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» (4) The world
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» (6) Monster details
» (6.7) Monster auras
» (7) Character details
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(6.6) Dispelling/banishing/turning monsters
(7) Character details
(6.7) Monster auras                                                             
Some monsters have auras of flashing lightning, freezing cold or furious
flames surrounding them! If a player engages such foes in close combat, each
time he lands a blow the aura will retaliate, dealing lightning / cold / fire
damage depending on the aura type. Some monsters even have multiple auras.
The damage of such auras may be significant. Especially important is the fact,
that the faster a player hits a monster, the more he will suffer from its
auras, as they are applied on each hit.

The damage an aura deals is decided by a dice roll:
[1 + (monsterlevel/26)] d [1 + (monsterlevel / 17)]

A warrior of level 30 is fighting a storm giant. The storm giant has an aura
of lightning surrounding him. The warrior is able to deal 6 blows per round
with his current weapon. The warrior has a source of permanent lightning
resistance (elvenkind armour), he lacks potions of resistance or lightning
immunity though. This means:

Storm giant has monster level 35 (assumed the warrior encounters him on
dungeon level 35), so his lightning aura will inflict 2d3 damage each hit.
The warrior has lightning resistance, so the damage will be cut down to 1/3,
which is 1 or 2.
Since the warrior has 6 BpR, he will suffer between 6 and 12 (6*1 and 6*2)
damage per turn while hitting the storm giant.
(6.6) Dispelling/banishing/turning monsters
(7) Character details