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IDDC run +9speed boots and autoID hat at -350ftDarkins2024-02-10 12:41:37
Afk and Nodens surprise, twice manastorm and then summoned mine dogs :Dpondos2024-01-22 23:32:02
Panic TP in NR Goobernut2021-11-14 21:39:45
Star-spawn of Loot Destructionclouded2020-08-12 23:03:14
Auto-InscriptionsZurogue2020-07-19 04:33:40
Bashed from stairs in no-tele vaultFaradey2019-09-22 20:28:25
Uh ohRaxxster2019-07-14 21:13:53
My first and last IDDC charNi2018-12-31 17:04:30
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."Hessu2018-12-29 21:44:01
Dear hobbits! I wanna share a wisdom with you. Being brave doesn't mean that you should fight with enemy face-to-face. Don't hesitate to shot your enemies to the eye from distance!Tangar2018-12-14 22:07:57
"It was well over six feet in height, with great branches of antlers growing out of its forehead. Nude, its flesh was a uniform ash-gray in color. It appeared to be sexless, and it had gray, leathery wings extending far out behind it."Tangar2018-12-13 22:30:56
Nice sauron levelRaxxster2018-08-28 13:10:35
Do not haste or you gonna waste.Tangar2018-06-11 19:44:38
Rats wound up in the cellar of my storage house... What I could say.. It's nice to have rats in hungry year if you are a vampire. Hope to open a farm one day - would be rat-farmer %DTangar2018-06-02 11:57:37
Ice Wyrms in the pit understood that I'm cold immune and 'called' for help to the God and he summoned Storm Wyrm right at my back... I need to play lottery with such chances... Tangar2018-05-07 01:59:57
Tselakus, the Dreadlord likes Storm Giants (no).Tangar2018-05-02 18:11:36
'Q' pit at tiny lvl @ AngbandTangar2018-04-23 01:00:23
No tele vault + tiny room with void gateTangar2018-04-19 00:01:37
Vault in Mt.Doom without entrance (all walls around - permanent)Tangar2018-04-17 00:37:18
Ghost-boss trapped in permawalls vaultTangar2018-04-07 15:53:44
Why I always want to risk a bit? :P Summon -> Tele.Tangar2018-03-19 22:08:14
Trapped in breeTokariew2018-03-19 15:27:57
How looks druid house entrance...Tangar2018-03-14 17:32:06
Tip of the day #2: do not rescue with your housing character :PTangar2018-03-12 01:12:09
Don't forget to clear dungeon before you fight dangerous bossTangar2018-03-12 00:24:10
Perfect spot for entering Mount DoomTangar2018-03-11 10:58:15
Very unusual zoo: Great Hell Wyrms among all kind of fiery creaturesTangar2018-03-11 10:56:28
It looks like apartment house :D And Giants are neighbors of Dragons :DTangar2018-03-11 10:54:13
First morgoth attemptDarkins2018-03-03 19:35:56
Now, I'm the target dummy!Faraday2018-03-03 06:44:10
Ymir, the Ice Giant... Morgoth putted him not in the right spot it seems.. He can't pass lava in fear of beign melted.. And in the same time I can't get to him cause of summons - so he is save.. Maybe Morgoth put him there to guard something in this vaultTangar2018-02-22 00:13:11
When you look at this picture without my tileset it looks not too dangerous... But actually it's so freaking scary place :D Tangar2018-02-19 23:24:10
Very bad IDDC layout :'(Darkins2018-02-18 15:13:39
2 Morgul maces + 2 Helmets of Stupidity = ♀♂Tangar2018-02-13 23:35:14
Hi ho, Nodens! Erm.. Why you stick to me?! Get off!! GET OFF! GE....Tangar2018-02-09 23:05:08
When Menegroth FloodsLuthien2018-02-08 03:13:54
14 tiles levelFaradey2017-10-31 20:05:36
Jbonya, the Dark ElfTangar2017-06-07 22:48:54
Shamans in Orc Cave almost managed to build Arcane Circle to another dimension, but I stopped them in time...Tangar2017-06-03 22:05:39
It's good to get some memories back about calm life near BreeTangar2017-06-03 21:59:38
Beauty of fire river valley in Mordor could make you forget everythingTangar2017-06-03 21:57:11
Prancing Pony got new guestsTangar2017-05-27 23:43:55
Van Gogh pictureTangar2017-05-27 23:41:59
Hall of Fountains Tangar2017-05-27 23:40:00
Trolls are stupid enough to die even in quite 'safe' spots :DTangar2017-05-24 20:28:11
Summoning from the corner... is possible.Tangar2017-05-21 19:50:36
First WinSunspire2017-05-20 16:41:30
Bug in [Dungeon Keeper]Seidakey2017-04-21 15:40:06
Death By No-Tele Outside of VaultJiraxil2017-04-14 06:45:36
No-Tele No-VaultJiraxil2017-04-14 06:43:51
No-Tele No-VaultJiraxil2017-04-14 06:42:50
Trap road for sauDaonar2017-03-07 02:26:59
Six fingers!Daonar2017-03-03 16:26:28
I slain Ancalagon but it not count!!Daonar2017-03-01 15:01:20
X-masDaonar2016-12-30 00:57:15
Funny VaultDaonar2016-12-30 00:56:27
Schrodinger's vault - half cleared or half full..?Tangar2016-11-22 12:53:36
Impossible Keeper event :DTokariew2016-11-11 15:33:02
What happens when well known thief enters Black Market... All valuables hidden by smart shopkeeper!Tangar2016-11-01 17:02:20
Rumours said that jelly pit are always huge danger... Don't trust all rumours :)Tangar2016-10-16 00:27:44
Drink a sip or die like a whimp?Tangar2016-10-14 18:58:10
Town of IceRush2016-10-14 01:23:50
Rogue vs Tiamat Pack...2016-10-14 01:20:42
Pyroclastic GraveSeidr2016-10-14 01:18:10
NopeMe?2016-10-14 01:14:23
Do not read-comments/feed-fish/watch-porn/wash-dishes while in the dungeon... Do it only in Bree!Tangar2016-10-04 20:39:21
ASCII art... Who watches at you from the darkness?Tangar2016-09-05 00:49:48
Made first step from stairs and found: vault to the north and jelly pit to the east. Erm. Time to go.Tangar2016-09-03 01:37:00
Came down and met bat, just like me... Two bats in the dark.Tangar2016-09-03 01:34:15
Don't even mention designation "nightcrawler" when it's dark...Tangar2016-09-03 01:28:29
Mt. Doom... Don't hurry there. No hassle. Be calm.Tangar2016-08-31 00:23:56
Angband -300. KIlled a boss when drank last healing potion. Time to go home.Tangar2016-08-27 22:53:10
Tragic storyTangar2016-08-25 02:14:09
More danger — more treasures!Tangar2016-08-22 15:43:44
Awesome floor layout :)Daonar2016-08-20 02:31:32
I'm the hero of this story! I CAN'T die!Tangar2016-06-21 19:58:35
The best training tower ^_^space_carp2016-06-16 17:25:34
bad luck, level expertTokariew2016-06-08 23:34:50
Mosaic of trapsTangar2016-06-08 14:11:07
Beautiful room. Can't tell why I love it. But I do.Tangar2016-05-21 12:56:52
You just activated my trap pitkimsoonsung2016-03-23 04:57:50
Don't panic or you will die. Use your opportunities and you will survive.Tangar2016-03-16 22:33:30
Archy, Vampire Archer deathTangar2016-03-03 14:13:12
Sente/MiaiSciron2016-02-10 00:34:45
NewestRaxxster2015-12-23 09:18:01
? 1111 ?Raxxster2015-12-23 09:15:20
? 0010 ?Raxxster2015-12-23 09:14:55
? 0001 ?Raxxster2015-12-23 09:13:43
HalluRaxxster2015-12-23 09:13:20
Beautiful death of dear rogue at The Hearth of EarthTangar2015-10-06 15:34:36
Map UI bugGoobernut2015-09-27 08:41:00
TokariewNearly as tree2015-09-23 23:01:16
Don't AFK in Lothlorienlunitin2015-06-17 07:25:18
Minas Meoi?logos2015-05-18 07:58:14
What is it?Pondos2015-02-24 16:42:06
Power DSM for SaleKurzel2014-11-15 14:07:49
Anyone for Nether Realm?Sciron2014-11-15 14:03:24
IDDC Megadive to -1kKurzel2014-11-15 14:00:34
Difficult Morgoth fight as holy shaman (part 2)Raxxster2014-10-29 16:11:07
Difficult Morgoth fight as holy shaman (part 1)Raxxster2014-10-29 16:10:45

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