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» (1.3a) Sauron, Morgoth and the Nazgul
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(1.3) Goal and progress of TomeNET players
(1.3b) How to encounter the final boss: Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
(1.3a) Sauron, Morgoth and the Nazgul                                           
Morgoth, Lord of Darkness commands nine Ring Wraiths, called 'Nazgul'.
These corrupted souls of former ring-wearers are named..
Uvatha the Horseman, Adunaphel the Quiet, Akhorahil the Blind,
Ren the Unclean, Ji Indur Dawndeath, Dwar Dog Lord of Waw, Hoarmurath of Dir,
Khamul the Black Easterling and The Witch-King of Angmar.
Morgoth has the ability to summon these, so you should destroy them all
before facing him.

Morgoth is also able to summon other powerful unique beings, so one of your
tasks to prevail against him will be to kill off as many of the powerful unique
foes as you can before facing him.

Morgoth, the god of destruction, has reinforced his surroundings to be
especially devastating to all living beings:
If you get killed on a level where Morgoth, Lord of Darkness walks, your
ghost will be destroyed too, even if you are everlasting! Beware! Even after
Morgoth is no longer there the floor will still keep this deadly property.
You will get a floor feeling warning you whenever you enter a floor where
Morgoth resides, see (4.8).
Note that on a floor where Morgoth currently resides, all vaults will turn into
no-teleport vaults.

If you team up against him, he will grow stronger for every additional player
who enters his dungeon level. Growing stronger in fact means that he gains a
hit point and speed bonus. If a player leaves his level, he will weaken again.
See the following paragraph (1.3b) for more information.

When a player lands the killing blow on Morgoth, everyone else who is in the
same party will get credit for winning the game too and receive a royal title
accordingly, provided the player is currently on the actual dungeon floor where
Morgoth falls of course. Note that for Morgoth the partied players don't need
to be within the usual 7 character levels of each other to get kill credit.
Even 'fallen winners' (players who have beaten Morgoth already but lost their
royal title to death) can regain their title this way - by partying up with
someone who hasn't defeated Morgoth yet and making sure that that player lands
the killing blow.
However: Each player must be at least level 40 to get credit for beating
Morgoth and obtaining the royal title accordingly!
A new (experimental) way to obtain a lost royal title again is to donate and
pray in 'The Mirror' in Lothlorien, see (4.5a) for details.

Morgoth always drops his crown and hammer. If he is defeated by a party, he
will drop exactly one crown and one hammer per party member, so everyone in the
party can get both items.
In addition to Crowns, Hammers and a bunch of random loot, he will also drop
specifically one additional random 'great' item per player in the party which
defeated him (similar to items obtained by Acquirement scrolls, but with an
even higher chance to turn out quite expensive). If it was just a solo player
he will receive one such item.
For _unworldy_ parties that defeat him, there are further special drops added:
For a party of at least 2 players, an extra randart will drop.
For a party of at least 3 players, he will even - for each player above 2 -
drop one scroll of Artifact Creation. So 3 players -> 1 scroll, 4 -> 2, etc.
These party rewards require the appropriate number of players to be all present
on the floor when he is defeated, of course.
Note that everlasting parties are already rewarded indirectly by obtaining the
possibility for easy "rekinging", as only the player who gets the final blow
will get the actual kill credit, meaning that the other players can still make
Morgoth spawn again, should the need arise to regain their royal titles,
without having to resort to donating at "The Mirror" (compare (4.5a)).

A very dangerous thing about the Nazgul is that weapons get quickly destroyed
if they come in contact with these corrupted beings.
If you are a spell-caster who doesn't use his weapon to fight but just to
profit from its magical abilities then it's strongly recommended to inscribe
the weapon @Ox to avoid auto-retaliation, see (0.3) about inscriptions
and (4.1a) about auto-retaliation.
If you rely on melee weapons you must try to get your hands on an artifact
since these resist Nazgul greatly! The Stormbringer also resists like an
artifact. (It doesn't matter if the artifact is a random or a static one.)
If your weapon gets destroyed you'll receive a warning message:
"Your weapon *DISINTEGRATES*!" or "Your weapon is destroyed!"
(The permanently cursed weapon 'Mighty Hammer "Grond"' cannot be destroyed.
See (5.9b) for more information about artifacts.)

Your weapon itself will not damage the Nazgul if it doesn't have one of the
mods SLAY_EVIL, SLAY_UNDEAD or KILL_UNDEAD and if it isn't a Morgul weapon.
However, you will still be able to damage the Nazgul, if your raw to-dam
bonus is high enough. Enchantments from rings, gloves or other items and the
damage bonus from your skills and strength will be the only factors which
decide the damage you deal, in that case.
For weapons which damage dice and to-dam bonus will not be counted (ie non-
SLAY/KILL EVIL/UNDEAD or Morgul weapons) you'll see the message:
"The Ringwraith is IMPERVIOUS to the mundane weapon."
The same is true for Martial Arts, which style boni will be nullified if you
don't have one of the slay-undead/slay-evil flags.

Note: For weapon attacks, having those slay/kill mods on gloves (or other
      items) instead of the weapon does not help! They will not count.
      For martial arts/bare-handed attacks, having the slay flags on other
      items (for example gloves) WILL count!

      However - the 'slay undead' bonus received from Holy Offense school at a
      skill of 30.000 and likewise from Spirit school at 40.000 will infuse
      your weapon (and bare-handed combat too of course) and will make its dice
      and damage count again, as if the weapon itself had the slay mod!

Martial Arts users can fight relatively efficiently against Nazgul since they
don't have to worry about their weapon breaking, but their chance to receive
Black Breath is higher than for weapon users:

If you come in contact with a Nazgul or a very powerful undead creature there
is a chance that you will be infected by the Black Breath. This dark aura is
able to infect other players if you come too close to them. It will drain your
stats and permanently drain your experience. Slowly, but steadily. There are
several possibilities to cure Black Breath, such as eating a Sprig of Athelas,
asking another player for help who is able to command the required healing
magic, or -if everything else is not available- visiting the Earth-Dome in
Gondolin, where you can receive 'Herbal Healing' for a (somewhat high) price.
Players cannot infect other players with Black Breath if they are in Bree or in
the Training Tower, those are safe zones.

Each Nazgul will drop a ring of power, which is a random artifact ring bearing
the Nazgul's name. These rings have a lot of random mods (ie abilities) and
will always provide invisibility (5.14) and experience drain (5.16). They are
also always heavily cursed, cannot be dropped while cursed, and can re-curse
themselves (5.12).

In order to find Morgoth, players have to defeat Sauron, the Sorceror first,
Morgoth's servant, who dwells at the bottom of Mount Doom. A player must get
the killing blow on Sauron to get kill credit, so if you are in a party of
several players who all haven't killed him yet, you must seek him out multiple
times for every single party member who then has to get the last hit to get the
kill credited.

For more information about encountering Morgoth, see next paragraph (1.3b).
It is noteworthy that Sauron is able to boost his own spell-casting speed for
as long as he finds himself or the area around his target blocked by Glyphs of
Warding (also called Runes of Protection).
Also, he might try to avoid going into melee range of players who he deems good
at close quarters combat. In general, do not underestimate Sauron's power!
(1.3) Goal and progress of TomeNET players
(1.3b) How to encounter the final boss: Morgoth, Lord of Darkness