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» (0) Quickstart
» (1) Introduction
» (1.1b) How to set up IRC chat
» (2) Installation & setup
» (3) Creating a character & starting to play
» (4) The world
» (5) Item and flag details, elements
» (6) Monster details
» (7) Character details
» (8) Tactics & strategy
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(1.1a) Where do I get in contact?
(1.2) What is a rogue-like game?
(1.1b) How to set up IRC chat                                                   
If you are already familiar with IRC, just see (1.1a) above for the IRC specs,
otherwise read on here.

Easiest method is to just use the lightweight webclient provided on the
libera.chat website. Start your internet browser and enter this URL:
You can change the predefined random 'guest' nick name to anything of your
choice provided it's not already reserved by someone else, then click 'Start'.
(The channel name "#tomenet" should have already been filled in for you.)

If you prefer to use a stand-alone IRC chat client instead of using a browser-
based chat, here are some suggestions:

Windows: Most popular client is probably mIRC.

Linux: Popular IRC clients for Linux are Pidgin (actually rather a multi-
       protocol messaging tool, pretty nifty), x-chat (GUI), Konversation (KDE
       GUI) or irssi (command-line).

Mac OS X: For example Colloquy, X-Chat Aqua or Linkinus.

After installing your preferred IRC chat client, enter an username of your
choice and set it up to connect to the "Libera" IRC network, see the Libera
website at https://libera.chat/ for info.
(For detailed help on Internet Relay Chat visit www.irchelp.org.)

After you established a connection to Libera, have your client join the
so-called "channel" (all chat channels on IRC networks are denoted by a
hashtag in front of them) named:


Joining a channel will relay chat from and to the TomeNET server, allowing you
to read what's going on in-game, and to chat with the players.
(Note that not all kinds of messages are actually relayed, for example AFK
messages are not.)
See (0.2c) for commands you can send to the TomeNET IRC bot.

Usually all IRC clients offer a possibility to configure them to connect a
specific network (Libera) and to join specific channels (#tomenet etc.)
automatically on startup, so you don't have to do it manually each time you
start the IRC client.

Most clients also allow you to setup auto-reconnect, which is useful if you
experience frequent disconnections from the IRC network.
(1.1a) Where do I get in contact?
(1.2) What is a rogue-like game?