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(4.7a) Trap kit load effects
(4.9) Navigating on maps
(4.8) Dungeon, floor & vault feelings                                           
Dungeon feelings:
Dungeons that haven't been visited for a while will start giving a temporary
experience bonus, until the game perceives them as 'well explored' again.
If you enter such a rarely visited dungeon you will be notified about the
experience bonus by one of these dungeon feelings, displayed in light umber:

  "This place has not been explored recently.":        +7% experience gain.

  "This place has not been explored in a long time.":  +13% experience gain.

  "This place has not been explored in ages.":         +20% experience gain.

These boni stack with boni from 'bad' (orange) floor feelings explained below.

Floor feelings:
Sometimes if you enter a new dungeon level your character will have a special
feeling about it, called 'level feelings' or 'floor feelings', displayed in
orange text.
These feelings are as follows:

  "You feel an imminent danger!" ->     This dungeon level is *way* higher
                                        than your character level.
                                        (Does not show in the IDDC.)

  "You feel a suppressive air." ->      You cannot use wraith form or
                                        probability travel on this level.
                                        (NO_MAGIC, +10% experience bonus!)

  "The air seems distorted." ->         You cannot use genocide on this level!
  (formerly 'feeling of peace')         (NO_GENO, +5% experience bonus!)

  "You lose all sense of direction..." -> You won't be able to auto-map this
                                        dungeon, meaning that you won't
                                        remember the dungeon layout.
                                        You can only see your nearby
                                        surroundings within your character's
                                        line of sight.
                                        (NO_MAP, +15% experience bonus!)

  "You feel like a stranger..." ->      You cannot use magic mapping nor
                                        clairvoyance here!
                                        (NO_MAGIC_MAP, +10% experience bonus!)

  "The walls here seem very solid." ->  The dungeon structure on this level
                                        is unaffected by *Destruction* or by
                                        earthquake magic.
                                        (NO_DESTROY, +5% experience bonus!)

  "You feel that your life hangs in the balance!" ->    ** Extremely dangerous
                                        to normal/everlasting players! **
                                        This only occurs on a level where
                                        Morgoth, Lord of Darkness resides,
                                        grasping the area with his untamable
                                        will to destroy.
                                        Players who die on this level will be
                                        completely extinguished and not even
                                        their ghost will survive! Everlasting
                                        and normal players will die the same
                                        way as unworldly and hellish ones!

  "You don't sense a magic barrier here..." ->   This message only occurs in
                                        Ironman or no-recall dungeons/towers.
                                        It lets you know that you may use
                                        Word of Recall on this floor!
                                        (This message is displayed in green
                                        colour, not orange.)

In addition to those orange level specialties, there are more feelings you
may get about the danger a level poses. Those only appear if you spent some
time (usually a few minutes) on the dungeon level you were coming from, so
they won't be helpful while stair-scumming or probability-travelling quickly.
(Exception: On Ironman-rule servers these will always be displayed, since all
dungeons are ironman and stair-scumming is not possible.)
The number telling you the current floor's depth (or a town name if you're in a
town) in the bottom right corner of the main window will get a light blue star
appended to it when you spent enough time on your current floor to receive an
extra feeling on entering the next floor. If you are in a town, the town's name
will turn light blue instead of a star appearing.
These extra level feelings (displayed in yellow) are:

  "What a terrifying place.."
      means a) there's a highly ood monster (20..40 levels above floor level,
      with 40 actually being the maximum possible ood level shift, compare
      ood explanation in (0.4)) or
      b) a great vault and some ood monster (10..19 levels) on the level.
      If you receive this message it will in most cases also change the normal
      music theme of that dungeon to a special 'terrifying' music, making it
      easier to notice quickly.

  "You sense an air of danger.."
      means there's a freely roaming ood monster (10..19 levels)
      on the level, and also the level has a vault on it somewhere.

  "Feels somewhat dangerous around here.."
      means there's a vault or a rather dangerous monster pit or nest
      on the level.

  "There's a sensation of challenge.."
      means there's a freely roaming slightly ood monster (10..19 levels)
      on the level.

  "There's a special feeling about this place.."
      means there's a unique monster on the level.
      (Dungeon bosses cause this feeling too, just like any unique monster.)

  "What a boring place.."
      means nothing of the above apply to this level.

"Freely roaming" means that the monster isn't generated inside a vault.
"Ood" means out of depth, ie a monster which is of higher level than the actual
dungeon level it spawned on.

Note that you will only get one, ie the strongest of these feelings applying
to your dungeon level, meaning feelings higher up the list will take precedence
over those below.

Also, the feeling of a dungeon level only indicate its status at the very
moment of the level being created initially!

This means the feeling will persist, even if its cause is removed or changed.
For example if the feeling indicates an OOD monster and you kill it,
you or following players entering that floor will still get that same feeling.
Or if a powerful monster spawns later on on an initially "boring place" level,
it'll remain to feel like a boring place, despite the new monster that might
actually make it pretty non-boring now..

You can check the floor feeling again anytime with the '/feel' command. If you
weren't eligible for receiving a floor feeling (because you didn't spend enough
time on the previous floor) then this command will just tell you:
  "You feel nothing special.".

If you are in the Ironman Deep Dive Challenge dungeon, you will get a feeling
informing you about the presence of a dungeon boss monster that belongs to the
dungeon theme in your current IDDC section.
This feeling appears in addition to the yellow floor feelings listed above:

  "You feel a commanding presence.."
      means that the dungeon boss of the current IDDC theme has been spawned.

Vault feelings:
Vaults can also bear a very dangerous feature that is displayed as dark grey
feeling as soon as you are about to enter the vault:

  "The air in here feels very still." ->  Means that you cannot use any type of
                                        teleportation, including Word of Recall
                                        while inside the vault. Beware!
                                        Further, Wraith Form and probability
                                        travel won't work either!
                                        The fact that you are standing within
                                        a no-tele area is also indicated by
                                        your (xx, yy) position display on the
                                        lower left area of the main window and
                                        also your speed indicator on the bottom
                                        status line of the main window
                                        turning from light green to dark grey!
                                        Also, the music will in most cases
                                        change from the normal theme of that
                                        dungeon to the same music played on
                                        'terrifying' levels, for easier notice.
                                        (Morgoth's music will not change.)

As soon as you leave such a no-teleport-vault you'll receive this feeling:
  "Fresh air greets you as you leave the vault."
(4.7a) Trap kit load effects
(4.9) Navigating on maps