TitleTragic story
Date2016-08-25 02:14:09
Message Recall (0-19 of 91), Offset 0                                           
[Oroth] so im stuk at a floating eye, will i just be infinitely paralyzed?      
Master Thief Yoopy (36) was defeated by a Hru.                                  
[Yoopy] :O                                                                      
[Karim] why, there is a chance to resist and run away                           
[Oroth] DAMNIT NO                                                               
Aleath2 has attained level 23.                                                  
Orion has attained level 6.                                                     
Mercenary Oroth (9) was killed by a Giant white louse                           
**Bolg, Son of Azog was slain by Captain Aleath2.**                             
Aleath2 has attained level 24.                                                  
[Oroth] bull****                                                                
Oroth committed suicide.                                                        
Orion has attained level 7.                                                     
Orion has attained level 8.                                                     
Yoopy has left the game.                                                        
**Grip, Farmer Maggot's dog was slain by Cutpurse Orion.**                      
[Dungeon Keeper (10) starts in 15 minutes]                                      
Orion has attained level 9.                                                     
Oi flaps her wings into the world.                                              
Orion has attained level 10.                                                    
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