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» (7.6) Sanity (or insanity)
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(7.5c) Power levels
(7.7) Mimicry details
(7.6) Sanity (or insanity)                                                      
When your character loses sanity, temporary halluciations (flashbacks) may
occur and become more frequent when you lose even more sanity, you will see the
the message "A flashback storms your head!".
Hallucinations are not just visually confusing when things seem to pop up that
don't really exist and things that do exist become unrecognizable. They will
also hinder your character's abilities in various ways, for example you become
unable to target anything.

If your character loses all sanity ie turns completely insane, you will
permanently die - even if you are everlasting-mode! Your character will be gone
and erased.

Your sanity, displayed as 'SN:', can have the following text 'values' depending
on how much sanity you have left:
Sound (90%+), Sane (75%+), Weird (50%+), Crazy (25%+), Insane (10%+), Mad (>0%)
and finally Vegetable (0%, you are permanently dead).

If you spend 10 points on your 'Health' skill, the sanity display will turn
into a bar, displaying exacter values. At 20 points you'll get the percentage
displayed. At 40 the value will be shown.
You can type the '/snbar' slash command into chat to cycle through these.

Monsters, traps or too much booze can reduce your sanity.
Fortunately there are potions available that cure insanity, although they
are not very common and cannot be bought in NPC shops. Wisdom helps against
insanity by inceasing your 'sanity capacity'. As you gain levels, your sanity
capacity will also increase. Certain classes such as priests or mindcrafters
may (depending on their skills) be able to cure insanity too.

When your sanity suffers from an attack, you'll see a message in the message
window telling you so, instead of the usual white or yellow combat messages it
will be coloured in red tones to make it easily visible:
- When your sanity value is still relatively high there will be no message yet.
- When your sanity is down to half, warning messages will be displayed, in red:
  'You feel insanity creep into your mind..'
- When your sanity is down to one quarter already, messages will be light red:
  'You feel severly disturbed and paranoid..'
- When your sanity is at 1/8 or worse it will be fiery (red/yellow flashing):
  'You can hardly suppress screaming out insane laughters!'
  If you don't have any way to restore it right away this is probably when you
  want to teleport out and back to town immediately to seek professional help.
- The final message when you die to insanity by turning into a vegetable-brain,
  that message will be purple - game over:
  'You turn into an unthinking vegetable.'
In addition to the message, sanity attacks will play a whispering sound effect,
named 'insanity' in the sfx jukebox (press = n to access).

There are no items granting any insanity resistance, but there are certain ways
to reduce incoming insanity damage, depending on the flags of a mimicked form
or your race, class or skills, in three tiers:
    Mind school skill: Level 40/50 = tier 1/2.
    Hereticism + Traumaturgy skills: Both level 15/30/45 = tier 1/2/3.
    Mindcrafter class: Level 10/20/40 = tier 1/2/3.
    Vampire race: Tier 2.
    Player ghosts: Tier 3.
Insanity reduction also helps resisting the adverse effects of encountering an
eldritch horror (see (7.3) under Saving Throw).
(7.5c) Power levels
(7.7) Mimicry details