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» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (5.2) Ranged Weapons, brands
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(5.1a) Melee weapon types
(5.2a) Fire-till-kill mode
(5.2) Ranged Weapons, brands                                                    
Ranged weapons are not to be underestimated, they can be very powerful.
Especially characters with low Hit Points will love them since approaching
hordes can be killed at a distance or at least driven back, so they won't come
close and hit the player with devastating blows. It is recommended that you
equip a ranged weapon as soon as possible, and enchant its 'to-damage' to at
least +7 !

The maximum range a projectile can travel is 18 (while the maximum distance
your character can see is 20, be it with normal eye sight or infra-vision).
However, you might not reach this far with any ranged weapon:
- Throwing:
  The item's weight caps downwards at 1.0 lb. The heavier it gets after that,
  the more strength you will need to throw it far. Some item types inherently
  fly farther than others.
  The maximum distance is 15 for throwing weapons and 10 for all other items.
- Firing:
  - Boomerangs count as 'firing' although they are obviously thrown:
    Their range is always 15.
  - Launcher weapons (slings, bows, crossbows):
    The range is at least 9 and increased by +3 times the shooter's multiplier,
    to which 'extra might' is added.
    Total range caps at 18.
    A Sling (x2) shoots as far as 9 + 3*2 = 15 grids.
    A Long Bow of Extra Might (x4) shoots as far as 9 + 3*4 = 21, but since the
    absolute maximum range for ranged attacks is always 18 its range is 18.

Ranged weapons have to-hit and to-dam like melee weapons, but instead of
dice they have a 'multiplier'.

Example:  Ranged weapon is:  Long Bow (x3) (+0,+5)
          Ammunition is:     65 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+2)
If you shoot an arrow, it will inflict
( 1d4 +2 +5 ) * 3 damage on the victim. The dice of the arrow varies from 1
up to 4, so we can do a damage of 24 up to 33, so the average damage is 28,5.
We can see here that ranged weapons can do a lot of damage :)

Ranged weapons will be placed in equipment slot 'c)'. After you equipped one,
you need to also equip ammunition that will be used. For example if you use a
long bow, you need to fill your quiver with some arrows. (w)ield the arrows,
and they will be placed into equipment slot 'm)', the ammo slot.
A macro that shoots at the target closest to you, looks like this:  *tf-
Explanation in case you really want to know: * means entering targetting mode
and choosing nearest target, t means exiting target mode and remember currently
selected target, f means fire, - means to aim at previously acquired target if
it's valid and otherwise to cancel the action.
To automatically pick up your arrows simply inscribe them:  !=
To inscribe an item press '{' key, to remove an inscription press '}'.
Ranged weapons can also auto-retaliate, that means you will fire automatically
at targets on sight. See (4.1a) for details about auto-retaliation.
However, auto-retaliating with a ranged weapon works only if the enemy stands
on an adjacent field, so use 'fire-till-kill' mode in general!

The dice of ammunition are also effected by brands and slays same as normal
weapons but the additional damage is reduced to 2/5.
Example: Ring of Acid will usually add 1x your melee base damage (weapon dice).
For ranged weapons it will add 1*2/5x of your base damage (arrow dice), so
multiply the average arrow dice result by 1.4 instead of by 2 to get your total
damage output. See (5.3) to get an easy overview.

If you try to wield a ranged weapon that is too heavy for your character,
meaning your 'STRength' stat isn't high enough yet, you'll get a warning
"You have trouble wielding such a heavy bow".
That means you'll get neither any benefits from your 'Archery' skill nor from
any particular ranged mastery (extra shots!) at all when using that weapon.

Note: +damage bonus from other items besides the ranged weapon itself or the
ammunition it uses will not be added to ranged attacks, while +hit bonus will.
This means for example that 'a Ring of Slaying (+10,+12)' will add +10 to both
your melee hit chance and your ranged hit chance, but the +12 damage will only
be added to your melee damage, not your ranged.

Also see 'Armour weight (concerning ranged weapons)' further below in (5.5)
for details about how wearing armour affects your ranged weapon accuracy.
(5.1a) Melee weapon types
(5.2a) Fire-till-kill mode