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(3.7c) The macro wizard
(3.8) Example macro sets
(3.7d) Specifying directions and targets                                        
Whenever you use an attack spell or a wand or rod that cast bolts or balls,
the game prompts you to enter a direction.
Similarly, friendly spells such as 'cure wounds' require you to target another
player (or yourself).
So there are different targetting methods you can choose from:

In our macros so far we have answered the 'which direction' question by
specifying '*t' instead of an actual direction ie one of 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9.
We have learned that '*' means 'acquire target' and 't' means 'choose closest
hostile target'. If there are two targets that are equally close, one that is
awake is preferred over one that is alseep.
The '*' key can also be pressed as a command key, ie on its own without any
direction request from the server. Press '*' and it will ask you to set a
target, which you can do by pressing 't' again to choose the closest hostile

There are, however, more ways to specify a direction or to use the target
command, especially since client 4.4.6 which added the '-' option, and 4.4.6b
which added the '+' option.
Details follow:

The 'Set Target' command (key '*') that sets a target for spells or item uses
that follow, or which can be invoked as a sub-command from a 'Direction?'
request, may be answered with..
  -'q' key to drop current target without acquiring a new one.
  -'t' or '5' key to choose closest hostile target.
  -'p' to target a grid position manually via movement keys (1..9),
       confirm with 't' or '5' key.

The 'Direction?' request from commands that require a direction, may be
answered with..
  -a direction key such as 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9.
   Note that direction '5' will only aim at yourself if you have no valid
   target set. Otherwise, the '5' key will aim at your target instead.
  -'*' key to invoke built-in target command (see above).
  -'-' key to use a previously acquired target or cancel the spell/item use/
       shot if there is no valid target currently set. The '-' option is only
       available in client version 4.4.6 and higher.
  -'+' key, same as '-' except that it won't cancel the action if no valid
       target was found, but prompt you for manual input instead (hit ESC to
       cancel, 5 to target your own grid, or any direction key to fire into
       that direction).

       Note that the key '-' is not a command key, but just gets ignored when
       pressed elsewhere than in direction-requests. This means that you can
       create 'hacky' macros, for example such as *t/1- that will work with
       both, magic devices that take a direction and those that don't, since
       the '-' will just be ignored for those that don't.

Friendly targetting:
Sometimes you want to target a friendly player. For this you can use '('.
That key currently targets the most hurt player who is in your party, or the
most wounded player in general if you aren't in a party.
After this target has been set, you can refer to it with '-', '+' or '5' same
as for hostile targets you set with '*' explained above.

Example macros:
  *tz0-     Will zap rod 0 at the closest hostile entity. If there is none,
            the rod will not be zapped, conserving the rod's energy.
  z0*t      Zaps rod 0 at the closest hostile entity. If there is none, the
            rod will be zapped anyway, with yourself as target. This could
            be useful if it's for example a Rod of Fire Balls and you are
            being attacked in close combat by an invisible monster.
  *qz05     Your current target is cleared and the rod 0 is zapped at your
            own location, ie '5'. This could be useful if you want to clear
            out piles of loot with a rod of acid balls, effectively destroying
            all lesser items that cannot resist acid and melt from it.
  (m@11\r@Cure Wounds\r-
            Will cast the spell 'Cure Wounds' (from the Holy Curing school)
            at the most wounded friendly player. Will not do anything if no
            player is nearby. Replace the '-' by a '5' to target yourself
            if no other player is around.
(3.7c) The macro wizard
(3.8) Example macro sets