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» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (5.8) Special abilities of items
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(5.7b) The EASY_KNOW flag
(5.9) What does item xxx do exactly?
(5.8) Special abilities of items                                                
FEATHER ('It makes you fall down gently like a feather.')
        Feather Falling...
        Prevents you from slipping on icy floor.
        Lets you float down gently if you accidentally stumble into trap doors,
        pits or chasms, preventing any fall damage, including inventory damage.
        Enables you to cross 'dark pits' terrain type (see (4.4)) which is a
        very common feature in the dungeon 'Paths of the Dead'.
        Lets you resist gravitation damage somewhat.
        ('It allows you to levitate.')
        Levitation implicitely grants Feather Falling too, so you get all of
        the boni listed above for FEATHER, and additionally...
        Allows you to cross over water areas very swiftly and without drowning
        or your inventory or equipment taking damage.
        Lets you cross over rubble.
        Enables you to hover high enough to pass trees and bushes easily.
        ('It fires missiles excessively fast.')
        This ranged weapon can fire an extra shot per round, see your number of
        shots per round go up in 'C' character overview screen.
        For trap kits, the number of shots they fire can actually increase by
        more than one, depending on their pval (the number in parentheses, for
        example '(+2)' would fire 2 extra shots).
        ('It fires missiles with extra might.')
        This ranged weapon fires more damaging shots: Its damage multiplier is
        increased by 1 above the usual multiplier for this weapon type.
        For example a Long Bow of Extra might would show a (x4) multiplier,
        although Long Bows usually have a (x3) multiplier.
        Note that the multiplier may also affect the maximum shooting range.
MANA ('It affects your mana capacity.')
        For istari and runemasters, this Will increase your total mana points
        by +x0%. Example: Gloves of the magi (+3) increase your mana by 30%.
        For other classes, the increase will be a bit smaller.
        MANA items _add_ to each other, they aren't multiplied.
        MANA affects your complete mana pool, including the additional MP
        (mana points) a character gained from 'Magic' skill, except for the
        mana added by training the Mimicry skill above 35.
LIFE ('It affects your hit points.')
        Will increase your total hit points by +x0%. Example:
        Sword of life (+2) increases your HP by 20%.
        LIFE items _add_ to each other, they aren't multiplied.
        The maximum total +LIFE bonus a character can achieve is +3 (cap).
        (For mimics, the +LIFE effect might be less since their HP in
        player form or monster form might be low. The +LIFE isn't applied
        to mimics' final HP but the lower base HP.)
        LIFE affects your complete hit point pool, including the additional
        HP a character gained from 'Health' skill.
        +LIFE on randarts will (depending on server options, see ~i in-game)
        usually only affect player characters who are royalty ie winners who
        have beaten Morgoth and hence have a violet coloured name in chat.
AGGRAVATE ('It aggravates nearby creatures.')
        Wakes up all monsters in whose radius of awareness you are, but at
        least all monsters in radius 50. It also increases any monster's radius
        of awareness to 50 if it was actually smaller than that.
        (Does not haste them unlike scrolls, shriek ability, traps or /scream
        command do, compare (5.9)).
REGEN   ('It speeds your hit point regeneration.')
        Your base HP regeneration speed will double.
REGEN_MANA ('It speeds your mana recharging.')
        Your base MP regeneration speed will double.
DRAIN_MANA ('It drains your magic')
        Slowly drains your MP over time down to zero.
        Warriors and archers are not affected as they don't have any MP.
DRAIN_HP ('It drains your health')
        Slowly drains your HP over time down to zero, but you cannot actually
        die from this as it will stop at zero, and a character is still alive
        at that point, as death occurs when your HP drop _below_ zero.
        For more information see (4.11a).
DRAIN_EXP ('It drains your life force')
        Your experience points are drained in random intervals. This effect
        actually drains your maximum XP too, so it cannot be restored!
        It will however stop at the level threshold, so it will not delevel
        you. BUt if your XP happen to fall below the threshold (ie from some
        other attack/effect you suffer) the DRAIN_EXP effect will kick in again
        and further drain your exp down to the next level threshold.
        This effect stacks with diminishing returns, so eg wearing two items
        that drain exp will drain less than twice the amount one item drains.
        While in town areas (that means dungeon towns, normal towns and the
        surrounding housing area) the drain effect will be on hold!
        For more information see (4.11a).
LUCK ('It affects your luck.')
        If you are lucky, your chance to find better items increases.
        Luck caps at 40 (and -10 downwards), having higher bonus won't help any
        more. The higher your luck is, the more diminishing is the effect of
        increasing it even more.
        Find 'better items' means that you have a higher chance to get good or
        great items instead of normal (ie unenchanted) items when killing
        monsters or find an item from digging.
        'Good' means that an item has enchantments to hit-chance, damage or
        armour class, ie (+to-hit, +to-dam) and [+to-ac]. How much exactly it
        has isn't affected by luck (well, it is by your personal ooc luck in
        real-life I guess :-p).
        'Great' means that an item has ego powers or is an artifact. Luck does
        not affect how great its ego powers or artifact abilities are though.
        Luck has NO effect on 'acquirement', 'artifact creation' or on items
        you obtain from chests.
        Also luck does NOT affect which base item type drops, ie whether it is
        a dragon scale mail or a cloth hat.
NO_MAGIC ('Anti-magic shell')
        Raises your saving throw to 95%, making you nearly immune to malicious
        magical status effects that depend on your character doing a saving
        throw check to resist, see 'Saving Throw' under (7.3) for a list.
        The anti-magic shell will not prevent monsters from casting spells or
        reduce or negate any damage taken from most magic spells though -
        exceptions being monster curses ("points at you and curses/screaming
        the word DIE!"), dispelling attacks and psi-based attacks, because all
        of these are indeed affected by your saving throw.
        It also prevents you from using any magic device or casting spells.
        You can still use scrolls and potions though. For more information
        about Saving Throw see (7.3).
ANTIMAGIC ('Anti-magic field')
        Prevents you from using any magic device or casting spells, also
        prevents nearby monsters and other players from casting spells (but
        not from using magic devices). You can still use scrolls and potions
        as usual, but their effect duration might get reduced.
        The field has no adverse effect on party members.
        The radius is approximately the field power / 9, and is cumulative
        to the 'Anti-magic' skill. The field power is the chance of
        suppressing a spell. It caps at 75% and is cumulative to the
        'Anti-magic' skill. Make sure to read up on anti-magic skill at (7.2).
        The anti-magic field's radius caps at range 9.
        Your party members are not affected by your anti-magic field.
        Also see "Dark Sword" details in (5.9).
BLESSED ('It has been blessed by the gods')
        These weapons resist cursing. Priests can use blessed melee weapons
        without penalties, even if they are not blunt. They will get their
        'Blunt-mastery' skill applied to any blessed weapon, even if it isn't
        actually blunt-type but a sword, axe or polearm instead. This specialty
        about weapon skill only affects priests.
        Blessed weapons will have adverse effects on corrupted (the Maia trait)
        characters and on characters of vampire race or hell knight class. If
        they are melee weapons they will increase spell casting failure chance.
        Everyone else can use blessed weapons just the same way as any other
VAMPIRIC ('It drains life from your foes')
        Drains life from your victim, which heals you slightly.
        For details see '(5.13) Vampirism'.
VORPAL ('Sharp' weapons, 'It is very sharp and can cut your foes.')
        Has a chance that the weapon damage dice result is multiplied on
        hitting, you'll see 'Your weapon cuts deep into your enemy'.
        Brand/slay effects will further increase the damage, if applicable.
        VORPAL requires an edged weapon, so swords, axes and several polearms
        can obtain 'VORPAL' mod via "Sharp" or "Spinning" ego power.
        Regarding randarts, only sword-type weapons and razor boomerangs are
        eligible for obtaining the VORPAL mod from randart ability creation.
        Note that Scythes of Slicing always come with VORPAL mod, be it as base
        item, ego item or even as randart.
SLAY_WEAP (No message, can spawn other mods/increase dice randomly.)
        A special mod for "Weapons of Slaying", see further down in (5.9).
CRIT    ('It affects your ability to score critical hits.')
        This item adds to your chance to score critical hits.
        If the item is a weapon then it will only affect hits done with this
        weapon in particular, so for example a boomerang that provides +CRIT
        bonus will not affect your melee attacks.
        If the item is not a weapon (eg a piece of armour or a ring) then it
        will affect all of your physical attacks, including throwing items.
        For more information about critical strikes and attacks, see the
        description of the "Critical-strike" skill in (7.2).
        CRIT requires light (up to 100 lbs) swords or polearms via "Perfection"
        ego power, but can also spawn on random artifact gloves and all types
        of random artifact weapons -including boomerangs- regardless of their
CHAOTIC ('It produces chaotic effects.')
        On hitting, you have a 50% chance to do one of the following:
        a) drain life (VAMPIRIC, see (5.13)) (very likely).
        b) earthquake (see (5.11) for details).
           (If enabled in the server settings, it can be suppressed with
           the !Q inscription. See (0.3) for !Q settings or press ~i in game.
           Usually, !Q only works on the artifact "Grond".)
        c) confuse target (very likely).
        d) teleport target away.
        e) polymorph target.
        f) clone target aka duplicate the monster it hits. Note that the clone
           does not give experience, drop items, or give form credit for
           mimicry users.
        Note that most of these have an *extremely* low chance to occur.
        Most of the time the vampirism or confusion effect is chosen.
        'Chaotic' effects can only happen on melee attacks.
CLONE ('It can clone monsters.')
        Has a 1 in 1000 chance to clone the monster it hits.
IMPACT ('It can cause earthquakes.')
        Causes earthquakes randomly, the higher the damage dealt the higher the
        chance. See (5.11) for details about earthquakes.
        (If enabled in the server settings, it can be suppressed with
        the !Q inscription. See (0.3) for !Q settings or press ~i in game.
        Usually, !Q _only_ works on the Mighty Hammer 'Grond'.)
FUEL_LITE ('It provides light when fueled.')
        A light source that needs to be fueled, otherwise it runs out.
        If this item provides other abilities besides emitting light, be aware
        that you need to keep it fueled for it to do so! If it runs out of fuel
        your character will lose all abilities it provided until you refuel it.
        See (5.12) Curses.
INVIS   ('It makes you invisible.')
        Turns you invisible. Items 'of invisibility' often have a +mod,
        which gives you additional stealth. Note that this +mod does not
        qualify or affect your y in any way, but is purely for an
        extra stealth bonus. See '(5.14) Invisibility' for details.
BLOWS   ('It affects your attack speed.')
        This item adds EA (extra attacks) to your number of blows per round.
SH_ELEC ('It produces an electric aura.')
        Surrounds you with a lightning aura, damaging monsters each time they
        hit you in close combat.
SH_COLD ('It produces an icy aura.')
        Surrounds you with a frost aura, damaging monsters each time they
        hit you in close combat.
SH_FIRE ('It produces a fiery aura.')
        Surrounds you with a fire aura, damaging monsters each time they
        hit you in close combat.
REFLECT ('It reflects bolts and arrows.')
        Gives you a 75% chance to reflect shots, arrows, bolts and missiles
        fired at you, 45% chance to reflect magical bolt-type spells and 60%
        to deflect any physical projectile from traps you triggered.
        Reflected attacks will hit grids closely around their origin, possibly
        damaging/killing the monster who shot at you.
RETURNING ('It returns to you when thrown.')
        Will automatically return to you when you throw it (via 'v') while you
        have it equipped.

Weapons of Spinning
        On activatin spin around, hitting every monster around you in a
        radius of 1, with an extra stun effect.

EASY_USE (of Simplicity, 'It is especially easy to activate.')
        You have a much higher chance of succeeding to use the magic device.
        Also see (7.10) for more information about the 'Magic Device' skill.
CHARGING (of Charging) ('It regenerates its mana faster.')
        This magic device (rod) will take only 1/2 of the usual time to
        fully recharge.
'of the Istari' rods.
        Combination of EASY_USE and CHARGING.
'of Plenty' wands and staves.
        These have more charges than usual, and will also gain more charges
        from recharging than their normal counterparts. (See (5.18) about

        This item can only be equipped by winners (kings/queens/emperors/
        empresses) and fallen winners (those who lost their title because they
        This item can only be found by certain characters, see server options
        in-game via ~i for details.

        An ego item that is never created randomly (in terms of abilities
        or power) and that is a lesser type and therefore allowed to stack with
        other similar ego items. These types are currently:
        Cursed/indestructible rings,
        Fireproof/waterproof scrolls and books,
        Any type of ammunition.)
        Items with other (more powerful) ego powers than these listed above
        will not stack in your inventory even if the items are identical.
        This item always is an artifact; it has no base-class that can spawn
        non-art items. Example: Long Sword base class can spawn regular long
        swords, but also 'Elvagil'. A Phial however will instantly be
        'artified' and turn into Phial of Galadriel or Undeath. There are no
        base-type non-art phials in the game.
        These artifacts are 'special artifacts' that cannot be dropped by
        regular monsters but require a certain key monster to be killed.
        For example the Dragonrider Coat of Mardra can only drop from Mardra
        (there is no guarantee that she will always drop it though).
(5.7b) The EASY_KNOW flag
(5.9) What does item xxx do exactly?