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» (5.3) Slaying vs brands
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(5.2b) Throwing items
(5.3a) Martial Arts, brands
(5.3) Slaying vs brands                                                         
If you use a weapon that slays trolls, that means its dice will be doubled if
you hit a troll ('T'). If you have an item that gives fire brand, the dice
would also be doubled by the brand. Slaying and brands are not cumulative.
That means you will get a total dice multiplier of 2 here.
Brands don't stack. The best one is taken. So if you wear a ring of fire and
your weapon does acid damage the dice will be multiplied by 2 if the target
doesn't resist both heat and acid. If the target is susceptible to one of
those the dice are multiplied by 4. Same goes for SLAY flags.

Contradictory brands (fire-based vs cold-based):
If your hits are branded by both, fire and cold, it will be a coin flip on each
hit which of the two brands gets applied and which gets discarded.
However, if you have hellfire and cold brand, the hellfire brand will override
the cold brand, so your hits will all be hellfire branded and never deal any
cold damage.
If you have fire+hellfire+plasma brands and just either cold or ice brand, the
cold/ice brand will be suppressed completely. If you have both, cold and ice,
then it's a coin toss with 75% chance for the combined fire brands vs 25% for
the cold or ice brand.
If you have two of the fire brands and both cold and ice brand, it's a 50%-50%
coin toss on each hit which brands (fiery vs frosty) are applied.

Combat Type | Dice multiplier for brands (fire/cold/acid/lightning/poison)
            | Monster..
            | ..is immune   | ..resists | ..doesn't resist  | ..is susceptible
Melee Weapon|       1             1.5             2                   4
Ranged Weap.|       1             1.2             1.4                 2.2
Martial Arts|       1             1.25            1.5                 2.5

Slaying     | Dice multiplier | Description
Slay Animal |       1.5       | It is esp. deadly against natural creatures.
Slay Giant  |       2         | It is especially deadly against giants.
Slay Undead |       2         | It strikes at undead with holy wrath.
Slay Troll  |       2         | It is especially deadly against trolls.
Slay Orc    |       2         | It is especially deadly against orcs.
Slay Dragon |       2         | It is especially deadly against dragons.
Slay Demon  |       2         | It strikes at undead with holy wrath.
Slay Evil   |       1.5       | It fights against evil with holy fury.
Kill Undead |       3         | It is a great bane of undead.
Kill Dragon |       3         | It is a great bane of dragons.
Kill Demon  |       3         | It is a great bane of demons.

Same as in the 'brands' table, x1.5 will become x1.2 for ranged weapons and
x1.17 for Martial Arts, x2 becomes x1.4 and x1.33 and x3 will become x1.8
and x1.67 respectively.
(Note: The term 'holy fury' is just a fluffy description for the multiplier
and has nothing to do with the 'fury' buff that also exists in the game.)

Giants, Undead, Trolls, Orcs, Dragons, Demons are all 'Evil'.

Dragonriders count as dragons too, so slay/kill mods will work on them.

If several multipliers match the highest one will be used.

For ranged weapons, the damage calculated from brands/slays applied to ammo
dice will further be multiplied by the bow's multiplier (x2..x5, depending on
the type of sling, bow or crossbow).
(5.2b) Throwing items
(5.3a) Martial Arts, brands