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» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (5.10b) Item damage on the floor
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(5.10a) Equipment damage from elemental attacks
(5.11) Earthquakes
(5.10b) Item damage on the floor                                                
Items lying on the floor can also get damaged by elemental attacks and whatnot.
In general, the same rules as for inventory damage apply here, although the
effects might take a more drastic turn: Items often get destroyed right away
instead of merely damaged.

Disenchantment and discharging (electricity damage) also works on items on the
floor, even more effective than on items in your inventory or equipment.

Also, some higher-tier elements can have drastical destructive effect, wiping
the floor almost clean except for artifacts, because artifacts cannot be
destroyed by any kind of spell damage:
- Raw magical energy (ie mana storm, mana ball, etc.)
  Some items resist or ignore mana, those are safe!
- Meteor impact.
- Annihilation.
- Disintegration.
- Havoc/inferno/detonation/rocket.

Last but not least be informed that Holy Orbs and Holy Fire destroy all cursed
items, except again for artifacts.
(5.10a) Equipment damage from elemental attacks
(5.11) Earthquakes