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» (5.2b) Throwing items
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(5.2a) Fire-till-kill mode
(5.3) Slaying vs brands
(5.2b) Throwing items                                                           
Slings, bows, crossbows and even boomerangs are placed in the "ranged weapon"
equipment slot 'c)'and are then 'fired', even though in the case of Boomerangs
of course the correct term would be 'thrown'.
However, in TomeNET, throwing is already reserved for the action of throwing an
item from your inventory - and while throwing plays no big role for high level
characters it can make a difference in the early game!

Throwing can be used to get rid of that pesky fruit bat, floating eye, or to
inflict not just damage but status effects too on a monster or even a group of

To throw an item, you'd press 'v'. While you can throw any item to inflict some
damage, usually the more damage the bigger the item is, there are a couple of
things to know about throwing:

- Potions thrown at a something will shatter, often releasing an area effect.
  If you have potions in your inventory that are pseudo-identified as 'bad'
  just throw them at a monster or a pack of them.
  For example a potion of salt water can temporarily blind monsters, while a
  potion of weakness can reduce their melee damage.
  Potions of slowness and potions of sleep are very effective too.
- Some weapon types are especially effective at dealing damage when thrown,
  much more so than other random items. These throwing weapons are:
  - Daggers (main gauche counts as such as well),
  - Axes
  - Spears and tridents.
- Flasks of oil can also be thrown for an extra fire damage effect.

Damage of thrown items depends on their damage dice, to-damage enchantment and
the thrower's strength. Throwing distance depends on item weight and strength.
Effective throwing weapons can be thrown especially far and unlike for other
items or weapons their weight will additionally increase the damage dealt.
While under the effect of Berserk, the range is further increased. Note that
the max range is always capped, however, and this cap cannot be extended by
berserk effects either. Throwing weapons can be thrown up to 15 grids far and
other items up to 10 grids.

The effect a shattered potion applies is in general the same that a fumes trap
loaded with that potion would cause, just that the fumes from the trap are
usually more potent.

Tip: To easily throw all 'bad' potions in your inventory create a throwing
macro in the macro wizard ('%' and then 'z')  and when asked for the item name
or inscription, just type 'bad', as that will automatically select a potion
that has been automatically inscribed 'bad' by the pseudo-identification
system of the game.

However, another use for bad potions could be to use the '/empty' command on
them to obtain empty bottles, and fill those at fountains.
(5.2a) Fire-till-kill mode
(5.3) Slaying vs brands