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» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (4.4) Terrain
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
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(4.3a) The jail
(4.5) Towns, shops, the dungeons and dungeon bosses
(4.4) Terrain                                                                   
Terrain features in the main window:
Town buildings-
Consisting of red or yellow '#' (roof) and white '#' (wall), these cannot be
damaged or destroyed and some of them contain the basic town stores (numbers
1 to 9 marking the entrance) as well as special stores (+ sign marking the
entrance). See (4.5) for details about stores.

Dots '.' rensemble empty floor. Green dots are grass, brown ones dirt, grey
ones stone or ash. Note that the colour also depends on the season - in summer
or autumn, some grass might appear as yellow, when it's been suffering in the
heat. ;)
Red dots are lava, violet dots nether mist. These can be dangerous to cross!
See a bit below for more details.

Trees and bushes-
Thick trees are rensembled by (mostly green, depending on the season) '#'.
To pass them you need to either levitate over them or to be an Ent, shepherd of
trees to whom they will slightly bow aside to make room, a yeek, or a trained
ranger or druid. Trees can also be burned up. Dead trees and bushes are '*'

'<' and '>' are staircases leading upwards or downwards into towers or
dungeons. (Press the according key to walk the staircase. Whenever you take a
staircase, you'll receive the 'stair GoI' buff, see (0.4) for details on that.)
To discover a dungeon (or tower), you need to locate its entrance staircase.

Light brown '+' are closed doors, ' are open or broken doors.
(Use 'o' to open, 'c' to close and 'B'/'F' to bash/force doors.)

Void Jumpgates-
Violet '+' are void jumpgates that teleport you elsewhere.
Press '>' key to use them.
Jump gates are always connected in pairs. Note that draconians are susceptible
to the void, taking damage when they pass through jump gates.
Also, monsters can try to intercept you when you attempt to use a void gate.

Store entrances are represented by coloured numbers '1'..'7', '9' and '+'.
See (4.5) for details about stores.

':' is rubble. Characters with high enough archery skill who use a sling-type
weapon can stand next to rubble and use their 'Craft Ammunition' ability to
create sling ammunition from it.

Dark Pits-
Dark grey '^' are pits that can only be crossed if you have feather falling or
levitation ability. Bree is protected by pits around the outer tree wall.
These pits cannot be disarmed (because they don't count as trap, as opposed to
the actual 'chasm traps' and 'pit traps') or destroyed.

White '#' are permanent walls which cannot be damaged or destroyed, or in
some special places can be ice walls (which can be destroyed).
'#' and '%' of different grey tones are granite walls, magma intrusions,
quartz veins and can be tunneled into and take damage from earthquakes.
Yellow '#' are sand walls, red/brown '#' are indestructible lava walls which
may occur in some remote places..

On the world surface but also in some dungeons there's lots of water (blue '~'
fields). It can be dangerous to cross it if you're not good at swimming or if
you cannot levitate :) Further, nasty creatures are said to live in the seas.
Ents cannot drown in water since they completely consist of wood.

Mountain chains-
Brown '^' fields are massive and very high mountains. To travel these you need
a climbing set or another item that gives you climbing abilities. Dwarves can
intrinsically travel through mountains. In dungeons '^' rensemble solid
structures of massive rock that reach nearly up to the top of the huge dungeon
levels, climbing these is as hard as climbing mountains above ground.
White '^' are extremely high mountain chains that cannot be climbed.

Red dots '.' are shallow lava, which will do heat damage to your character in
regular intervals.
Red/orange/yellow '~' is deep lava, which deals a lot of heat damage.
The fire damage lava inflicts might also destroy items in your inventory in
case you're not immune to fire or at least double-resist fire - potions of
resist heat are a cheap way to attain double resistance for a short time.
(See (5.6) for more information about resistances, double resistance
and (5.10) for details about item destruction by elemental effects.)

'_' are fountains. To drink from them use /sip command or press the '_' key.
See (0.2) for more details.

Nether mist-
Violet dots designate nether mist. However, this usually only occurs in the
Nether Realm, a place which is exclusively accessible to winners.
Nether mist deals nether damage periodically, similar to how lava deals fire

Terrain features on the world map:
Towns           yellow 'T'
Grassland       green '.'
Forest          green '*'
Dense forests   dark grey '*'       - danger of getting stuck (*)
Swamps          violet '%'
Lakes           are displayed as blue '~' fields on the world map.
Rivers          light blue '~'
Coast areas     yellow ','
Oceans          blue '%' fields.    - might be hard to traverse (***)
Wasteland       umber (bronze) '.'
Mountains       dark grey '^'       - danger of getting stuck (**)
Volcanos        red '^'             - danger of getting stuck (**)
Deserts         yellolw '.'
Icy waste       white '.'

(*) You could get stuck in the trees if you enter such a sector;
    a digging tool or just using a sword or axe will allow you to hack down
    the trees relatively easily though to get you out of there.
    Note that levitation also allows you to pass trees easily.
(**) You might get stuck in there if you enter such a sector without being
     able to climb. Especially nasty in case of volcanos, since the fiery
     ground might burn your items. Use Word of Recall to get out of here.
(***) If your backpack is too heavy for you to swim then it'll be a big hassle
      to try and cross deep water without drowning. In that case just get an
      item that allows you to levitate and you'll be fine. (See (4.15) for
      details about swimming).
(4.3a) The jail
(4.5) Towns, shops, the dungeons and dungeon bosses