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» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (5.9a) Activatable items
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
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(5.9) What does item xxx do exactly?
(5.9b) Artifacts and artifact resets
(5.9a) Activatable items                                                        
Many items can be activated (press 'A' to try). These items are generally
called 'Magic Devices'. (Apart from these items, magic devices also include
wands, staves and rods, see (7.10) for more information.)

The chance of successful activation depends on various factors such as the base
item level and your magic device ability. See (7.10) for details.

An activated item will usually have a cooldown (timeout) until it can be
activated again. Items that need to be equipped to be activated usually won't
recover while they aren't equipped.

Many artifacts can be activated, as well as items of certain ego powers. But
there are also some base item types that provide an activation effect.

Base and ego types that can be activated and aren't described elsewhere:

Cloaks of immolation: Temporary fire resistance.
Cloaks of frostweaving: Temporary frost resistance.
Cloaks of Lordly Resistanc: Temporary base+poison resistance.
Dragon Scale Mails: According breath attack.
Weapons of the Thunderlords: Teleportation.
Weapons of Spinning: Spin attack.
Fury weapons: Fury, compare (4.11b).
Noldor caps: Treasure detection.
Spectral weapons: Wraithform (see (5.20)).

Serpent amulets: Poison breath.
Moon amulets: Sleep monsters.
Rage amulets: Fury, compare (4.11b).
Elemental rings: Breath the ring element and temporary resistance to it.
Teleportation rings: Explode for teleportation.
(5.9) What does item xxx do exactly?
(5.9b) Artifacts and artifact resets