» Contents
» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (3.4a) Start-up equipment
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (8) Tactics & strategy
» (9) Miscellanous

(3.4) Inventory and equipment
(3.4b) Item basics
(3.4a) Start-up equipment                                                       
Every new player has some items right from the beginning, in the past those
came stored in the inventory but nowadays they are immediately equipped.
As a warrior you will have a chain mail and a weapon, for example a sword.
Start-up equipment always has level 0 and cannot be used by other players!

If you find further items you can equip them with 'w' key - you will be asked
which item you would like to wear or wield, choose the letter in front of the
item inside your inventory, for example e) if the item is the fifth item in
your backpack.

Make sure that you have a lightsource ready to be equipped, like a torch or a
lantern. If it is night in town that will help you to see anything. Inside a
dungeon most passages and rooms tend to be dark so you should always have a
lightsource equipped while in a dungeon.

Startup items that you don't want to use you may simply destroy with 'k'.
In town, you can see rectangular blocks that rensemble buildings. These are the
town stores. They each have an entrance, rensembled by a number '1' to '7' as
well as '9' and '+' symbols. These are the different shops that you can enter
to sell or buy items. It is recommended that instead of using your torches, buy
a brass lantern from store '1' (General Store), because a lantern provides more
light, increasing your radius of sight in the darkness. Also buy a flask of oil
for your lantern to refill it if it runs out of oil (press SHIFT + f).

Press '?' to see an in-game introduction and overview of the keys and commands
that you may use. For example 'e' will show your currently equipped items.
You can chat with other players using the ':' key. This way you can also enter
certain commands like /fill to fill an empty bottle with water of a fountain.
At the beginning, all players receive a parchment with their start-up
equipment. It's the "Gazette". Press 'r' to read it. It may contain some notes
about the server or hints for newbies.
(3.4) Inventory and equipment
(3.4b) Item basics