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» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (5.9) What does item xxx do exactly?
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(5.8) Special abilities of items
(5.9a) Activatable items
(5.9) What does item xxx do exactly?                                            
Some items might look bad (Mushrooms of Unhealth), but keep in mind that you
can often throw ('v') these items to damage or impair an enemy.
For more information about items and especially ego items see (8.4).

Weapons & Armour
Dark Sword      Dark Swords have a so-called 'anti-magic field', which
                prevents the user from using magic devices or casting spells,
                and also has a chance to interrupt nearby monsters and players
                who try to cast spells but doesn't affect their magic devices.
                You can still use scrolls and potions, but their effect
                duration might get reduced.
                The chance to interrupt spellcasters is 30% minus 3/5 of the
                to-hit and to-dam values of the dark sword. Example:
                A Dark Sword (+3,+7) has 30 - (3+7) * 3/5 = 24% chance of
                interrupting spellcasters.
                The radius of the anti-magic field is several fields (chance
                to interrupt spells, divided by 9), getting smaller if the
                chance is smaller than 30%.
                Your party members are not affected by your anti-magic field.
                Dark Swords never give more than 30% AM, even if tohit and
                todam boni added together result in a negative number.
                They also never give 'negative anti-magic', 0% AM is the
                minimum, even if tohit+todam are greater than its AM.
                AC boni on Dark Swords won't affect the anti-magic field.
                The anti-magic chance and field radius of a dark sword stacks
                with the 'Anti-magic' skill (see (7.2)).

                Note that if you dual-wield dark swords the stronger AM field
                will override the weaker one, so they don't stack.

                Similarly, if there are multiple players around nearby who have
                anti-magic fields affecting the same monster then only the
                strongest AM field will work, overriding the weaker ones.

                Dark swords cannot be enchanted nor disenchanted and do not
                take damage from water or fire.
Shadow Blade    Resists darkness and provides a fixed stealth bonus of +2.
                Does not get damaged by acid, water or fire.
Bluesteel Blade Especially sharp (see 'VORPAL' under (5.8)).
                Does not get damaged by water or fire.
Blade of Chaos  Grants chaos resistance and produces chaotic effects on hits,
                which in most cases means either life drain or confuse target,
                with other (in turn detrimental to the wielder) effects being
                very rare, see (5.8) for details on CHAOTIC flag.
                As a specialty, this weapon will never gain ego powers or
                artifact powers that harm (aka hit point drain) an undead or
                demonic wielder.
                Does not get damaged by fire, acid and water.
Scourge of Repentance
                Slays undead and demons.
                Does not get damaged by water, acid, or fire.
Demon Hammer    *Slays* demons. Does not get damaged by water, acid or fire.
Mace of Disruption
                *Slays* undead. Not damaged by water, acid or fire.
Hunting Spear   Slays animals.
Dragon Lance    *Slays* dragons.
                Does not get damaged by water, acid, or fire.
Scythe of Slicing
                Especially sharp (see 'VORPAL' under (5.8)).
                Does not get damaged by water, acid, or fire.
Slaughter Axe   Slays animals.
Infernal Axe    Fire-branded. As a specialty, this weapon will never gain ego
                powers or artifact powers that harm (aka hit point drain) an
                undead or demonic wielder.
                Does not get damaged by water, acid or fire.
Thunder Axe     Slays giants, is lightning-branded. Is not damaged by fire.
                Does not get damaged by water, acid or fire.
Weapons of Morgul
                These are terribly cursed weapons. They are no good in any
                way and you should just never pick them up, and if you made
                that mistake, try to get rid of them as soon as you can to free
                up that inventory slot again - except if you are truly of the
                undead vampire race or a maiar so corrupted that you became a
                hell knight! In these cases, as all heavily cursed equipment,
                these weapons will get their mali reversed into boni when you
                equip them, working in your favour! That doesn't mean their
                curse is broken, though..
                Since they have a heavy curse on them, if you want to get rid
                of them you will need to either use a scroll of *remove curse*
                or use enchant scrolls to break it. For details about the trick
                with enchant-scrolls, which are usually much cheaper, see the
                paragraph '(5.12) Curses'.
                Wielding a weapon of Morgul will allow you to see the invisible
                but also infect you with Black Breath, drain your experience
                and aggravate nearby monsters.
                Note that this weapon can auto-recurse itself when you move it
                between equipment and inventory, so when you uncursed it drop
                it to the ground right away!
                If you find a weapon of morgul, inscribe it '!w' to prevent
                wielding it accidentally.
                Wielded against Nazgul however, Morgul weapons will greatly
                resist destruction on touching them, same as artifacts and
                the Stormbringer do!
Weapons of Nothingness
                Similarly terribly cursed as weapons of Morgul. You are unable
                to strike while wielding this weapon. There is noone who can
                possibly make use of these, as they simply refuse to work.
                Fortunately you can just drop or destroy these weapons via
                'd' and 'k' keys just like any other items, just make sure you
                never ever accidentally wield one.
                See 'Weapons of Morgul' right above on how to break the curse
                of this weapon to get rid of it, as these kinds both are
                heavily cursed.
                Note that this weapon can auto-recurse itself, same as Morgul
                weapons, when you move it between equipment and inventory, so
                if you ever accidentally wield one and then managed to uncurse
                it, do NOT take it off as that will make it recurse itself, but
                instead 'd'rop it straight to the ground or simply destroy it
                with 'k' right away!
Shattered weapons
                Weapons that have the prefix "shattered" deal less damage than
                usual, in most cases the +hit and +dam values are in negative
                However, other than bad damage, the weapon is not cursed or
                impared in any way.
Weapons of Slaying
 (SLAY_WEAP)    These weapons can have greatly boosted damage dice and
                sometimes poison brand.
                If it's a sword, axe or slice-type polearm it could also get a
                'vorpal' effect - see 'VORPAL' under (5.8).

Magic ammunition
                (Magic Arrows, Magic Bolts, Magic Shots).
                Those will return into your quiver magically, so just having
                one will already serve, as long as it isn't destroyed by some
                elemental attack..
                Artifact ammunition of any type auto-returns too, same as magic
Silver ammunition
                *Slays* undead.
Ethereal ammunition
                Magically returns after being fired, has a small chance to fade
                away instead though. Cannot be enchanted.

Blasted armour  Armour that has the prefix "blasted" has much less +AC bonus
                than usual, in most cases the +AC value is deeply in the
                negative numbers.
                However, other than bad +AC the armour is not cursed or impared
                in any way.
Dragon Scale Mail
Dracolich Bone Armour
                Legendary piece of armour that often grants some elemental
                immunity and can be activated for elemental breath.
                Also has neutral water buoyancy, so it doesn't hamper (nor
                help) your ability to swim in terms of weight it puts on you.
                Usually When mentioning DSM, the Dracolich version is included,
                it also works the same as DSM, so it's just different in name.
Dragonrider Coat
                Resists heat & cold.
Elven Cloak     Increases your stealth and luck.
                For details about luck see LUCK flag in (5.8).
Elven Gloves    Regenerate hit points and mana points.
Multi-hued Dragon Scale Mail
                Gives base + poison resistance ('base' resistance means
                fire/cold/lightning/acid) and two random immunities out of
                those five.
                For example one MHDSM might give fire and cold immunity,
                while another MHDSM gives poison and lightning immunity.
Royal Armour    Super-heavy armour that can only be worn by (fallen) winners,
                'winner' meaning queens, kings, empresses and emperors.
                (These armour pieces usually have a level requirement of 51 or
                more and can have special boni not found on other armour.)
                'Royal armour' is not a base item name itself but just
                describes various types of adamantite and mithril heavy armour
                or shields that will display
                "It is to be used by royalties exclusively."
                in violet colour when inspected/examined.
Serpent Scale Mail
                Resists acid.
Shadow Cloak    Makes you hard to spot for other players, regarding..
                a) them seeing you
                b) them being able to look at your current equipment.
                Shadow Cloaks work especially well to further disguise yourself
                while being invisible vs. someone who is able to see invisible
                creatures/players. See '(5.14) Invisibility'.

Augmentation    Raises all your stats.
Berserk Strength
                Temporary effects: Heals you for 30, increases CHP and MHP by
                20, become fearless, -10 malus to ac and +10 to strength,
                compare (4.11b). Does not stack with 'Berserk' technique.
                ("You feel like a killing machine!")
Blood           Cannot be found or bought, but only gathered from fountains of
                blood which are found in the Paths of the Dead. These feed true
                vampires, but they expire after some time. This process can be
                delayed by carrying snow in your backpack, obtaining an aura
                of cold, avoiding an aura of fire, sticking to cold terrain, or
                being proficient in Water wizardry school (at least 8.000).
                If the carrier is of white draconian lineage that also helps,
                while being of red draconian lineage will accelerate going bad.
                Since vampires don't emanate much body heat, they are also good
                carriers, provided they are also moving on cold terrain.
                Not all of these effects actually stack, but carrying more snow
                is always effective, especially if the ratio of snow to blood
                potions is higher.
Boldness        Removes fear and keeps your heart boldened for a while.
Chauve-Souris   Turns you into a fruit bat. Quaff another one to be restored
                to your original form. A wand/rod of polymorph might help too.
                Make sure you don't resist nexus if someone tries to polymorph
                you back. Or just use 'Morph Restoration' service.
                Characters with 'Fruit Bat' body modification are immune.
                Mimicry users can simply polymorph out to any form they like.
Cure Light Wounds
                Cures blindness and heals cuts somewhat; heals 3d8 HP.
Cure Serious Wounds
                Cures blindness, some cuts, confusion; heals 6d8 HP.
Cure Critical Wounds
                Cures blindness, most cuts, confusion, stun; heals 14d8 HP.
Curing          Heals 9d10 HP, removes blindness/confusion/stun, cures
                poison/disease/cuts/hallucinations, heals some insanity,
                cures being gorged, restores all your stats (except exp).
Detect Invisible
                Temporarily grants you the ability to see invisible.
                ("Your eyes feel very sensitive!")
                (See (5.14) for details about invisibility.)
Detonations / Death
                Better not drink it (or you deserve it).
                Also, handle with caution! Make sure those won't shatter in
                your backpack when you're hit by potion-damaging effects, or
                you might not see the next sunrise.
                If thrown (press 'v' to throw an item) these potions show the
                strongest effect by far of all potions - devastating!
                Accordingly useful to be used in fumes traps.
                Death potions can be consumed by undead without taking damage
                and they will even restore their stamina.
Enlightenment   Illuminates and maps the whole level and reveals all objects.
                It also identifies all of the user's items.
*Enlightenment* Raises your intelligence and wisdom, detect treasures,
                objects, secret doors, stairs, traps. Identifies all items.
                Tells you about yourself like a potion of Self-Knowledge.
Experience      Gives you additionally half your current experience plus 10,
                but only up to a maximum of +100,000 points. So you'll get the
                most out of it if you quaff it when you reached 200,000 exp.
                (Ok, 199,980 - thanks Sav...)
                However, some players prefer to quaff it earlier, when it's
                especially hard for them to reach the next level for some
                reason, maybe harder than if they were at 200,000 exp already.
                The XP gain from this potion is not affected by the experience
                gain penalties (exp ratio) of your class or race.
Heroism         Temporary effects: Increases CHP and MHP by 10. Removes fear.
                +12 bonus to-hit, compare (4.11b). ("You feel like a hero!")
Infra-vision    Temporarily grants you 100..200 ft of infra-vision randomly,
                ie the ability to see warm-blooded creatures from afar, even
                in complete darkness or if they are invisible to normal sight.
                If you already have fixed infra-vision, this potion will add
                to your fixed infra-vision radius, further increasing it.
                ("Your eyes begin to tingle!")
Invulnerability Will turn you partially invulnerable (40% chance to fully
                deflect any attack, 50% damage reduction if it still hits)
                and increases armour class by 100 temporarily.
                ("A powerful iridescent shield forms around your body!")
Learning        Gives you 1..3 (random) additional skill points to spend.
Life            Heals 700 HP, removes blindness/confusion/stun, cures
                poison/disease/cuts/hallucinations, cures Black Breath,
                restores all your stats and experience and your stamina.
Lose Memories   Lose 25% experience (if Hold Life is missing).
Resistance      Gives you temporary resistance against heat, cold, acid,
                electricity and poison. (Stacks with permanent resistance
                to lower the damage to 1/9 (1/3 temp * 1/3 perm)).
Speed           Temporary speed increase by +10.
Healing         Cures blindness, most cuts, confusion, stun; heals 300 HP.
*Healing*       Cures blindness, cuts, confusion, stun, poison, disease and
                heals 700 HP.
Restore Life Levels
                Restores your experience, if it has been drained. You can see
                that your experience has been drained by it being displayed in
                yellow colour instead of the usual light green.
                Note that this potion does not restore experience you lost by
                dying (there is no way to restore experience loss from death).
Restore Mana    Restores 500 MP. ('You feel your head clearing')
*Restore Mana*  Restores 1000 MP. ('You feel your head clearing')
Ruination       Take 10d10 damage. All stats are decreased by 25 (restorable).
Self-Knowledge  Tells you everything about yourself and identifies your items.

Acquirement     Gives you a great item, generated randomly (may sometimes be
                very great and sometimes less great).
                Reading it on deeper dungeon levels produces better results in
                general (although the outcome is still pretty random).
                Note that while some towns also have a high level, reading this
                scroll in town won't guarantee a 'great' item, which will
                be guaranteed if you read it in the dungeon.
                What you usually do: Either try to quickly visit a really deep
                dungeon level just to read the scroll, grab the item and get
                out of there. Or sell it to a town store for good cash.
                Acquirement is not affected by 'luck'.
                Acquirement does have a chance to produce artifacts.
*Acquirement*   Same as Acquirement, but gives you two or three great items.
Aggravate Monsters
                Wakes up all monsters within about twice the maximum sight
                range (a constant defaulting to 20, so aggrav. radius is ~40).
                Unlike static aggravation (from item flag) this hastes all
                monsters in your line of sight (same as SHRIEK ability or traps
                of aggravation or the "/scream" command).
                The haste effect is permanent, but most non-unique monsters can
                be slowed down again by using any slowing magic.
Blessing/Holy Chant/Holy Prayer
                Temporarily increases your AC by 8/14/20 and also increases
                your to-hit bonus by half that amount ("You feel righteous!").
Blood Bond      Inscribe this @P<playername>, for example @PGandalf, then read
                it to form a blood bond between you and that player. (Only one
                of you has to read a BB scroll, it's working bidirectional).
                Everyone on the server will receive messages about that blood
                bond been formed: "<player A> blood bonds with <player B>".
                If you don't see this message, you did something wrong. Get
                another scroll and repeat the blood bonding until you see the
                correct confirmation message.
                Your characters will automatically be hostile to each other,
                so you can fight in a friendly duel. This even works in town,
                which otherwise is a safe zone from PvP.
                The loser won't suffer a real death while blood-bonded, but
                just get teleported away. The hostility will automatically be
                cancelled when the blood bond ends or when a player logs out.
                Everyone on the server will be informed about the result:
                "<A> wins the blood bond against <B>".
Cancellation    Don't use it! It will heavily disenchant and blast all sorts of
                magic items in your inventory and render them worthless,
                including magic devices.
                Artifacts (and Stormbringer) are unaffected.
                Your equipment is unaffected.
Curse Weapon    Will remove all special powers and enchantments of your primary
                or (in case you don't wield a primary weapon) your secondary
                weapon and turn it into a 'shattered' weapon without any useful
                abilities. Artifacts have a chance to resist the effect.
Curse Armour    Will remove all special powers and enchantments of your body
                armour (if you wear any) and turn it into a 'blasted' armour
                without any useful abilities. Artifacts have a chance to resist
                the effect.
Cheques         These are automatically generated in player stores when someone
                buys an item. They can be 'I'nspected to check their value or
                'r'ead to cash in the money.
                For more information see (4.10a).
Deeds           Some of the parchments are deeds, which are used as rewards
                for various purpose, such as events (see (4.13)) and
                pvp fights of PvP mode-characters (see (7.13)).
                Press 'r' to read a deed, which will usually tell you what to
                do with it. In most cases, you have to turn it in at the
                mayor's office in Bree (one of the '+' doors in town).
                Some deeds can be traded to other characters, but usually they
                will get a lesser reward (eg a luck buff instead of an item)
                than the original owner could have gotten. Also, the luck buff
                from a traded master deed won't be as strong as the luck buff
                form your own master deed.
                Luck buffs of lesser deeds (contender) usually last about
                30 minutes each or 45 minutes on the Ironman server, while luck
                buffs of master deeds (winner) usually last about 60 minutes or
                90 on Iornman server (duration is relative to world surface.)
                Note that temporary luck buffs from deeds stack in duration up
                to ~ 1 hour as long as their buff power is the same, and also
                will end prematurely when you log out before the buff ran out.
                The luck buffs are on hold while on the world surface, so you
                won't lose buff time from running around. (Of course this also
                means that the luck effect is not being applied.)
*Destruction*   Causes a local earthquake, nearly completely wiping the area
                of monsters and objects (see (5.11) about earthquakes).
                Extremely powerful magic which causes a searing blast of light
                and a terrible shockwave that will blind you and knock you and
                everyone else out.
                Use this as a last resort!
                This magic will fail inside vaults and in towns or in the area
                surrounding a town within a radius of 3 worldmap sectors.
                It will also fail on dungeon floors that do not allow
                *destruction* magic explicitely (orange floor feeling saying
                "The walls here seem very solid.", also see (4.8)).
                *Destruction* does not yield any kind of credit such as
                experience points, loot or monster-form for mimics.
                *Destruction* actually erases objects completely, so potions
                caught up in it will not cause any shatter-effects.
  Sub-types: weapon to-dam, weapon to-hit, armour.
                Will attempt to enchant weapon/ammunition or armour.
                The higher the item is already enchanted the more unlikely it
                will succeed another time.
                The chance to succeed will also drop if the scroll is used on a
                stack of items, instead of a single item, depending on the
                stack size. It is easier to enchant a stack of ammunition than
                enchanting a same-size stack of regular weapons/armour though.
  Sub-types: weapon, armour.
                Much more likely to enchant up to +15, and likely to enchant
                by several points at once.
                The chance to succeed will drop if the scroll is used on a
                stack of items, instead of a single item, depending on the
                stack size. It is easier to enchant a stack of ammunition than
                enchanting a same-size stack of regular weapons/armour though.
                Fires a ball of the according type around you. Make sure you
                resist it or you will take damage too.
Genocide        Removes all monsters of a certain kind from the current level.
                Drains your HP for each one removed.
                The race will be determined by the monster which stands
                closest to you when firing off the spell. For each monster you
                will suffer randomly from just 1 up to 4+(monsterlevel/8)
                points of damage, which cannot be absorbed by any magic shield
                or other protective effect!
                Depending on the server configuration, the caster's remaining
                hit points are usually halved (as an additional extra penalty)
                after the spell finished.
                Monsters have a chance to resist genocide, depending on their
                level. Monsters inside vaults, Uniques, and monsters that are
                immune to teleportation attacks cannot be genocided.
                (Genocide-type spells do not yield any kind of credit such as
                experience points, loot or monster-form for mimics.)
Golem Creation  Allows you to create a golem which follows you and which you
                can control to some extent, see (9.3) for more information.
Life            Resurrects another player's ghost if standing on a directly
                adjacent field to you when you read it. Does not work inside
                vaults, and only over solid ground.
                Also restores your experience points if they were drained.
                Since it was often asked: Non-everlasting and everlasting
                players can revive each other without problems.
Lottery         This might be your chance today to win the Jackpot!
                Just read it, if you win any money, it will appear under/around
                your character on the floor. You will always get a message that
                tells you if you won or not.
                A common question is if someone ever won the first prize and
                how much it is:
                Yes, several people have won it, although it happens extremely
                rarely. The prize at the time of writing this is about 1.5M Au.
Obliteration    Removes all monsters that are close to you.
                Drains your HP.
                All monsters within a radius (equal to your sight range)
                around you are annihilated. For each monster you will suffer
                between 1 and 3+(monsterlevel/8) points of damage, which cannot
                be absorbed by any magic shield or other protective effects!
                Depending on the server configuration, the caster's remaining
                hit points might be halved (extra penalty) after the spell
                finished (this penalty is enabled by default).
                Monsters have a chance to resist genocide, depending on their
                level. Monsters inside vaults, Uniques, and monsters that are
                immune to teleportation attacks cannot be genocided.
                (Genocide-type spells do not yield any kind of credit such as
                experience points, loot or monster-form for mimics.)
Parchments      These contain informations about the game, they won't
                disappear if you read them.
Protection from evil
                Repels evil creatures that try to attack you in melee.
                See the prayer 'Protection from evil' in (7.8)!
                ("You feel safe from evil!")
Recharging      Recharges a magical device (rod, wand or staff, see (5.18)).
Remove Curse    Breaks lesser curses on items, allowing you to unwear or
                destroy them. Note that many items can be sold for good cash
                as soon as they are uncursed!
                Also, non- or uncursed items that induce random teleportation
                can be inscribed .. to have the teleportation stop (compare
                (0.3 Important Inscriptions).
                (Scrolls give you the message:
                'You feel as if someone is watching over you.'.)
*Remove Curse*  Breaks heavy curses. Note that curses (including heavy ones)
                on weapons or armours can also be broken by enchanting one of
                their boni some points above +0 manually. (The enchant service
                of shops won't help!)
Rune of Protection
                Creates a rune on the ground that monsters cannot cross nor
                summon on. Monsters have a chance to break it on each turn.
                Weak monsters will rarely succeed while powerful monsters may
                break it quickly. Monsters of level 98+ can instantly break it.
Rumour          Makes a random rumour come to your character's (and everyone
                else's characters') mind. Has no further effect and is not
                necessarily true even.
Wilderness Mapping
                Maps the wilderness area around the worldmap sector you
                are currently within. These scrolls also sometimes carry
                an inscription telling the location of a hidden dungeon.
Word of Recall  Use it to quickly travel from the town or the wilderness into a
                dungeon or tower within your current sector.
                It can also be used to travel between towns or on the worldmap
                in general. See "(0.3) Important Inscriptions, Word of Recall"
                for more info about Word of Recall! ("Word of Recall", "WoR")
                Word of Recall scrolls can be exchanged between an everlasting
                and a non-everlasting player!
Vermin Control  Stops breeders on the whole floor from multiplying. Doesn't
                have effect on certain non-natural breeders such as Unmakers.
                This scroll affects all currently existing breeders on the
                dungeon level, but also all breeders that additionall may get
                spawned in the future, so Vermin Control doesn't need to be
                used more than once per dungeon floor, ever.

Annihilation    Wand only: Drains 10..20% life from your target.
                Unique monsters can resist. The damage drained caps at 1200.
Clone Monster   Duplicates a monster. The duplicate, aka 'clone', does not give
                experience, drop items, or count as form credit for mimicry
Curing          Cures being gorged, poison, diseases and cuts,
                removes blindness/confusion/stun/hallucinations.
*Destruction*   See 'Scrolls'.
Detection       Detects treasures, objects, traps, secret doors, stairs and
                non-invisible creatures.
Dragon's Breath These wands fire a ball of dragon odem (more powerful than
                normal ball spell wands.) - randomly on each cast one of:
                Fire, frost, lightning, acid or poison.
Drain Life      Wand/rod: Drains 10..20% life from your target, giving you 25%
                of the drained life force.
                Undead and nonliving monsters are unaffected, unique monsters
                can resist. The damage drained caps at 900.
Enlightenment   Magically maps your surroundings.
Genocide        See 'Scrolls'.
Havoc           Fires a strong initial havoc ball that leaves a lingering
                havoc cloud behind, dealing additional damage over time.
                Note: Rods of Havoc do not stack! That means each rod you carry
                will occupy one inventory slot.
Healing         Staves:
                Heals 250 to 400 hit points, depending on magic device skill,
                cures stun and cuts.
                Heals 100 to 400 hit points, depending on magic device skill,
                cures stun and cuts.
Holiness        Dispels nearby undead. Also protects you from evil for a while.
                Cures poison/disease/cuts, removes fear/stun, heals somewhat.
Magi            Restores your intelligence and 500 mana points.
                ('You feel your head clearing')
Perception      Identifies a specific item.
*Perception*    *Identifies* a specific item, you guessed it..
Polymorph       Polymorphs your target randomly into another form.
                Doesn't works on players who resist nexus.
Power           Dispels nearby monsters.
Probing         Tells you hit points, melee attacks, speed and armour class of
                monsters in your line of sight.
Restoration     Restores experience points (aka live levels) and drained stats,
                ie STR/INT/WIS/DEX/CON/CHR.
Starlight       Casts 8 beams of light in a star-shaped pattern.
Teleport To     Attempts to teleport your target towards you, placing it on an
                adjacant grid next to you. Some monsters are immune and will
                give an 'unaffected' message, all monsters have a chance to
                resist in which case it'll give you a 'resists' message.
Wonder          Wands of wonder cast random magic spells.

Talisman (Amulet)       Increases your luck, helping you finding better loot.
                        (See LUCK flag in (5.8) for details about luck.)
Amulet of Adornment     They might be looking fancy, but they don't do
                        anything and have no effect on your character.
Amulet of Anti-Magic    See (5.8), 'NO_MAGIC'
Amulet of Anti-Teleportation
                        If worn it will suppress all attemps to teleport, phase
                        or recall the wearer, regardless whether initiated by a
                        monster or by himself. It will also prevent certain
                        effects of unresisted nexus attacks.
Amulet of Brilliance    increase intelligence and wisdom, provide light.
Amulet of the Moon      Gives infra-vision, the power to see invisible, and it
                        can be activated to sleep monsters nearby.
                        It also improves your +hit and +dam boni.
Amulet of Terken        Gives the power to see invisible, free action, and
                        improves your searching (usually by quite a lot).
Amulet of Sustenance    sustain all six attributes, provide 'Hold Life'
                        resistance to experience-draining attacks,
                        and provide slow digestion.
                        Sustenance of a stat will prevent it from being drained
                        by various sort of attacks, potions, or other effects.
                        For most things it works 100% of the time, but for some
                        effects it just reduces the chance of a decrease to
                        Sustaining STR and DEX for example will ensure that you
                        don't lose attacks/round, so wearing a ring of Sustain
                        Ability can be helpful for melee fighters, especially
                        if they enter an ironman dungeon which they cannot
                        leave early in case they need to restore drained stats.
Ring of Prowess         increase and sustain strength and intelligence.
Ring of Tenacity        increase and sustain strength and wisdom.
Ring of Might           increase and sustain strength and constitution.
Ring of Cunningness     increase and sustain dexterity and intelligence.
Ring of Gallantry       increase and sustain dexterity and wisdom.
Ring of Toughness       increase and sustain dexterity and constitution.
Ring of Preparedness    increase and sustain constitution and intelligence.
Ring of Steadiness      increase and sustain constitution and wisdom.
Ring of Flames, Ring of Ice, Ring of Acid, Ring of Lightning
                        Provide the according resistance and can be activated
                        for temporary resistance too, thereby temporarily
                        giving you "double resistance" (see (5.15) for
                        details). They also brand your physical attacks with
                        the according element.
Ring of Lordly Protection
                        Resist poison, disenchantment, life drain and give
                        free action (immunity to paralysis).
Amulet of Slow Digestion
Ring of Slow Digestion
                        will slow your food digestion so you have to eat less
                        often. Also prevents instant paralysis if your food
                        state hits red 'Starved' (or red 'Weak' in old game
                        versions up to 4.8.0).
Ring of Polymorphing    Can be used by adept Mimicry-users to tansform
                        themselves. See (7.7a) for details on these rings.

Ale and wine        Will satisfy your hunger somewhat, and may have random side
                    Confusion, stun, hallucinations, 1 point of sanity damage,
                    paralysis, fear, blindness (methyl? ew), vomitting if
                    your stomach isn't relatively empty, temporary stat
                    decrease (except for strength), slowness,
                    heroism, berserk, speed (compare (4.11b)).
                    Note that the unique dwarven ale of the Khazad is vastly
                    superiour to normal ale or wine, and will mostly affect the
                    drinker positively, not ever causing negative side effects
                    besides possible confusion.
Chests              Chests may contain treasures or items. Usually, chests
                    you find will have hidden traps on them. So what you do
                    is to hit 's' to search for traps while standing next to
                    the chest, or use any trap detection magic.
                    When you have discovered the trap, hit 'D' to disarm it,
                    or again use any sort of disarming magic.
                    The disarmed chest is finally safe to open with 'o' key.
                    Happy looting.
                    Note that only the chest's level affects what kind of items
                    you may find in it. It does not matter where you actually
                    are when you open it or who opens it. A player's 'Luck'
                    value has no effect on the outcome either.
                    On average, large chests tend to contain items rather than
                    money while small chests mostly contain money.
                    Chests have an increased chance to drop good items, same as
                    monsters that have DROP_GOOD flag.
                    Also see (6.3) for more information.
                    Since client 4.8.0, emptied chests can be used for storing
                    items to extend your inventory slightly, see (3.4).
Climbing set        Allows you to travel over mountain fields.
                    Info for mimics & co: In order to be able to use it, your
                    appearance form must have arms and fingers. (Equip it!)
Backpack safety lock
                    When equipped it has a very high chance to prevent thieves
                    from stealing items from your backpack or money from your
                    Also somewhat protects against traps that cause your items
                    to drop or that somehow try to steal your items (thirst).
Empty bottles       You can /fill these at fountains to turn them into
                    potions. (See (0.2b) for more details.)
Firestones          These can be eaten by Draconians and players in dragon
                    forms and have various random effects (small firestones
                    just have reduced duration):
                    - If the player isn't a Draconian but he is currently in
                      dragon form he will get some mana refilled.
                      ('You feel your head clearing')
                    - If he is a Draconian, the following effects can apply:
                        - Adrenaline:   Consume way more food.
                                        Get STR/CON/DEX bonus.
                                        Get to-hit/to-dam bonus.
                                        Sometimes get EA.
                                        Get AC malus.
                        - Biofeedback:  Consume more food.
                                        Regenerate HP / heal cuts faster.
                                        Reduce damage from arrows/missiles,
                                        shards, sound and ice shards.
                        - ESP:          You can see telepathically.
                        - Physical Instability:     Probability Travel.
                        - Fury:         speed bonus, to-dam bonus, no fear,
                                        to-hit malus, to-ac malus.
                                        Compare (4.11b).
                        - Speed-up:     Speed bonus.
                        - Heroism:      +10 CHP/MHP, +12 to-hit, resist fear,
                                        compare (4.11b).
                        - Temp res:     Temporary base and poison resistance.
                    If you eat too many of them over a short period of time you
                    might get poisoned by adrenaline overdose, with lethal
Flint               Prevents your light from going out by automatically
                    refilling it right when it would've reached 0 turns.
                    For this to work you'll need to carry appropriate items in
                    your inventory that will be used up in the process, eg a
                    flask of oil or another lantern for refilling a lantern or
                    another torch for refilling a torch.
                    The flint will fail if you are paralyzed at the time your
                    light goes out.
                    The flint will ignore all inventory items that carry '!F'
                    inscription or are ego- or artifact-class items.
Fortune Cookie      Gives you a line of wisdom.
Guild key           See (7.9).
Dwarven lanterns    Make you resist fear. Don't need to be fueled.
Feanorian lamps     Make you resist fear and see the invisible. Don't need to
                    be fueled.
Lembas (elvish waybread)
                    Satisifies hunger, cures poison, disease and hallucination.
Mattock/Pick/Shovel Diggers, improving your digging capabilities.
                    (+to-hit, +to-dam) on digging tools as well as a high
                    weight help to further increase their effectiveness.
                    Main factor is the (+diggingpower) mod though. (Equip it!)
                    If you lack any of these valuable digging tools, axes and
                    swords can help you hacking down trees or bushes. For
                    hacking away spider webs certain polearms used for slashing
                    (scythes and sickles) may help too, at least as well as
                    swords or axes. (see 'Digging' skill in (7.2) and (5.17)
                    for more information about digging).
                    Starting in 4.8.0 you can press SHIFT+W to wield a digging
                    tool as a weapon. You will still use it for digging too.
                    If you try to dig while having a digging tool equipped in
                    the weapon slot and another one in the tool slot, the
                    better one of the two will be used automatically.

Mushrooms of Hallucination
                    Deals some chaos damage to your sanity which will cause
                    hallucinations. Also restores a little mana.
Mushrooms of Paranoia/Cure Paranoia
                    Cause/remove fear, cause/remove hallucinations.
Mushroom of Unmagic
                    Removes all magical effects from your body if eaten.
Mushroom of Restoring
                    Restores your stats and your experience if drained.
Mushrooms with bad effects are also often poisonous.
Mummy Wrapping      Reduces your charisma slightly, and prevents other players
                    from seeing your equipment except for your melee and/or
                    ranged weapon. Also makes you look dark like being
                    infected by Black Breath. (Equip it!)
                    Vampires start with a mummy wrapping, because it can
                    protect them from the sunlight. If they are moving on the
                    world surface (meaning not in a dungeon/tower) while it's
                    day, the sun will burn them if they don't resist light or
                    wear a mummy wrapping.
                    Hint: Polymorphing into a vampire bat may improve hit
                    point regeneration rate.
Picklock            When equipped, improves your trap-disarming (and therefore
                    also your lockpicking) ability.
Rubble ':' on the floor
                    You can create sling ammo from this. You cannot pick up
                    rubble, just stand next to it (see (7.12)).
                    You can craft ammunition from these if your Archery skill
                    is sufficient (see (7.12)).
Snowball            Can be thrown at other people or target dummies.
                    Can also be used to cool potions of blood.
                    The more snowballs you carry, the slower they tend to melt.
                    Moving in cold terrain will preserve the snowballs in your
                    Other than that, basically everything about cooling that is
                    written further above about potions of blood does also
                    apply to snowballs.
Spell scroll        Although called "scrolls" they actually persist and can be
                    used infinite times. They may however get destroyed by
                    certain damage effects (most notably fire and acid)
                    same as regular scrolls. Spell scrolls ignore water damage
                    though, which can harm regular scrolls.
Spell crystal       They are like "spell scrolls", except they are used for
                    mindcrafter spells. A specialty of spell crystals is that
                    they ignore fire damage (and water damage, same as spell
                    scrolls), but are susceptible to electricity!
Codex, Spellbook, Grimoire
                    These are magic books that may contain magic spells of any
                    type and school.
                    However, these books start out empty, devoid of any spells
                    and it's up to the player to add spells of his choice to
                    To do so, he needs to find or buy spell scrolls in the
                    bookstore (orange '9' in town), then press 'A' to activate
                    the Codex, Spellbook or Grimoire, then choose the spell
                    scroll he wants to transcribe into the book. The scroll
                    will vanish and the spell will be permanently and
                    irreversibly added to the book.
                    Condition for this to work is that the book still has free
                    space left, and that the player has actually learned the
                    spell he wants to transcribe.
                    Codices can carry the least amount of spells (3),
                    spellbooks being intermediate (4), while Grimoires have
                    the most space (5).
                    Tip: You can stack multiple of these books if they have the
                    exact same spells in the exact same sequence in them.
                    (Note that you cannot use these books if your game client
                    version is below 4.4.2!)
Sprig of Athelas    Eat this one to cure Black Breath (see (1.3a) for more
                    information about Black Breath),
                    also cures poison/disease/stun/cuts.
Tarpaulin           When equipped a tarp prevents your inventory and equipment
                    from taking water damage when crossing water fields or when
                    you are attacked with water-based effects.
                    Note that your weapon is not included in this protection
                    when you for example attack a water-based monster with it.
Grinding Tool       Used by demolitionists (see "Digging" skill in (7.2)) to
                    grind items containing wood or metal, which they don't have
                    any other use for, to wood chips or reactive metal powder.
(5.8) Special abilities of items
(5.9a) Activatable items