Client crash up to 4.8.0 with latest guide version

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C. Blue
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Client crash up to 4.8.0 with latest guide version

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The TomeNET guide is now (starting yesterday) over 25000 lines long. This causes an issue with all current clients because they only reserve at most 25000 lines for it. This will cause TomeNET to crash with a

'Bad socket filedescriptor'

message when you try to log in with a character. There are two possible workarounds, pick one you prefer:
- Get the test client (or update your code to latest github source if you compile the client yourself) or
- do NOT put the latest guide in your TomeNET folder/do not use the TomeNET-updater to update your guide.

If you already got a crashing guide, you may simply delete it to fix the problem, too, if you don't want to use the test client/latest code.
The test client and latest github source can handle the latest guide just fine and also contain guarding code to prevent this from happening again in the future no matter the file size.
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