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» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
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» (8) Tactics & strategy
» (8.3a) When you are stuck
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(8.3) Surviving critical situations
(8.4) Spoiler files
(8.3a) When you are stuck                                                       
If you ever get stuck in a problematic situation such as..

- you just died, oops! And you aren't sure how to go on or you'd like some help
- you can't kill a certain monster you just met that you'd really love to slay
- you've been trying to kill a boss monster for some time, already wasted a
  fortunate on consumables (potions or scrolls) and still can't scratch it
- you're having trouble advancing your character the way you'd like, experience
  points seem to come in at a crawl while everything out there seems lethal!

then it's time to.. talk to your fellow players in chat, looking for advice!
More often than not there are a lot of possibilities to overcome your hardship,
of which many might be simple but totally not obvious until pointed out!

So just press that : key and write in public chat what's on your mind. Be aware
though that often people are either AFK or busy in the dungeon. It is often
lethal to chat while being in the dungeon, so if nobody seems to reply just be
patient and wait. People are usually not impolite but just don't notice it
because they're caught up in some fighting or just AFK for a prolonged period
of time, such as a few hours even, but more often than not are very willing to
help when they return and see your request!

In very urgent situations such as when you died and have suspicions that nasty
wall-passing monsters are still around and could get your ghost too any moment,
aside from screaming for help in chat you could also use the /page command to
try and page another player who isn't paying attention to the screen.
The /page command will (if he has turned on sound) cause his client to beep, to
catch his attention. Since this can be a bit annoying you should reserve it for
emergencies :).

There have been many, many cases where people thought they hit a wall
unsurmountable just to realize a little hint was all they needed to spot what
was going wrong! So don't hesitate to communicate.

A word of warning - if you brought a newbie friend of yours to the game, do not
try to 'give him an easier time' by stuffing him with powerful items in the
beginning (also dubbed 'cheezing').
This will only cause him to not get any grip of the very fundamentals of the
game and get helplessly lost and frustrated when he hits a wall at later levels
such as 30..40. You will do more damage than good, promised.
(8.3) Surviving critical situations
(8.4) Spoiler files