Getting started

Download the client, unpack and run the client. You will be greeted by multiple windows. The main window should look like the image below.

Server selection screen

The only available server is that is the official server. Press the 'a' key on your keyboard to select it. You should see the following screen.

Account creation

As instructed, you should pick a name and a password for your new account if you don't already have one. Afterwards, you will see the character selection screen:

Character selection

If you just created a new account, the list will be empty as shown above. Now press 'N' to create a new character.

Character selection continued

Pick a name for your character.

Sex selection screen

Now choose whether your character should be male or female. This choice has very little effect in-game, so either option is fine.

Class selection screen

Next you need to choose a class. This choice is very important since it determines which skills are available to you later in the game. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to choose warrior. You should be able to use the arrow keys on your numpad to browse the class descriptions (try toggling NumLock if it doesn't work).

Race selection screen

This is the race selection screen. Your race mainly affects your initial stats. Some races also have special abilities. The Maia option is unavailable because we chose warrior as our class. For this guide, we will choose half-troll. As the description indicates, they are strong (higher strength), stupid (lower intelligence) and ugly (lower charisma).

Body selection screen

Now you are given the option to either choose a normal body or fruit bat mode. Fruit bats move faster (+10 speed) but some equipment slots are unavailable for them. We recommend choosing a normal body for your first character.

Stat distribution screen

It is time to distribute your stat points. The image above shows one example of how to distribute them. The main stats for a warrior are strength and dexterity, which are used to determine the blows per round (BpR). Higher BpR allows you to do more damage. Constitution determines the number of hit points (HP) your character has.

Mode selection screen

You have several modes to choose from. We recommend pressing 'e' for everlasting since this mode gives you infinite lives. Note that permanent death is still possible if your ghost dies.

Entering the game

Press 'ENTER' to enter the game...

Big map choice screen

You may be prompted to enable the BIG_MAP feature that doubles the height of the main window. Answer 'y' if your screen resolution is big enough. This feature can also be enabled later in the options screen by pressing '='.

Message of the day screen

Here is the message of the day for the server. Press 'ENTER' again to continue.

Tavern in Bree

Welcome to Bree, the starting town. The white @ symbol is your character. Other players will appear as @ symbols with different colors. The trees are mostly white because the screenshot was taking during winter so they are snowed. You can run in open areas by holding down the SHIFT key while using the arrow keys on the numpad. You can also press ':' (colon) to chat with other players.

Inventory window

The other windows should now have content in them. This is what your inventory window should look like. You have been given items to help you start your journey.

Outside the general store

Bree has several stores. The beige-colored '1' is the general store. Also, night has now fallen for our character. Use the normal movement keys to walk into the store.

Inside the general store

Here are the contents of the general store. The shops will randomly change their inventories. They may also put items on sale (up to 90% discount). So make sure to check the stores often.

Rations of food (not currently in stock) are important for your survival. You need to 'E' (eat) them to prevent your character from starving to death. Note that this command is an uppercase letter, so you have to hold down SHIFT while pressing 'e'.

Brass lanterns produce more light than torches (radius of 2 instead of 1). They are a bit expensive, so try to find one on sale. Also, you should buy some flasks of oil and 'F' (fill) them regularly.

Outside the temple

The greenish store number four is called the temple.

Inside the temple

The temple sells various healing potions. Potions of cure critical wounds are most effective. Press 'q' to quaff a potion.

Everlasters can also enable the Instant resurrection service by pressing 'r' while inside the temple. This will allow you to be instantly resurrected in the town if you die in a dungeon.

Outside the training tower

The green < symbol is the entrance to the Training tower. Walk over it and press '<' on your keyboard. You cannot die while inside the training tower. Instead, you will be automatically teleported outside the Training tower.

Inside the training tower

Kill any monsters you find inside the training tower. This will you experience points, allowing you to level up.

Beware of orange e symbols. These floating eyes will paralyze you!

To quit the game, hold down CTRL and press q. Don't do this in a dungeon because they won't stay static for long.

More information can be found in the guide. You can also ask other players for help.

Tangar made a map of Bree that labels the town stores and some points of interest, you can view it here