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» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
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» (8) Tactics & strategy
» (8.5) Monster tactics
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(8.4) Spoiler files
(8.6) Town/dungeon related hints
(8.5) Monster tactics                                                           
Monsters may follow certain schemes regarding their movement, target selection
and spell-casting.

Rather mindless monsters might just try to get to the player straight away
while more clever monsters might try to avoid being kited, depending on their
hit points or if there are buddies around. Also, some pack animals might avoid
to encounter you in hallways but jump you all at once when you enter a room or
when your hit points drop to around 50% or worse.

Target selection:
When a monster has multiple players next to it it might choose its target
depending on its cleverness, power and health state. For example it might go
for the target it perceives as most squishy.
Players may counter this by using techniques such as Taunt or Distract.

Despite appearing random sometimes monsters prefer certain spells over others.
If a player is close a monster might especially try to blink away to continue
to throw attack or summon spells at the player from afar.
If a monster is low on HP or scared it might try to use escape spells and if
it's low on HP or stunned it might emphasize heal spells (the chance to
successfully cast those is also negatively affected by stun same as all other
spells - compare (4.12)).
(8.4) Spoiler files
(8.6) Town/dungeon related hints