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» (5.17c) Digging - further information
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(5.17b) Digging - common example values
(5.18) Recharging
(5.17c) Digging - further information                                           
For digging through granite wall without having to wait for ages to succeed,
you will definitely want a better digging tool than basic shovels or picks.
For example ones 'of Digging', a magical ego power for digging tools.
Or higher level diggers such as gnomish, orcish or dwarven diggers or mattocks,
which have a higher base digging bonus than just (+1).

Tunnelling into walls that are actually secret doors will be treated as if
you were tunneling into granite wall, but on success you won't "remove" the
door but actually "find" it. You cannot find secret doors in permanent (aka
non-tunneable) walls this way though, such as mountains. Additionally, each
time you try to tunnel the game will roll an additional 'searching' attempt,
so your chance to discover it increases further. Last but not least if the door
is actually trapped and you trigger the trap you will instantly uncover it.

Tunnelling into known doors will just try to open them instead.
If a door is stuck, you will want to 'B'ash it instead of tunnelling, since
you cannot just open stuck doors the normal way.

Tunnelling might reveal special floor features, items or gold (walls that are
displayed as a '*' symbol will reveal cash worth of gems or precious metal, but
those walls might not always show it until you use 'Treasure Detection' or
'Treasure Location' magic), see 'Digging' skill in (7.2) for details.
Also see (3.4b) for more information on digging tool mods.

If you haven't got a digging tool equipped, or if it's just a basic shovel (+1)
then wielding a sword or especially an axe can work as pseudo-digger when you
want to hack down organic material such as trees, bushes or spider webs.
Certain polearms that have a slashing effect (scythes and sickles) can help
at least as well as swords or axes against spider webs.
(Dual-wielding does not help, so two weapons can't dig better than just one.
Wielding a 1.5-handed weapon in only 1 hand will decrease your digging chance
though, so take off your shield for best results.)

Last but not least, starting in 4.8.0 you can press SHIFT+W to wield a digging
tool as a weapon. You will still use it for digging too. If you try to dig
while having a digging tool equipped in the weapon slot and another one in the
tool slot, the better one of the two will be used automatically.
(5.17b) Digging - common example values
(5.18) Recharging