TomeNET at Raspberry Pi and game system requirements

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TomeNET at Raspberry Pi and game system requirements

Post by tangar » Sat Feb 03, 2018 7:58 pm

Recently I discovered for myself fun thing -

1) I wonder, which model of Raspberry_Pi could run TomeNET?

AFAIK there is such models around:

$5 (Zero)
$10 (Zero W)
$20 (A)
$25 (A+/B+)
$35 (B/2B/3B)

So what is minimum investment to play TomeNET? :D

2) Also I can't find min. system requirements for TomeNET.. maybe I've just skipped it somewhere, cause I didn't bother to look into such information for a long time.. Now it's become quite interesting question. I've tried several search words in the TomeNET Guide, but didn't found it. Any ideas? :D

3) Aaaand it would be very interesting to know TomeNET server reqs.. Could I buy Raspberry_Pi and create TomeNET server with it? (at least for testing purposes) :D
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Re: TomeNET at Raspberry Pi

Post by tokariew » Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:16 pm

i played tomenet in my high school on iMac G3 and slower computers, so Raspberry is plenty, but you must compile it for yourself, because you need ARM version of binaries and it can take some time on Raspberry.


With Zero you must think a little how to connect all necessery peripherals…

Probably in client the most processor hungry thing is audio playback xD
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