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» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (7.15) Character sheet boni page
» (8) Tactics & strategy
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(7.14) Miscellaneous character properties
(8) Tactics & strategy
(7.15) Character sheet boni page                                                
This page of the character overview displays equipment and intrinsic boni.
The four tables list resistances, miscellaneous flags, numeric boni, and
slays/brands/esp, complete with a header/footer to identify each column. Each
worn item has a header based on equipment slot, notated [a-n]. Class/race/form
boni use the @ header. A representation of any equipment worn and current form
occupy the footer. The columns between each header/footer pair display boni,
which correlate to the row title, shown to the left of each table.

A dark grey row title or column header indicates no relevant modifications to
that particular boni, or an empty equipment slot. An equipped column is
highlighted grey by default, unless the item has hidden properties, in which
case both the column header and unknown boni will be highlighted yellow. A
column representing a cursed item will have a red header. When a particular
boni is applied to your character, the row title will highlight white, unless
the boni is detrimental, in which case the title may appear yellow or red. A
gold row title indicates an improved boni, such as immunity, sustained stats or
lite source, or a maximum value, such as for stealth, luck, or AM Field.

Here is an explanation of the common glyphs which may occupy a row/column grid:
- (red)         Susceptibility, HP/MP Drain, Random Teleportation
+ (red)         Aggravation
+ (white)       Resistance, Miscellaneous Flags, Slay+ESP, Brand+Aura
* (gold)        Immunity, Anti-Teleportation (yellow), Kill/ESP (white)
# (green)       A number, dark green adds 10, gold indicates sustenance.
# (red)         A number, red subtracts 10.
s (gold)        A sustained ability without numerical modification.
s (white)       Slay (2x)
k (white)       Kill (3x)
e (white)       ESP, Full ESP applies one to all the ESPs in that item's column
a (white)       Aura
b (white)       Brand

Some row specific glyphs:
s (gold)        Immunity to Cuts (shards row)
~ (blue)        Swimming (levitation row)
# (green)       Pass Forests (levitation row)
(7.14) Miscellaneous character properties
(8) Tactics & strategy