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» (3.12) Character timeout and account timeout
» (4) The world
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(3.11) Death, ghosts and looting
(4) The world
(3.12) Character timeout and account timeout                                    
Character timeout:
If you do not log in a character at least once every 365 days the system will
automatically delete it along with its houses, to keep the database clean.
So make sure you don't let your characters time out this way!
(There will be an expiry warning about 60 days before this happens when you
log on with any of your characters, to remind you.)
Depending on the server settings, there might be a backup that allows
restoration of deleted characters and their house contents to some extent.

Character restoration:
Usually, characters of level 35 and higher are backed up, including contents
of their houses, while characters below 35 are just erased without trace.
To get a character restored, you'll have to notify an admin to check if there
is a backup available and restore it. When the admin notifies you of successful
restoration, you'll have to create a new character of the same name as the one
that got deleted and was now restored. Race, class, stats etc do not matter,
only the name counts, it must be identical.
When you log on, you'll then find you're on your restored character.
Houses per se cannot be restored though, only their contents are. So you will
have to actually buy new houses. The good news is that the value of your houses
is also reimbursed, as part of the restorable house contents.
So, to obtain the house contents, use the "/request" command. It will fill your
inventory with the items that were in your houses when they got deleted.
When your inventory is full, drop the items somewhere (like inside a newly
bought house) and repeat the command, until it eventually says that there are
no more items available.

Account timeout:
If your account holds no characters for 30 days the account itself will be
deleted and thereby freed up again.
(3.11) Death, ghosts and looting
(4) The world