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» (4.5c2) Example dungeon depth relations
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(4.5c) Dungeons
(4.5d) Dungeon bosses
(4.5c2) Example dungeon depth relations                                         
Here are some examples of relations of dungeon level difficulties.

This does not take into account the dungeon 'theme', ie types of walls, floors
and other terrain and preferred/disallowed monster types.
It is purely about the depth, ie the dungeon floor level, and therefore the
basic average monster level encountered on those dungeon floors.
(The average level of monsters you can expect there is always the same as the
level of the dungeon floor. With a few random exceptions sometimes.)

-The Orc Cave -50ft is same depth as Barrow-Downs -500ft, aka dungeon level 10.

-Mordor -50ft is dungeon level 34, while Barrow-Down's deepest floor at -1750ft
 is actually dungeon level 35 (1750ft/50ft).

-Path of the Dead -50ft is dungeon level 40, which is the same dungeon level as
 Mordor -350ft, ie 6 levels 'deeper' (34*50ft + 6*50ft).

-Angband -50ft is dungeon level 67, while Mordor's deepest floor at -1650 is
 dungeon level 66. Pretty seamless.

-Path of the Dead bottom at -1550ft is the same dungeon level as Angband -200ft
 ie dungeon level 70.
(4.5c) Dungeons
(4.5d) Dungeon bosses