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Master Q Pinball - Commanded to return, then another commanded me to return.Big Hat Logan2014-08-02 02:03:24
11k townie killsRaxxster2014-07-03 00:32:02
Save xp?Tokariew2014-06-27 01:13:41
Not enough heal potsTokariew2014-05-22 20:23:05
Probably GWOPsNot Me!2014-05-17 19:46:08
Rain fail in GondoGoobernut2014-05-15 05:17:59
Rescue Mission 2093232: The CauseSad Panda2014-04-16 05:30:18
Rescue Mission 2093232Apple2014-04-15 20:43:33
Glasswall room in middle of way without doorsRaxxster2014-04-11 19:29:26
the Lesser Balrog breathes fire for 666 damage!Bleh2014-03-28 22:03:05
Fish with Legs Vault?Theyli2014-03-24 18:36:28
The things you recall into as a GronderBataireacht2014-03-12 02:37:00
Clearing a Greater Hell Pit at the BottomSeidr2014-02-13 16:44:42
Melee shaman vs D pitRaxxster2014-02-01 02:41:45
IDDC 1k TownKurzel2014-01-26 23:57:10
IDDC 7Kurzel2014-01-26 23:56:09
IDDC UnderwayKurzel2014-01-26 23:55:18
IDDC LineupKurzel2014-01-26 23:54:36
MadnessNot me!2014-01-26 16:52:46
Looks like christmas came early!frostcrab2013-12-23 23:40:24
summoners = lots of lootfrostcrab2013-12-10 05:24:17
Why we love Mt. DoomKurzel2013-11-16 22:33:40
Three of me in the 8Goobernut2013-11-03 20:47:24
Nice try! Making Walls & Trapping Combos.Alkarinque2013-09-21 06:43:43
PoofRaxxster2013-08-29 09:04:16
p's had a bad idea.Dead Shot2013-08-21 06:51:47
Ambush!Meridian2013-06-25 19:05:36
We need a Dreadlord for GRAPEGuppy2013-05-08 18:12:00
Whoops, wrong key!Raxxster2013-03-06 00:09:53
IDDC GimliDarkie2013-01-10 10:07:12
Traps... :(Darkie2013-01-10 09:59:47
NR Diving - when the hell will WoR bring me up?!Darkie2013-01-10 09:55:41
Ready to Tank?Kurzel2013-01-04 01:40:16
Perfect picnic spotLivarax2012-12-14 11:31:14
IDDC: Duel with an Old SorcererKurzel2012-12-13 18:29:09
Snow in the SnowlandsRinkaku2012-12-03 09:15:46
Two storm giants, which one was me?wilroz2012-10-02 21:13:08
Shallow SkyKurzel2012-09-23 19:09:49
test:-o2012-09-20 14:45:23
Pole Warrior + MA Shaman Morgoth killRaxxster2012-07-06 00:20:44
Reavers wake up, eat walls and get instant time hound breaths. Maybe live another day...Raxxster2012-06-13 01:30:29
Bug in the arenaTokariew2012-06-04 22:05:10
Look what Nessa found :DRaxxster2012-05-02 18:44:54
Antisummon corridors and TiamatRaxxster2012-04-24 13:01:04
Looting a D pit with rogueRaxxster2012-03-14 09:18:34
Spoiler: some RPG server map, top third (I died before it was complete)pepe2012-02-29 20:32:04
Spoiler: some RPG server map, bottom thirdpepe2012-02-29 20:31:16
Spoiler: some RPG server map around Breepepe2012-02-29 20:30:25
Recalling next to an Solar blade pitFreet2011-10-29 17:51:05
A Zound of Hounds!Anporin2011-10-16 08:42:06
The most/least expensive item in the game 2^31 auHerne2011-09-12 21:40:56
Akhorahil... againAkhorahil2011-08-12 04:36:09
IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! TAKE THIS.Risk2011-08-05 21:57:57
D pitGoobernut2011-08-05 02:45:28
Nether Realm death to Tik summon on stairsGoobernut2011-07-27 02:47:01
Just a couple of pandas!Sad Panda2011-06-29 20:29:26
Explosive EndingKardis2011-01-06 18:33:03
Stonehenge!?Asamaguchi2010-11-19 07:10:45
If only there were a quest for this.Kurzel2010-11-19 06:51:31
vault in a pitJarjar0x2a2010-10-08 03:39:40
sooo close to perfectionTjalfe2010-10-02 09:01:22
...separate macro keys. Goodbye loot house! q_qAsamaguchi2010-09-12 02:21:33
Why mana wave and wraithing should have...Asamaguchi2010-09-12 02:20:25
Two fish, two fish in a pond.Newt2010-07-07 21:00:06
A sight to see!Jiggly2010-05-29 19:16:03
Rainy Day CastleKurzel2010-04-03 19:06:55
Qlzqqlzuup Fortress ^^Kurzel2010-04-03 03:45:44
No escape! Obliteration in a no-tele/wraith catch.Asamaguchi2010-04-01 09:44:29
My level 50 mageGoobernut2010-03-28 07:26:44
I got two * off it before my screen finished loading :)Kurzel2010-03-16 04:04:44
Walking into a time bolt trap - TwiceSalinger2010-02-06 17:26:07
Gondo invaded!!!!!Shen Long2010-02-05 06:00:06
Chib patiently waits for his recall scroll to work.Shank2010-01-20 06:44:00
rpg, > into vaultNorvis2010-01-20 05:35:38
Vault under BreeLivarax2010-01-16 09:53:29
Unmakers! Run!Shank2010-01-13 09:16:27
Next time look before you wraith!Cornelius2010-01-13 00:47:17
The Basillard 'Orcrist' - True ArtLivarax2010-01-12 19:55:17
Went down some stairs, where's the dungeon? Hellooo?Nazgarn2010-01-10 13:44:52
Salvation: a step awayIt!2010-01-06 18:07:15
Minimap of a fully glyphed Khazad-Dummikaelh2010-01-06 18:05:50

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