TomeNET Official Metaserver

NamePortNumber of PlayersPlayersGameVersion
europe.tomenet.eu183489Tosseri, Punch, Sunshine, Dwoir, Morkzar, Rogue, Night, ZilK1ll, VemgodTomeNET4.7.3
roguelikes.live183480 TomeNET4.7.2
europe.tomenet.eu203480 TomeNET Arcade4.7.3
europe.tomenet.eu193480 TomeNET Ironman4.7.3 TomeNET4.7.3 is/are the official TomeNET server(s).

Test ping response times to locations around the world (not necessarily accurate)

Ping 18:59:33: EU 1 ms, Russia 56 ms, US East 78 ms, US West 142 ms, Middle East 117 ms, South Africa 154 ms, South Korea 247 ms, Australia 286 ms
(EU: Paris, Russia: Moscow, US East: Virginia, US West: California, Middle East: Bahrain, South Africa: Cape Town, South Korea: Seoul, Australia: Sydney)