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(5.18) Recharging
(5.20) Wraithform
(5.19) Enchanting                                                               
Weapons (including ammunition and physical-missile trap kits, meaning Catapult,
Arrow and Bolt trap kits) and armour can be enchanted. There are three types of
 - to armour class (in short "to-a" or "to-ac")
 - to hit chance (in short "to-h" or "to-hit")
 - to damage (in short "to-d" or "to-dam")

Enchanting restrictions:
 - Armour can only ever be enchanted to-a, even if it comes with (+hit,+dam)
   mods on it like for example a pair of gauntlets of slaying.
 - Weapons can only ever be enchanted to-h and to-d, even if it's a weapon that
   also comes with an armour class mod, eg a quarterstaff or defender weapon.
 - Some weapons and armour cannot be enchanted at all:
    - All artifacts.
    - Ego items that have the NO_ENCHANT flag, eg "(*Defender*)" weapons.
    - Normal items that have the NO_ENCHANT flag, which are Dark Swords and all
      three types of "Magic" ammo.

To enchant an item, you can either use scrolls (available at the alchemist or
the black market) or enchantment shop services (see (4.5a)).
There are big differences between the effects:
 - Shop services always enchant one of your equipped items (which is eligible
   for enchanting) to 5 + (yourlevel / 5), capping at 20. So you reach that
   cap at character level 75 (75/5 + 5 = 20). For ammunition the service caps
   at +15,+15, as ammunition can - in general - never be enchanted higher.
   These services are pretty expensive but can deliver the best result if your
   level is high enough. Their enchantment attempt always has a 100% chance to
 - Basic enchanting scrolls:
    - Scroll of Enchant Armour
    - Scroll of Enchant Weapon To-Hit
    - Scroll of Enchant Weapon To-Dam
   These enchant +1 point at a time, but have a chance to fail the higher the
   item is already enchanted. It is hard to get above +10, but the theoretical
   maximum reachable with these is +15.
 - High-power enchanting scrolls:
    - Scroll of *Enchant Armour*
    - Scroll of *Enchant Weapon*
   These scrolls will never fail and can reach a maximum of up to +15.
   The weapon-enchanting scroll can enchant either hit or damage, randomly, or
   even both of them.
   If an item enchantment is below 10, then these scrolls can sometimes enchant
   it by multiple points at once.

Details about enchanting via scrolls:
- Items whose enchantment is below 0 will have a 100% enchantment success rate,
  however it might be much cheaper to just use the 'Repair' shop service in
  town, of either the weaponsmith or the armoury.
- If you try to enchant piles of items, the success chance drops to 1/pilesize.
- If you try to enchant ammunition, the success chance increases twentyfold.
- Enchanting an item to at least +0 or better also has a chance to break a
  curse, even a heavy curse (see (5.12) about curses), every time you enchant
  it. If it doesn't break at +0 immediately, just keep enchanting it more.
  This method might be cheaper than buying a scroll of *Remove Curse* in many
  cases. For cursed weapons that have both to-h and to-d enchantments in the
  negative you should therefore pick the (arithmetically) higher value of these
  two to enchant, in order to reach +0 faster and therefore save cash.
  Permanent curses can never be broken, obviously.

To-dam enchantments on ranged weapons, ie slings, bows or crossbows, will get
their effect multiplied by the weapon's multiplier (given in parentheses),
making to-dam enchantments especially effective on ranged weapons.
Eg a Long Bow (x3) (+2,+5) will add +15 damage to each shot, resulting as
product from its +5 to-dam enchantment multiplied by its x3 launcher multiplier
for a 5*3 = 15 total damage bonus.

Items that are enchanted will have their item level set to at least the value
of their currently highest enchantment. Eg if you enchant a level 1 dagger
from whatever it was before to now (+3,+11), its level will be set to 11.
(The item level will of course not be adjusted downwards by enchanting.)
(5.18) Recharging
(5.20) Wraithform