your character will get erased, even if it was
    an everlasting-mode character.

    The winner will receive a deed that can be 'r'ead, and turned in at Bree's
    Mayor Office for either an item or a temporary luck bonus.
    All losers will also receive a contender's deed on the next character they
    log in with which can be turned in for a very small temporary luck bonus.
    See "Reward Deeds" further below for details on reward deeds.

    Detailed course of the event:

    After signing up, players can kill townies for cash and go shopping.
    They must not earn ANY experience though, or they won't be able to
    participate when the event starts.
    If a player collects more than 300 gold, he will gain 1 experience point,
    and therefore become uneligible to participate.
    Picking up items belonging to other players will also give 1 experience.

    When the event starts, all participants are (if word-of-recall is legal at
    their current position) teleported into a specific dungeon that is reserved
    for Highlander Tournament participants exclusively.
    All players receive an Amulet of the Highlands which they should not forget
    to wear, because it gives the character considerable power.
    They now have 10 minutes to level up in this dungeon.
    In this highlander dungeon players are randomly teleported when they take a
    staircase, so even if two players take the same staircase they won't end up
    next to each other.

    After 10 minutes, everyone is teleported out of the dungeon and meets on a
    battlefield where they have to kill each other, because it is well known

    When a player is slain and drops his items, other players can pick up his
    Amulet of the Highlands and 'w'ear it, which will make it fuse with an
    already existing Amulet of the Highlands, increasing its power!

    When only one player is left, he will be the designated winner, and
    teleported back to Bree. He automatically receives a victory deed in his
    inventory which he can exchange at the Mayor's office in the town hall.

    Highlander Tournament deeds can create somewhat more valuable reward items
    than the Dungeon Keeper event.

Arena Monster Challenge (no losses or gains, for testing your abilities)
    The wizards of Arena Monster Challenge (tm) have prepared a spectacular
    event on the top floor of Bree's training tower, which will allow any Joe
    and Jane to experience top-notch fights against creatures that usually
    pose lethal threat. In this illusonary arena, players will experience
    a fight that seems absolutely real, but they won't suffer any
    consequences if they lose, ie 'die'. Test your might against any foe you
    always wanted to challenge but never dared in real dungeoneer's life!
    It's also possible to challenge ego monsters (such as veteran archers or
    holy animals). The arena corners are safe zones and allow for spectating.
    Note that you cannot die or suffer various hazardous effects in the arena,
    you won't consume food and monsters cannot summon.
    Hint: If you want to spice a monster up, try the /scream command while
    it's in your line of sight.
    Inventory and equipment cannot be damaged/destroyed or disenchanted in this
    event, and you cannot get disarmed either.
    NOTE: PvP mode characters are exempt from safety and can die for real!

Dungeon Keeper (everyone can win, 1+ participants)
    (You should enable 'easy_open' option in  = 8  for this event, which is
    enabled by default, and lets you open doors simply be moving into them.)

    Characters who want to participate must not be of higher level than 14.
    A character can participate only once in this event.
    PvP mode characters are not eligible to join.
    If you die in this event, your character will get erased, even if it was
    an everlasting-mode character.
    Running, phasing, teleporting, magic mappping, detection and ESP are
    disabled in the event. Also, your speed cannot exceed +0 (Normal), and
    the lava that floods the dungeon will deal irresistible damage even if
    your character is immune to fire.
    Except for a brass lantern which you can buy from town store '1' (general
    store), no items are required for this event.

    All winners will receive a deed that can be 'r'ead, and turned in at Bree's
    Mayor Office for either an item or a temporary luck bonus.
    All losers will also receive an autograph deed on the next character they
    log in with which can be turned in for a very small temporary luck bonus.
    See "Reward Deeds" further below for details on reward deeds.

    Detailed course of the event:

    When the event starts, all participants are (if word-of-recall is legal at
    their current position) are transported into a labyrinth of rooms made of
    impenetrable walls but connected by doors or even void jump gates.
    The goal is to find one of four escape beacons, which are light green '>'.
    Everyone who steps on an escape beacon and presses the '>' key will be
    teleported to Bree and has thereby successfully escaped the maze and
    receive a winner's deed they can turn in at the mayor's office in Bree.

    After about 5 minutes, the dungeon floor however will crackle, and be
    flooded more and more with lava. Time is running out. Now the players who
    haven't escaped yet should hurry, before the maze is completely submerged
    in lava. Doors and the exit beacons will stay clear until the very final
    push of lava occurs which then completely submerges everything.
    However, it seems the former keeper of this abandoned maze left behind a
    horrible guardian, the Horned Reaper. It can sense your presence and if it
    manages to catch you, there is no hope of survival.

    It does not matter who the first or last is to find the exit, everyone who
    manages to get out, wins.

    -The Horned Reaper in this maze bashes doors instead of opening them.
    -If you stand still for a turn, you can 'run' over one adjacent floor grid
     as quickly as you can double-tap a movement key (maybe create a macro).
    -Players usually do not start next to rooms that have escape beacons.
    -Don't OCD this dungeon. Your goal is to pass through as many rooms as
     possible, not to cover areas "cleanly".
    -It is known that in a world of squares, moving diagonally has a certain

Reward deeds:
    Some events hand out deeds to winners (sometimes dubbed victory deeds) and
    maybe also to losers (sometimes dubbed contender deeds).
    If it was an event that erases losers, the contender deed is usually
    received on the next character you log on with.
    These deeds can be 'r'ead and turned in at the mayor's office in Bree, the
    biggest building in town, north-east area of the town center.

    Winner deeds
    Winner deeds can be turned in for an item tailored to the character!
    The game checks some details like which skills you have trained and also
    your character sheet and equipment to some degree, to determine the item,
    so make sure you are prepared before turning it in!
    For details on how to optimise this, see (9.5) Reward item creation.
    Alternatively the deed can be turned in for a temporary luck bonus that
    lasts about 60 min (90 on Ironman server). Usually the item is preferable
    over the buff.

    However, you can also trade the winner deed to another character, who can
    then go and redeem it for luck (not for an item), although the luck bonus
    that character gets will be smaller than what the owner would have gotten:
    Just as high as a contender deed's bonus.
    The buff duration of a traded deed will still be the same as it would have
    been for the owner though.

    Loser deeds
    Players who didn't win will also (depending on the event) receive a deed
    on the next character they log in with, which can be turned in for a very
    small temporary luck bonus that lasts about 30 minutes (45 on the Ironman
    server); multiple deed buffs do stack in duration up to ~ 1 hour, provided
    it's the same buff power (ie same tier of deed). Contender deeds are not
    tradable so they can only be redeemed by the character that received them.

    Further information
    The luck buffs are on hold while on the world surface, so you won't lose
    buff time from running around in the town area or travelling to dungeons.
    This also means that the buffs are not applied while on the world surface.
    For details about luck, see LUCK flag in (5.8).

    Highlander Tournament rewards can theoretically end up with a higher item
    value in gold than rewards from other events. A crown of telepathy for
    example is not obtainable from Dungeon Keeper, but can be obtained here.
    Reward items cannot be sold to stores though.

Asides from extermination orders and events, there is another, permanently
available challenge that waits for you to tackle it:

Ironman Deep Dive Challenge (IDDC)
  Structure, getting out:
    This is a special, gigantic ironman dungeon (or tower) which is 127 levels
    in size (-50 ft till -6350 ft, or positive if a tower) and does not allow
    recalling in between, except for in the two 'dungeon towns' which will be
    generated at dungeon level 40 (Menegroth) and 80 (Nargothrond).
    There are two additional dungeon towns at level 20 and 60 but these won't
    allow recalling.
    If you recall from a town it counts as withdrawing from the challenge and
    you won't make it on the leaderboard that can be viewed at the
    mayor's office in Bree.
    (Note that 'IDDC-exclusive' characters can NOT recall out at static towns.
    If they try, they are just 'killed by indetermination' and erased.)

    Starting after 4.9.0c, the IDDC will also spawn a refuge area every 500 ft
    on non-town floors, which offers a possibility to sell loot. If a player
    logs out within this refuge, next time he logs back in he will spawn inside
    the refuge again, no matter its location within the dungeon floor.

    Monsters cannot spawn in the wilderness sector of the dungeon entrance, so
    you can just stay AFK at the entrance safely, waiting for team mates.
    Monsters cannot spawn in any dungeon town either.

    The towns, as well as any other IDDC floors, remain static for (only)
    5 minutes after dying, giving other players a chance to loot items and
    money. An exception are floors 50ft..350ft which only stay static for
    2 minutes, still giving you a chance to reconnect if you get disconnected
    without the floor turning 'stale' (see much further below).

    Since you cannot recall out except from the two towns Menegroth and
    Nargothrond, except if you reach the 127th floor (the final floor) of the
    dungeon, it is extremely likely that you will die before making it through
    all those floors. So this dungeon serves as a challenge of how far you can
    make it before death!
    The level reached will be recorded in the mayor's office in Bree ('n' key
    inside the office, to view the records).

    For servers running 'strict_etiquette', meaning that a player will lose all
    true artifacts after winning (the official server does NOT run use this):
    If Morgoth is defeated, players on his floor will be allowed to use
    Word of Recall to leave the dungeon if they wish!

  Requirements to enter, exclusive mode:
    The Deep Dive dungeon requires your character to have zero experience
    points in order to be eligible to enter.
    To fulfil that requirement you may not collect more than 300 Au (gold
    pieces) or pick up any items or money of other players. Also, if you eat a
    ration of food and you are unlucky enough that it's gone bad you will get
    1 xp for that.
    Note that you are allowed to pick up items on the world surface (those that
    are dropped by townies in Bree for example). If you sell these items to
    shops, the money you get will be subtracted from the remaining amount of
    gold your character was allowed to pick up (check with /ex command).
    Use the /ex command to see how much more gold you may pick up.
    When you haven't collected 300 Au yet and step on a money pile that would
    exceed 300 Au, your character will only collect as much gold from it to
    exactly hit 300 and leave the rest on the floor. From now on you must not
    step on any other money pile (including this remaining one) or you will
    gain 1 xp and thereby disqualify for IDDC. Note that unlike for items, it
    is allowed to collect gold in a dungeon or tower too.

    If you make a 'slot-exclusive' IDDC character, it will start out with 300
    extra gold, get at least a 50% discount in all shops in Bree, and in turn
    will automatically be unable to pick up any more gold or items of other
    players outside of the IDDC, and it won't get experience from eating bad
    food either. (It cannot buy houses either, which are useless for IDDC.)
    Note that the /convertexclusive command works on the Ironman server too,
    to convert your character to a dedicated (slot-exclusive) IDDC character.

    As IDDC-exclusive character you will get no experience when you kill a
    monsters outside of the IDDC. As a little extra bonus, slot-exclusive IDDC
    characters will also randomly gain knowledge of some item flavours on
    entering the IDDC dungeon. (Flavoured items are: potions, scrolls, rings,
    amulets, magic devices, mushrooms.)
    All characters that enter the IDDC will also get 20 scrolls of identify
    for free, which will automatically be placed into their inventory.

    Exclusive-mode characters cannot recall out of the IDDC at towns.
    They also will automatically be no-ghost mode and will receive an extra
    +25% score bonus (stacking with the no-ghost score bonus and a potential
    hard-mode bonus should the player choose hard-mode aka 'hellish').

    An IDDC-slot-exclusive character that makes it out of the dungeon will be
    restricted to the world surface. If it attempts to enter any dungeon or
    tower it will automatically retire instantly. Note that it cannot buy any
    houses, but it won't need those anyway.

    You can use the command '/convertexclusive' to convert one of your
    characters into a dedicated IDDC character, moving it to a specific
    IDDC-only-character slot and freeing up the generic character slot again.
    This of course only works if you still have a free IDDC-exclusive character
    slot available.

    Usually (depending on the server, but it's the default setting), IDDC-
    exclusive characters may alternatively enter the Halls of Mandos instead!

  Experience, items, shops:
    Players in the IDDC receive a 20% experience gain bonus in addition to the
    usual 15% experience bonus all ironman dungeons provide, so overall you
    gain +35% more experience in IDDC than in a normal, generic dungeon.
    You could decide to 'abuse' IDDC to level up your character, and then leave
    the dungeon when you reach -2000 ft. This might be especially interesting
    for mimicry users (see further below).
    The IDDC does not enforce a minimum depth in regards to player level in
    order to gain optimal experience.
    On average the experience gained in IDDC is high enough, that even a
    character of a highly penalized race/class combination can still obtain at
    least level 46 before he reaches Nargothrond at -4000 ft, even if he skips
    all floors that give a "terrifying" feeling - if he clears out all other
    floors completely. This number is an average and may therefore vary.

    To further bring your character up to snuff on deeper levels, when you hit
    -3000 ft you will have a very high chance to find one very useful ring of
    speed. This high chance will stay in effect until you actually find it.
    This does not have to happen on -3000 ft, it can be on deeper levels too.
    As soon as you find it, your chance to find further rings of speed will
    revert back to normal.

    Shops in the IDDC offer especially powerful items, and there are additional
    special shops that are not found elsehwere.

    Starting at dungeon level 8, a hidden library may appear randomly (that's
    a bookstore with a red '9' as an entrance), allowing you to purchase
    magic spells you might be missing. It also offers a special service to
    identify all items you are carrying.
    The chance to find at least one library on your way down is around 1/2
    up to dungeon level 10, 2/3 up to 13, 3/4 up to 15, and 4/5 up to 17.
    The Herbalist can also spawn in the IDDC (on lower/mid level floors).
    On very deep floors (ie after Nargothrond), a seasoned alchemist store may
    appear, allowing you to resupply, at a 20% generation chance on each floor.

    Rogues should be aware that it's not possible to steal from general store,
    weaponsmith, armoury, temple, magic shop, black market and the special
    potion store in the dungeon towns.
    This leaves only the hidden Library, herbalist, alchemist and the library
    to steal from.

    If you use stolen enchant scrolls on an item while you are in a town,
    then the item will get a 100% off discount. If you want to use stolen
    scrolls to enchant your items and keep the items sellable, then you have
    to take the staircase to leave the town, and read the scrolls in an actual
    dungeon level instead.

    Recharging wands and staves in the IDDC has a considerably lower chance for
    them to break (aka disappear in a bright flash of light) than usual.

  Layout, dungeon types and bosses:
    The IDDC is randomly using themes of all the other dungeons, the selection
    is randomly rerolled every 24 hours. The final floor of each theme might
    spawn the according dungeon boss if you are lucky. The chance for a boss to
    spawn is even somewhat higher than in normal dungeons.
    Further, you will receive an feeling "You feel a commanding presence.."
    that indicates a dungeon boss spawn. Like yellow feeling messages, this too
    requires you to have stayed on the previous floor for about 2 minutes
    (until your depth indicator gets a light blue star attached).

    Although Sauron is the final guardian of Mt Doom, he may spawn in any theme
    in the IDDC, provided the floor depth is at least level 99.
    As in any other dungeon, Morgoth will only spawn if all players on a floor
    have already defeated Sauron. He may spawn in any theme, on floor depths of
    level 100 or deeper.

    Usually unique monsters may not spawn in two or more places in the game
    world at once, but the IDDC is actually an exception. In here, a unique
    monster is allowed to spawn (once) on a floor even though another instance
    of it already exists right now elsewhere in the world.
    This means that you don't have to worry which uniques other players are
    currently fighting - they can still spawn for you just fine.

    If you make it through the IDDC, the title of "Iron Champion" will be
    bestowed on you. If you even manage to defeat Morgoth you will instead
    acquire the title of "Iron Emperor" or "Iron Empress" respectively.
    You are allowed to re-enter the IDDC (and depending on server version) and
    also the Halls of Mandos after you made it through.
    However, if you are on a dedicated-IDDC character, you will automatically
    force-retire (aka suicide) if you enter any other dungeon.

    Mimicry users gain +9 extra kill credit on each kill, effectively
    learning forms TEN TIMES as fast. (However, if that character decides to
    withdraw from the challenge at a static town, it loses 2/3 of those extra
    kill credits again, still not a bad deal.)

    Darklings and Candlebearers for Maiar spawn slightly earlier, from dungeon
    level 10 to 20 in the IDDC, instead of from 12 to 20 anywhere else in the

    Unmakers cannot spawn in the IDDC at all (same as for Halls of Mandos).

    After the first fixed town at -2000 ft, Menegroth, all further floors you
    enter will give you a progressively increasing (with floor depth) luck
    bonus, making it more and more likely to obtain better items.

    Monsters cannot spawn 'live' in the IDDC, but only at the time of creation
    of each dungeon floor. Summon staves cannot be recharged in the IDDC and
    polymorphing magic does not work.
    Since for this reason it is important to get the most XP out of every floor
    the server may run an experimental feature: A staircase will look white
    instead of dark grey to indicate that someone else is currently on that
    next floor. So you might decide to wait until he left in order for the
    floor to reset and thereby get monster spawn again before you enter it.

    Inside the challenge dungeon you can acquire an extermination order via
    /xorder command at level 1 already, instead of the usual minimum level 5.
    On average, extermination orders in here require less monsters to be slain.
    Also, the monster level of the order will depend on the floor level instead
    of the player's level.
    You cannot take up another extermination order if you haven't taken at
    least three staircases since acquiring the previous one.

  Partying and trading:
    IDDC allows partying and trading between everlasting and non-everlasting
    characters. To form a party, everyone must be inside the IDDC dungeon and
    the person to be added must be on at least the same depth as the currently
    deepest party member, or deeper.
    You cannot have more than one character in the same IDDC-Party at a time.

    However, gold cannot be traded, and items can only be traded if both
    players are in the same party and the item was found when the finder was
    already in the party and after the player who wants to receive it joined
    the party, otherwise you will get the message
      "You cannot take items from outsiders."
    (same message as for iron team trading restrictions actually).
    Items purchased from shops cannot be traded at all in the IDDC, only found
    items can be traded. Items cannot be traded on stale floors.
    Level requirements on items are not in effect while inside the ironman deep
    dive challenge either, so item levels are meaningless.

    Party bonus experience is higher than outside of IDDC. This means that the
    experience you get per killed monster is much closer to the experience you
    would get for playing solo, making partying more attractive since you do
    not need to worry about 'loss' of experience compared to going solo.

    If the party leader dies inside the IDDC, the party isn't disbanded but
    ownership of the party is transferred to another party member. (Same as on
    Ironman server.)

  Stale floors:
    In case you need to go offline you'll just have to log out inside the
    dungeon. Keep in mind that your character will stay in the game for about
    30 more seconds during which it could be killed if in an unsafe place.
    Dungeon towns in general however are free of any monster spawns, so they
    are safe.

    If you log out in the IDDC and log back on before the level has changed,
    you can continue business as usual. However, if you log off and wait until
    the level has reset, then the level will be "stale" for you, the next time
    you log on, which will prevent you from getting any experience, items or
    gold until you move on by taking a staircase to the next floor.
    You cannot trade with other players on stale floors either.
    Therefore, if you need to log out and stop playing, you should first clear
    as many monsters as you can on your current floor before logging out. That
    way you won't "waste" any experience points.
    Dungeon towns never turn stale.

Seasonal events
At certain times of the year, some seasonal events will occur for a couple of
days each. The exact time of the day when they start or end can vary depending
on your time zone, even a date difference of +/-1 day is possible for that
reason. The ending date means that somewhen after the beginning of that day,
the event will end:

    Running from 26th October till 2nd November.
    If seasons run at 2x speed, then also from 26th April till 2nd May.

    The server will recall all players (20 minutes ahead warning will be
    displayed) and restart. After that, Halloween is live and costumes can be
    found and stored costumes can be worn again.
    Townspeople will actually give experience (!) but also have a fear-causing
    'touch' attack. They can't really harm you, though.

    Randomly, the Great Pumpkin will appear on dungeon levels, its hit points
    varying from 1/3 to full strength depending on the dungeon level.
    If you cannot beat it on deeper floors you could try leaving the floor to
    reset it, wait a bit, and then move to a shallower floor and hope to see
    the Pumpkin respawn there with less HP.
    The pumpkin will despawn on its own if it doesn't get defeated before one
    hour has passed after it appeared. It will quickly respawn on another
    dungeon level in that case. About 5 minutes before it fades away, nearby
    players will get a warning message, saying that the Great Pumpkin
    "wails and seems to fade".

    The Pumpkin is aiming at intermediate-level characters. It can spawn on any
    dungeon floor from level 1 to 35 (or 40 on Ironman server),
    except it won't show up on the first 9 floors in the Ironman Deep Dive
    It will usually be quite tough and might require teamwork to beat.
    Players who are too high level (above 30 on main, above 35 on Ironman*)
    will not be able to hunt him, they will see a message:
     "A ghostly force drives you out of this dungeon!"
    The IDDC is the only exception: Players of any level may enter a floor that
    already has the Great Pumpkin on it, without getting teleported away.

    The Great Pumpkin does not cause any damage but still has a few annoying
    spells at its disposal. It is level 127 and therefore can drop quite high-
    level items and usually drops very good stuff. Please share fairly. ;)
    When a player defeats the Great Pumpkin, everyone will get a message about
    it. The Great Pumpkin will randomly respawn again some time later.

    During Halloween, it will stay deep night on the world's surface and magic
    that lights up the world surface won't work.

    Running from 23rd December to 26th December.
    If seasons run at 2x speed, then also from 23rd June till 26th June.

    The server will recall all players (20 minutes ahead warning will be
    displayed) and restart, after which the event is live.
    During christmas, costumes can be worn again and you might even find Santa
    Claus costumes. Also, Santa Claus will spawn in town and drops great stuff
    when you uh.. kill him. :)

New year's eve
    Running from 31st December to 1st January.
    If seasons run at 2x speed, then also from 31st June till 1st July.

    Fireworks will be launched into the sky of the town of Bree.
    While it's night and fireworks are being launched, magic that lights up the
    world surface will not work.
(4.12) Malicious effects monsters can suffer
(4.14) Time systems, speed