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» (3.4d) Money
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(3.4c) Item trading rules and exceptions
(3.5) Preparing the first time for fighting enemies
(3.4d) Money                                                                    
Your money is displayed as pieces of gold in TomeNET, traditionally abbreviated
to 'Au' for latin 'Aurum', meaning 'gold'. 'Au' is also the chemical symbol for
gold in the periodic table.

Any type of money on the floor is always denoted by a '$' symbol, and you can
drop money from your inventory to the floor by pressing the '$' key, and use
the letters 'k/K' and 'm/M' to denote 1000x and 1000000x, eg you can drop 2m
or 2m43 or k6 to drop 2 million Au, 2.43 million Au or 600 Au.

If you find money in any other form than gold pieces, such as copper or gems,
it will always just display the equivalent gold value and be treated as such.
For example if you take a pile of copper it will say how many gold pieces you
found..worth of copper. So you don't need to calculate anything, all money
numbers in the game are always in gold pieces.

It is a good idea to 'invest' money in your character!
For example by buying consumables such as potions and scrolls, better equipment
(especially look at player stores for this, by pressing ~P, that is tilde key
to open the knowledge menu and then SHIFT+P to open the player store search in
your web browser), or scrolls to enchant your equipment to-hit, to-damage and
also to-ac (armour class).

If you run out on money, you can make some basic amounts quickly by just going
to the Training Tower in Bree, which often has some copper or silver piles just
lying around waiting to be picked up.
When in the dungeon, know that magic devices such as wands and staves can sell
for quite a lot. Just make sure to identify them before selling because the
shops will pay extra money for their amount of charges.
Heavy armour and weaponry also sells for good cash, again make sure to always
identify any item that gets pseudo-identified (aka 'felt') as {good} so you
will receive the full worth of its enchantments and not just the base price.

Money is vital if you are everlasting mode and have the 'instant resurrection'
feature enabled in the temple: It costs a fee to activate when you die. If you
don't have enough money (your carried money and your banked money is added up
for this, so you don't have to worry about how it is distributed) then you will
not get auto-resurrected and instead just turn into a ghost.
(3.4c) Item trading rules and exceptions
(3.5) Preparing the first time for fighting enemies